How to Run LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

Several LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies That Brought Your Hundreds Leads

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Linked is a great platform for b2b marketing and several strategies are used for people to promote their brand and business. The platform can be used for generating high-quality b2b leads and LinkedIn lead generation ads are one of the ways to do so. These ads must be drafted carefully and with some useful and valuable content. Learn in detail about LinkedIn lead generation ads and the ways to run the same.

Part 1. What Are LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads?

In general, lead generation ads are those advertisements that allow you to collect the data of your potential customers (people who clicked on your ads). These ads mainly collect data like the name, contact details, email, and others. Since the ads on LinkedIn are expensive thus all efforts must be taken to get the best performance from these ads. Here, the lead generation ads are a great way to know the details of the potential customers and to ease the process, lead gen forms are used.

The lead generation ads LinkedIn help in finding the qualified leads where you get to know the information of the people who are interested in your brand or business. Reaching out to potential customers is also quick using the information collected through these ads.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

Part 2. Steps to Start LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

If you have decided to use the LinkedIn lead generation ads for your business promotion, the step-by-step guide below will help you to set up the lead gen campaigns quickly. Before you start creating the campaign, it is important to pen down the objective of the campaign, target audience, budget, and the information that you want from the leads generation LinkedIn ads.

Step 1 The Content to Be Sponsored Has to Be Created

You can either use the earlier post or create a new one. Click on the Advertise option at the top-right corner of the LinkedIn page to get to the Ads dashboard. The list of the accounts will now appear from which you need to select the campaign group and then tap on the Create Campaign at the top-right corner.

The Lead Generation has to be selected for the campaign objective.

Sponsored Content

Step 2 Choose the Target Audience

Depending on the campaign and the business to be promoted, you can select the audience. The size of the target audience can be checked from the right side of the screen after all the selections are done.

Target Audience

Step 3 Choose the Format, Schedule, and Budget for the Campaign

When it comes to the format, you can select the single image ad, multiple images, message ad, or even the sponsored video. Move down to the budget and the options for the schedule.

LinkedIn Campaign Campaign


The LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ad has to be created next and for this click on the Create New Ad button. Choose the ad creative and then give it a name. Add the destination URL with the headline and a description. The image will be directly picked by the site but if you want you can even change it.

Next, the details of the form have to be added. Choose the fields as desired. Next, when all the selections are done, click on the Create button. The ad will be created and the lead gen form will be created as well. Tap on the Next button and finally click on the Launch Campaign that will make the campaign live.

LinkedIn Details

Step 5 Double Checking

After the campaign is live the leads will start generating on LinkedIn. You can check them by clicking on the Accounts Assets and then choose the Lead Gen Forms from the ad’s dashboard.

LinkedIn Double Checking

Part 3. A Recommend Online LinkedIn Video Maker

Videos are a great way to advertise your business or brand on any platform and LinkedIn is no exception to the same. So, if you too are planning to use a video for the promotion on LinkedIn, it has to be crisp and professional to get the attention of the high-level executives and decision-makers. If you are not very good with video making, using a tool makes sense and here we recommend Wondershare VidAir. This Windows and Mac-based online tool is simple to use and requires only a free sign-up. Working straight from your browser, the program comes with a wide range of templates in several categories.

You can choose the desired template based on your content and then customize it content like video, audio, text, and others. The tool is free to use and videos are created in 720p resolution with a watermark. You can even opt for the upgraded paid version where the videos will be processed in 1080p resolution and will have no watermark.

Wondershare VidAir


With LinkedIn marketing gaining popularity among professional and high-level executives, it is important to choose the right type of LinkedIn marketing ads strategy that matches your brand or business lines. LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad is one of the ways to advertise on LinkedIn that helps to get information about the prospective customers. To help you create the campaign for the lead generation ads, we have listed the steps in the above parts. If videos are needed for promotional purposes on LinkedIn, we suggest using Wondershare VidAir for creating impressive videos.