A Full Guide to Help You Improve LinkedIn Marketing

Several Tried and True LinkedIn Tips to Grow your Company Page Followers 500% Faster

Marketing Tips

LinkedIn works as a great platform for business marketing with over 660 million users across the world. If you are looking to get your business or brand to be known among the top executives of the industry, LinkedIn is the platform to be. Though the marketing potential of the platform has been undervalued for a long time, not it is gaining popularity owing to its business-friendly features. So, if you also wish to explore the LinkedIn marketing potential, keep reading below.

Part 1. How Is LinkedIn Used for Marketing?

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing and this is evident from the facts that are collected from several studies. As per the research, 80% of the B2B social media leads are received from LinkedIn, and over 94% of the marketers using the platform for their content distribution. The mature audience of the platform comprising of high-level executives, professionals, and decision-makers makes LinkedIn the perfect platform for serious B2B marketing.

There are several paid as well as un-paid LinkedIn marketing solutions that can be used for promoting your business or brand. LinkedIn is not much about direct selling or marketing but is used for increasing brand awareness, getting leads and conversions, building a network, and increasing revenues.

Under LinkedIn marketing, the connections on LinkedIn are used for creating a new connection, generating leads, improving the business relationship, driving traffic, and sharing the content. Some of the key marketing practices that are used on LinkedIn include knowing the quality leads, sharing expertise content, growing network, driving traffic to the site, growing network, and much more.

Part 2. 10 Useful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Marketers

To get the best from LinkedIn marketing we have selected the top 10 strategies as below:

01 Create an Impressive Company Profile and Page

The most important LinkedIn marketing strategy to get noticed by other people is having a compelling profile and a company page. It is the first point of contact through which people will learn about your company, business, culture, and more. The individual company, organization, and institution pages can be discovered by the other users on the platform to get complete details about the company including posts, announcements, and any vacancy if there. Ensure that your page contains informative and useful information as the audience on the platform is professional and does not like any irrelevant information.

Impressive Company Profile

02 Have An Up To Profile And Keep Refining It

Only creating a good page for your company will not help as you need to keep refining it. Make sure that your profile is up to date with the latest information as this will help to increase the contact rate. Keep adding the new skills, achievements, announcements, and other information about your company to your profile. An updated profile gets more attention from the other members on the platform.

Up To Profile

03 Look for Targeted Customers and Connections

Targeting should be one of the major strategies on LinkedIn whether you are promoting your business, creating awareness, or looking for potential partners. A targeted audience results in better lead generation. Define the purpose or the goal of the organization that will help you create the list of the target audience with respect to the job role, size of the company, and exact industry that would be interested in your business or brand.

Targeted Customers

04 Post Quality and Engaging Content

Content plays a major role in marketing on LinkedIn but it needs to be professional and of high quality. Solving quality content related to your brand and industry will attract the attention of other people in a similar industry and thus will help to create connections and generating leads. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional platform where you cannot post anything randomly. Only good quality, highly researched and useful content will help you promote your business on LinkedIn. Along with articles and documents, videos can be used as a major part of your content as these are more impactful and get the viewer's attention.

Quality Content

05 Have More Employees on LinkedIn

It is always beneficial if you have more employees of the business on LinkedIn with their complete profile. Encourage the employees of your organization to have an impressive profile with complete job history, experience, and other details. Your employees can even share their positive experience of working with the company that is surely going to help when other people read about it. Additionally, when something about the brand or the business is posted from the company’s profile page, it can be shared with the employees so that they can engage and help in pushing the content to a broader audience.

LinkedIn Employees

06 Join Groups

Joining groups related to your business helps to strengthen your B2B strategy by keeping connected to the related people. Joining groups will let you hear about the others members in the same industry and will also let you share your developments and thoughts. Personal connections can also be made to generate leads. Being connected with like-minded people will help you reach your target audience as well. If required, you can even create your own LinkedIn group.

Join Groups

07 Optimize The Page for Searching

If your company page is optimized well it will help to reach more and more people and let them know about your business and brand. In order or keep your page optimized several steps can be taken. Try to insert the keywords and phrases which you think might be used by the potential customers, link your LinkedIn page from your website as it will help in boosting the search ranking, share the content that is engaging and useful.

Optimize The Page for Searching

08 Create Ad Campaigns On LinkedIn

Another interesting way for boosting B2B marketing on LinkedIn is by creating ad campaigns. Using several types of ad content like message ads, sponsored content, text ads, videos, dynamic ads, and more you can create a full ad campaign that is catchy and engaging. Set a goal, budget, and a timeline to get the best of your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Ad Campaigns On LinkedIn

09 Analytics Work

There are several marketing strategies on LinkedIn but each of them works differently for different businesses. Thus, it is always important to know which method works best for your business and here analytics comes to great help. There are several ways by which you can know the preferences and behaviour of the audience on the platform and accordingly the strategies can be employed. Some of the key analytic tools that can be used here are LinkedIn Page analytics, analytics for publishing on LinkedIn, LinkedIn campaign manager, and more.


10 Use Paid Sales Solutions On LinkedIn

If your budget allows, you can even opt for the paid LinkedIn sales solutions as they help you with targeting, researching, and also engaging potential customers. Depending on your company type, size, and other requirements you can choose LinkedIn marketing services. LinkedIn claims that using the paid solutions helps organizations get 35% larger deals.

Paid Sales Solutions On LinkedIn

Part 3. How to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Video Easily Online?

Videos are an integral part of LinkedIn marketing strategies and to create engaging and impressive videos, taking help from a professional tool is a good idea. Wondershare VidAir is one such online tool that allows creating videos in no time. The tool is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and requires only a free sign-up.

Templates in different categories are available that helps you to create professional-looking videos matching the theme of your content. You can customize the video, audio, text, and other content of the template to meet your requirements. The free version of the tool creates videos in 720p with a watermark while there is an option to upgrade to the paid version for creating watermark-free videos in 1080p with support to 2GB of free cloud storage.

The interface of the tool is simple and user-friendly and there is also an option to preview the video.

Steps to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Video Using Wondershare Vidair

Step 1 Create A Free Account

Open https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and create a free account by clicking on the SIGN-UP button. Login to your account with the details used to create the account.

Create A Free Account

Step 2 Choose Templates

Click on the Templates button and choose from the available list of the templates. Click on the template desired, select the resolution option and then click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button again.

The tool will load the resources and you can now make changes to the text, video, audio, and other content from the left-side panel. Use Upload to add the local media files.

Clicking on the Preview button will let you check the created video.

Choose Templates

Step 3 Export

Next, click on the Export button at the top-right corner and choose the resolution and watermark options. Again, click on the EXPORT button to start the process. You can download the created video locally or check it from the My Projects tab under the user avatar.



LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing provided that you have selected the right tools and strategies. Since LinkedIn connects you to a pool of professional people the strategies and its content should be designed keeping in mind the interests and inclination of these top professionals. Once you have hit on the right strategies, there is no looking back and you will surely get good leads.