LinkedIn B2B Marketing: Why and How to Use It

8 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

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LinkedIn has more than 600 million professionals as its members from more than 200 countries which makes the platform just apt for B2B marketing. For connecting with influencers, leaders, decision-makers, and other high-level professionals LinkedIn is the most effective site. With business professionals from almost all types of industries, you will never fall short to connect and get leads.

The latest business-friendly features of the platform help marketers to reach the target audience and get a better return on their investments. So, if you too are keen to promote your brands, service, or company over the platform we will help you to know more about LinkedIn B2B and the best LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.

Part 1. Is LinkedIn Good for B2B Marketing

A lot of people still have doubts if LinkedIn is a good platform for B2B marketing? Considering the growing number of users, results, and also stats from various studies it can be said that LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B marketing. As per the sources, 80% of the social media B2B leads are from LinkedIn and more than 94% of the marketers use this platform for content distribution. Some of the key reasons why LinkedIn's B2B strategy is effective are enlisted below:

✔ LinkedIn marketing has a context where advertisements are remembering the interest of the business professionals.

✔ The platform allows you to advertise in front of the audience that matters most for your business.

✔ The platform will search for the best match of the companies for your business and will let you advertise.

✔ Lookalike Audiences is feature of the platform that connect you with people who are similar to the existing customers.

In addition to the above listed, several other LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy plans that can be employed.

Part 2. Top B2B LinkedIn Strategies to Help Your Marketing

To help you get benefits from B2B marketing on LinkedIn we have shortlisted the top strategies as below.

01 Have an Impressive Company Page

To let the people, know about your business, create a company page that is compelling and impressive. These pages can be discovered by the users and let them know about the details, posts, announcements, and other information of the company.

Impressive Company Page

02 Content Sharing Through Text and Videos

Useful and interesting content can be shared on the LinkedIn profile as well as the company page that helps in generating B2B leads. You can use documents, text posts, worksheets, and other content to connect with the users. Video content gets more engagement in comparison to the non-video content and thus is a great way for marketing.

Text and Videos

03 Employee Involvement

To make your content reach a larger audience it is important to get the engagement within an hour of sharing the same. The best way here to achieve this is through your employees. Encourage the employees for joining the activities on LinkedIn and keep them notified about the latest posts so that they can engage with the same to get further leads.

Employee Involvement

04 Use Employees as Influencers

Besides using the employees for the engagement of the content, use them as influencers of your company. Employees can mention their experience with the company in a positive light and share their accomplishments. A person related to your company works as the best person to influence others.

Employees Influencers

05 Publishing LinkedIn Articles

A post on LinkedIn with external links decreases the reach and thus it is suggested to use the LinkedIn articles for publishing the research, case studies, or any other data. The LinkedIn articles are not restricted only to LinkedIn users and can be searched through Google.

LinkedIn Articles

06 Use LinkedIn Community Features

Groups and Influencers are two powerful community features on LinkedIn that help you connect with clients, partners, and users. Joining a group related to your business will keep you aware of the latest happenings in your industry while connecting with the influencers will let you stay in touch with the leaders.

LinkedIn Community Features

07 Use LinkedIn B2B Advertising

Another strategy that works great for B2B marketing is LinkedIn ads. These ads help in creating awareness about your brand and in return create leads. Some of the common uses types of ads are text ads, sponsored InMail, sponsored content, video ads, and more. After you have posted good content and have positive engagement on your company page, LinkedIn ads work as a great means to reach the target audience.

LinkedIn B2b Advertising

08 Keep Testing the Strategies

Different strategies will work with different business types and the ideal way to know the ones that work best for you is by keep testing. Picking the right strategies and the plan at the first instance is really difficult and considering the audience keep trying the most relevant ones and opt for A/B testing that will help you to know the prospective ones and skip the ineffective ones.

Testing Strategies

Part 3. Make Marketing Videos LinkedIn

Video content is one of the factors that play a key role in B2B marketing and the same has been discussed in the above parts of the article. So, if you too are thinking to include a video as one of the marketing strategies, create it using an effective tool called Wondershare VidAir. This is an online tool that facilitates creating videos for LinkedIn marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. You can either choose to create the video from the start or can take the help of the templates available at the site in several categories.

The video, audio, image, and other content of the template can be customized as needed. The process of video creation is hassle-free and can be done quickly. Free to use the tool processes files in 720p and has a watermark. You can opt for the paid version of the tool to get rid of the watermark and process the files in a higher 1080p resolution. Additionally, 2GB of free cloud storage is also provided with the paid version.

Steps to Create Videos for Linkedin Using Wondershare Vidair

Step 1 Sign Up

Create a free account on by clicking on the SIGNUP button and then using the details log in to your account to start the video-making process.

Sign Up

Step 2 Templates

Tap on the Templates tab at the top menu bar and the list of the available templates will appear in front of you. You can choose the marketing template as desired from the categories or can search using the search box.

Click on the selected template and then from the pop-up window choose the resolution and again click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button.


Step 3 Export

After the resources are loaded; you will land on the video editing page. On the left side of the menu bar make the changes to the Text, Video, Photo, Audio using respective options. Stickers can be used to add the stickers available at the site while using the Uploads option, the local media file can be added.

After the changes are done, check them using the Preview button.

Next, click on the Export button at the top-right corner, and from the new pop-up window that opens select the watermark and resolution options. Again, tap on the Export option. After the video processing is done, you can either download it to your local system or can check the same from the My Projects tab under the user avatar.



LinkedIn is a professional platform where the quality of content defines your business and thus it is important to use the right strategies while planning your marketing plan. The right marketing strategies will take you a long way while promoting your business and thus getting the leads. Above we have listed the LinkedIn b2b marketing best practices for your reference. If videos are an essential plan of your strategy, use Wondershare VidAir to create impressive and engaging videos in no time.