Does LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Work?

Get more Useful Strategies on LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

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When talking about influencers, the majority of the people think about some popular people on an Instagram platform promoting brands and having a good number of followers. Though this is true there is much more to the concept of influencers when it comes to business marketing. LinkedIn is one such platform that works excellent for people who are looking for some serious influencers for their business and brands.

LinkedIn is the largest networking site for professional people and has more than 300 million active users (over 600 million members). Influential and known people from different industries are part of the platform and they can definitely help you with your marketing strategy. Learn in detail about LinkedIn Influencer marketing in the following parts.

Part 1. What Is LinkedIn Influencer Marketing and Does It Work?

The Linked Influencer marketing is a strategy where influential people on LinkedIn related to your industry can be used for business marketing to get more followers and traffic that can be converted into leads and also create awareness about your brand. A lot of people are unaware of the potential that the platform holds for influencer marketing. So, if you are looking for some serious marketing of your business LinkedIn influencer marketing cannot be ignored. The experts and the leaders of the industry with decent followers can be used for b2b marketing.

If you are still not convinced about the influencer marketing on LinkedIn concept, read below to know why it can work as a game-changing tactic for your business:

❶ If a particular brand or a service is mentioned by a LinkedIn influencer it cannot go unnoticed by the top companies and their high-level management.

❷ There is always quality content on LinkedIn and thus the opinion of the influencers here matters a lot.

❸ The majority of the B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn and the figure can reach up to 80% as per the studies

Part 2. How to Find Influencer on LinkedIn for Your Brand?

An influencer related to your brand or business, having in-depth knowledge of the field, have good followers and credibility should be selected to get the leads influence marketing. There are several factors and tips that can be considered while selecting the right influencer and a roundup of the top ones are given below:

01 Take Help of the LinkedIn Influencer List

LinkedIn has a list of the top influencers who have high credibility and profile and some of these include the big names of the business-like Sara Blakely, Melinda Gates, and more. Reaching out to these high-profile influencers can be really a difficult and costly task and thus it is suggested to look out for niche influencers. Use the keywords related to your business or brand to search for the influencers on LinkedIn.

Going through the profile of each influencer can be a tedious task and here instead of the profile searching you can go with content searching. After the list of the content is shown you can check the ones that have high engagement and then you can reach the person who has written the content.

LinkedIn Influencer List

02 Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

Joining the known groups that are related to your industry is another effective way to get connected to the influencers. Set the search filter of LinkedIn to Groups and then enter the name of your industry or the related keywords. The list of the groups will be shown. After joining the relevant groups, you can check the posts made at them and the engaging ones. You can reach to the people who have written these posts as they can prove to be potential influencers for your business.

LinkedIn Groups

03 Use Influencer Search Tools

Numerous searching tools are available as well that help you look out for influencers with the help of advanced filters. The influencers on these tools can be searched based on location, followers, the industry as well as the platform. Thus, go with the tool having a platform as the option that will let you get the influencers on LinkedIn.

Influencer Search Tools

04 Build Relationships with Prospective Influencers

LinkedIn works entirely different from Facebook and Instagram when it comes to influencer marketing. Since LinkedIn is more professional and has members who are experts and at top-level, finding the influencers as well as convincing them to collaborate with your brand is a difficult task. So, after shortlisting a few people as influencers you need to first build relationships and rapport before asking them to collaborate with you.

You can connect with these people through groups or comments on their posts. It is important that before you contact the influencer, they at least are aware of your name.

Prospective Influencers

05 Talk to the Influencer About Them and Their Posts at First Conversation

Do not mention or ask for collaboration from the influencers at the first communication or interaction. It is not advisable to rush directly to collaboration. It is always better to start by talking about them, their posts, complimenting on their writing, and similar things. Make them feel that you have liked their content and profile and appreciate that.

Talk to Influencer

06 Using LinkedIn Premium Services

If the influencers you have shortlisted are from your connections, you can directly message them shortly. In case if you are not connected with them, it is recommended to upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium (if already not upgraded) as it will help you to directly message the people even if they are not connected with you. The premium message service of LinkedIn results in up to 300% higher response rate in comparison to mails. You can also reach out to the influencers through their contact information if it is given on their profile.

LinkedIn Premium Services

Part 3. An Online LinkedIn Marketing Videos Maker

LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing your business and brands and the platform is better than other social media sites as it has professional members who are leaders, experts, and top executives of their industry. There are several strategies and ways through which LinkedIn marketing can be done like text content, influencer marketing, videos, and more.

So, if the video is one of the parts of your marketing tactics, you need to ensure that the video you post has useful content and looks professional. If you lack experience in video making, then a tool like Wondershare VidAir will be of great help. This is a browser-based tool where you can free sign-up and create videos in a hassle-free quick manner.

Free to use, the tool processes the videos in 720p resolution with a watermark and if you require to remove the watermark, you can upgrade the account to the premium paid version. The premium version further processes the files with the option of 1080p resolution and offers 2GB of free cloud storage to save your processed files.

The interface of Wondershare VidAir is simple to use where you just need to free sign-up and create an account after which you are all set to create a video for your LinkedIn marketing.

Wondershare VidAir


Though LinkedIn influencer marketing is not as popular as influencer marketing on Facebook or Instagram, it is definitely better when it comes to b2b marketing strategies. High-level professionals from almost all industries are members of the LinkedIn platform which makes it the perfect place for the people who are looking for b2b connections. LinkedIn influencers are people who have reach a large audience including the top executives and thus getting your brand or business promoted by them will surely help you in establishing your name and growing.

The article above discusses several benefits of LinkedIn influencer marketing and the best tactics that can be used for finding the right and the apt influencers for your platform. If videos are part of your marketing strategy use Wondershare VidAir to create impressive and professional-looking videos.