LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategies for Marketers

What Marketers Need to Know in LinkedIn Content Marketing

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LinkedIn is an excellent platform for the ones who wish to connect to senior-level people in the business, executives, decision-makers, and more. Home to more than 61 million senior-level influencers and more than 40 million business decision-makers, the platform is used by a large number of CEOs as well as millionaires. So, if you want to connect and reach otherwise difficult people, LinkedIn is the place to be and the best way to do so is through content marketing.

The publishing platform of LinkedIn allows posting blogs, articles, and other useful content on their network that can reach a huge number of people and can further generate leads. The platform has an option to publish long detailed articles as well as short updates. Learn more about LinkedIn content strategy and the best tips for the same in the following parts.

Part 1. Easy Online Marketing Video Maker for LinkedIn

To ensure that your content is attractive and reaches the maximum number of people on LinkedIn there are several tips and strategies that can be implemented. We have shortlisted the key LinkedIn content marketing strategies as below.

01 Content Should Be Based on the Latest Industry Trends

To get the attention of the users, it is important to publish content that goes with the latest trends in the industry. Check out what is the latest trend among the users and then start preparing some useful and interesting content on the same. You can also take help from the other blogs, webinars, podcasts, and presentations. Referring and comparing data from different sources will let you create in-depth articles that can appeal to a larger section of the people.

Latest Industry Trends

02 Go with Your Niche

If you have specialization in some particular area of niche, it was always good to publish your content in the same as it will help to draft content in detail which will be useful for the other platform users. This content marketing LinkedIn strategy surely works.


03 Post Regularly

Another effective strategy is to keep posting quality content regularly. It is suggested to post 3-5 times a week so that the users start connecting with you and know that you have good and regular content. The readers will surely keep coming back if you post useful content regularly.

Post Regularly

04 Have a Catchy Headline

The majority of the people get the idea of your content from its headline and thus it is really important to have a catchy and interesting headline. Use the practically useful headlines, headlines that are popular like how to/Why you should, and more, use numbers in the headline especially big numbers, use contrarian words, and several others.

Catchy Headline

05 Use Videos for More Engagement

Videos are an effective way to get extended attention and engagement of the users. Videos can be posted directly as LinkedIn status or can be added to the company page updates. Interesting videos related to your content will get more views and leads. Videos thus help with the increased following, more exposure, and co-branding opportunities.

Videos Engagement

06 Promote Organically

The connections in LinkedIn are less in comparison to other social media sites and thus to make your content popular and spread it to more and more people you need to promote it organically. Share your content with Groups instead of individual people as groups have much more people than your connections. Sharing your posts with a group can lead to a Pulse network. You can also go co-creating the content with the help of the influencers.


07 Advertise Strategically

The new features of LinkedIn give options to the users for better advertising of their content. You can draft a new campaign and then choose to send the same to the people to your site or content. You can use retargeting ads as well.


08 Use Status Updates

Large articles have benefits but the importance of short and quick status updates cannot be ignored. Using the LinkedIn status updates, you can consistently be in front of your audience. The status updates can be used for sharing links to useful articles, videos, and other content. They can also be used for adding some document, mention a situation, person, or even an event.

Status Updates

Part 2. Easy Online Marketing Video Maker for LinkedIn

Adding videos is one of the key LinkedIn content marketing strategy and to ensure that your video gets the attention of the users, it has to be catchy and interesting. If you have been struggling to create some really good video, then no worries as there is an excellent tool called VidAir that will help you with the task. Wondershare VidAir is an online tool that needs software installation and registration and helps in creating professional-looking videos. Using the tool, you can create videos for LinkedIn as well as other social media sites in no time and a hassle-free manner.

You can create the video from the scratch on your own or there are several templates available from which you can choose the one that best matches your content theme. The video, images, and other parameters of the template can be customized as needed. The tool is free to use and created videos in 720p resolution with a watermark. For higher resolution and watermark-free videos, you can upgrade to the paid premium version that also offers 2GB of free cloud storage.

Steps to Create Videos for Linkedin Using Wondershare Vidair

Step 1 Sign Up

Open on your browser and tap on the SIGNUP button at the top-right corner to create a free account. Login using your details.

Sign Up

Step 2 Templates

Click on the Templates button at the top menu bar and the list of templates will appear. You can choose from the desired category or search from the search box. Click on the selected template and from the pop-up window select the Wide, Vertical, or Square resolution options. Tap on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button.


Step 3 Export

A new pop-up editing window will now open. The left-sidebar can be used for editing the Text, Video, Photo, and Audio as desired. The Upload tab can be used for adding the local media files while the stickers can be used for adding the stickers.

After the customization is done, click on the Preview button to see the changes.

Click on the Export button that will again open a pop-up window from where you need to choose the resolution and option for the watermark. Again, tap on the Export button and the tool will start processing your videos which will save under the My Projects tab at the user avatar. There is also an option to download the processed file to the local system.



LinkedIn content marketing is a great way for upper management and senior professionals. The platform is apt for the B2B companies for connecting to the higher-level management which otherwise is not possible through other channels. Use the above-listed strategies to make the best of the content marketing on LinkedIn. Use Wondershare VidAir for creating some excellent videos to be published on the platform.