The Guide of How to use LinkedIn Video Ads

Learning the best LinkedIn video ads examples, and inspire your creativity.

With a massive user base, LinkedIn is undoubtedly a very important platform for both employers and employees. Due to the great number of users, it is the perfect place to advertise and promote your brand using LinkedIn video ads. Video making is an expensive process as compared to conventional banner advertising. So, you must first take inspiration from the best LinkedIn video ads examples before starting to create your own. In this article, I have rounded all the critical details you need to know about creating a LinkedIn ads video.

Part 1. Does LinkedIn run ads?

LinkedIn video ads are a new advertising format introduced by LinkedIn. Unlike the ads that stream before or after any video, these ads can be seen here and there on the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Video advertising LinkedIn autoplay in mute mode when it comes into view and pauses when the user scrolls past. This makes this feature is a highly beneficial one. It is a great way to make your presence known without being over intrusive.

However, to effectively use video advertising on LinkedIn, there a few points to keep in mind.

FILE SIZE- 75Kb-200Mb


FRAME RATE- Maximum 30fps

FILE SIZE- Not more than 500 Mb.

PIXEL- 360p-1080p


AUDIO SIZE- Maximum 64KHz

VIDEO DURATION- Maximum 3 minute 30 seconds

LinkedIn video ads

Part 2 Top 5 LinkedIn Video Ads Best Practices

There are always some strategies to excel at something. Here, the LinkedIn video ads best practices are the key to your success at advertising. Read ahead to know more.


First of all, for your LinkedIn video ads to be effective, you must recognize your objectives. The question you need to ask yourself is, why do you want to create LinkedIn video ads? The purpose of the ad will help you in deciding the basis of your content.

Brainstorm to recognize the reason for creating a video ad. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or boost sales, make sure you decide the aim or target of your ads.

Identify LinkedIn video ads objective


After you decide on the objective behind your LinkedIn video advertising, you must align your ad according to it. Guide your ad according to your objective.

If you want to spread awareness regarding your brand, make a short video that entices the viewers and leaves them curious. For consideration, you can show customer reviews and interviews. The success stories will bring in more customers wanting to try out your products or services. Lastly, to generate demand, entice the viewers by showing a product demo. The real-time display of a product in LinkedIn video advertising will draw more attention and customers.

Create objective specific LinkedIn video ads


Any ad that has no emotional aspect is just an insignificant video. To compel viewers, you must incorporate a story or narration in your LinkedIn video ads. This story will serve to humanize your ads and help viewers relate to the video. You can add a personal story or a greeting for a one-to-one connection. Ads with a background story, preferably one that most people can relate to, tend to go a long way. Such ads are favored and viewed especially if they have an emotional aspect to them.

Narrate an emotionally touching story that influences and motivates people. Encourage and inspire the viewers into using your products for doing something good

Narrate a story in your ad


Video advertising LinkedIn needs to be of an adequate length to be impactful. If the videos are too long, viewers might scroll by without any second thought. Since the LinkedIn video ads autoplay after being visible, you need to make the most of it before it goes out of sight

So, if you're making a video for awareness purposes, keep it short and quick and leave the rest to the imagination. This will build suspense and keep the viewers wanting to know more about your brand. To heighten consideration, you can go for an average length video i.e., 30-60 seconds. But for demand generation, go for a longer video. At this stage, people are interested in your product and will be wanting to see a detailed demo or review. Hence, a longer video will serve optimally.

Keep LinkedIn video duration short


All LinkedIn video ads are muted by default. Therefore, you need to direct your ad, considering it a silent video. Adding captions is a great way to grip attention even if the users are scrolling past the ad. Also, the captions must be clearly visible without the full-screen mode.

Add captions to your LinkedIn video ads

Part 3 The Referable LinkedIn Ads Examples You can Learn

What makes video advertising LinkedIn successful? It's time to learn from the best. Here, I have listed some of the top LinkedIn video ads you can take inspiration from.


Among the best LinkedIn video ads examples, Inditex takes the lead. The ad is short, not the optimum 15 seconds, but short enough to make an impact. The objective of this video was the introduction of a new communicating app. And even without any captions or narration, Inditex beautifully captured the essence of this video and its purpose. By portraying the dynamic and diverse world, it conveyed the ability of Inditex to connect them. So, if your content speaks louder than words, it will be a definite win-win situation.

Inditex LinkedIn video ad


Salesforce tops the LinkedIn video ads owing to its creative advertising approach. The perfect combination of humans and animations makes this ad visually attractive. The addition of a voiceover further lends an appealing outlook to it. Salesforce successfully captures the audience's attention. It adorably portrays itself as the need of the hour and adds an emotional vibe to the ad too.

Salesforce LinkedIn video ad


One winner from the best LinkedIn video ads examples is this short snippet by WeWork. Despite being a less than 15-second video, it is incredibly impactful. WeWork beautifully displays their services, i.e., the workspaces in this ad. They further draw attention by stating a case study mentioning their success rate and customer satisfaction. An upbeat tune steals and demands attention to the video as soon as it is played. This is the perfect example of a precise and powerful ad.

WeWork LinkedIn video ad


Video advertising LinkedIn does not necessarily have to be very short to be effective. Like this ad by AWS, the almost 2-minute long video narrates the advent and advancement of AI. By showing how their company operates, AWS ensures customer service at its best. AWS further makes the video optimally impactful by adding huge captions at main points to highlight important points. The voiceover and employee interviews further authenticate and give more weight to the video.

Amazon Web Services


Slack goes for a unique video advertising LinkedIn. To hire employees, it starts the video by showing happy employees talking about how and what they love at Slack. By displaying the happy culture and environment at Slack, it entices the viewers to join the team. The positively personal stories of the employees serve to impress the viewers.

Slack LinkedIn video ad

Part 4. How to Make Your LinkedIn Video Ads Quickly

Do you want to craft LinkedIn video ads that attract attention instantly? Wondershare VidAir is here to help you do that quickly and easily. It is exceptionally easy to use with an intuitive interface. There is a multitude of attractive templates for quick LinkedIn video ad creation. The various aspect ratio also allows easy video making for different platforms. A variety of caption styles are just a tap away. The text can also be customized for maximum effect. VidAir is a very handy yet professional tool for creating amazing LinkedIn video ads with ease. It also enables you to export high-quality videos without any hassle.

Step 1 Choose An Ads Template

Firstly, open Wondershare VidAir on your browser. Sign Up for free or Log In if you have an account. On the main page, choose from the various templates for every occasion. Click on the template you like. Then choose the aspect ratio that best fits your requirements. Click on Use This Template.

Launch VidAir

Step 2 Edit LinkedIn Video Ads

In this window, you can enhance your LinkedIn video ads. Add music from the library or upload your own songs with a click. From the Text tab, add stylish captions and customize them to your own liking. You can also add stickers to the LinkedIn video ads.

Edit LinkedIn video ads

Step 3 Save and Export LinkedIn Video Ads

After editing, you can export the Linked video ads in high-quality and also remove the watermark. Click on the Export button in the top right corner. Choose the option for the video quality and watermark and click on Export again

Save LinkedIn video ads

It's time to hop on to the train of LinkedIn video ads and make the most of it. Now, with the best at hand, you can easily adopt the smart and effective strategies used by them. LinkedIn's popularity is rapidly increasing. Take advantage of this opportunity to climb the ladder of success through LinkedIn video ads.