Top 10 Logo Intro Music in 2021 [Royalty-Free Included]

Select the right music for your logo intro videos.

Do you want to make your videos innovative and unique? Are you looking for something to add to your videos that will help you grab your audience's attention? Well, To make your videos attractive while branding your product in the introductory video, add audio logos to it. However, it has always been seen that the concept of audio logo is old as logos are usually visual and that it captures the instant reaction from your audience. But, we all know that Branding is all about what we see and what we hear. Next, we'll talk about the top logo intro music recommended.

Part 1. 5 Most Popular Music for Logo Reveal

Before adding audio logos to your introductory videos, you need to understand the concept of audio logos. The Audio Logos are accompanied by the visual logos that give recognition to your brand and catch the attention of your audience towards it. You can even add subtitles for your audio from media, podcasts or various music apps. The audio logos are recognized quickly and arouse reactions from your listeners. Your Logos will tell the story of your brand, and it will sync while branding your videos. You must reflect the values and vision of your brand by adding audio logos to your videos.

Popular music for logo intro

  • 1. Bling Bling This famous tune of this song released by New Orleans will set the mood of your viewers and suggests an identity to your brand. Get this song from the link mentioned here:
  • 2. Here They Come The soothing lyrics of this music will catch the attention of your audience instantly and enhance the productivity of your brand. Get this song from the link given below:
  • 3. Focus This energetic chord will increase your sales conversion and keep the interest of your viewers intact to your videos. This song is popularly sung by the American Singer named Ariana Gande. Download this song from the provided link:
  • 4. Adapter This song is sung by the famous The Lion Brothers will set your lousy mood and grab the attention of your audience towards your intro video. This song is readily available on the
  • 5. You are the Solution The lively tune of this song sung by Loving Caliber will remind you of the classic pop style and helps you to set the mood of your audience. Download this song tune for free from the

Part 2. Top 5 Royalty-Free Logo Reveal Music

You need to find the best intro and outro theme music to intensify the branding of your product and to show the purpose of making your videos. Remember, the duration of your audio logos should be around 4-6 minutes. If you stretch your time, it will make your video tedious and lengthy for your audience, who might lose their interest in your video.

  • 1. Warm Sunlight This hip-hop themed music will be suitable for your youtube channel, and it gives relaxed summer vibes to your listeners. The soothing guitar licks engage the interest of your audience towards your videos. Get this music from the link provided below:
  • 2. Introspective Rock Music This rock track, along with impressive drum beats and moving guitar, will set the mood of your listeners. The viewers will feel happy after watching and hearing your video content which will further enhance productivity. Download this fantastic song from
  • 3. Elegant Reveal To marketize our brand, you need to download this energetic track which will make your video different from others due to its light notes. This free logo track will help you to advertise your brand. Get this track from
  • 4. Chill Music Create your intros logo relaxing with this soft piano and deep bass notes. This track will lessen your bad temper and lighten up your mood. Get this Royalty-Free music from
  • 5. Summer Beat Lounge This funky music gives you the vibes of the beach to your listeners. This track will force your listeners to dance on its rhythmic beats and to keep their interest intact. Download this music from the link given below:

Part 3. How to Easily Make an Intro Video Online

Wondershare VidAir is the popular online editor that edits your business for marketing purposes and inspires your creativity by branding your video content. With the help of Wondershare VidAir, you can easily create your videos for your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok. This tool helps you to generate the traffic on your channel and to bring it in at a top position in search engine results. This tool also increases the productivity and boosts sales for your product.

Steps to Make Intro Video Online with Customized Music

Step 1 Choose Your Intro Template

Open Wondershare VidAir website and sign in your account. Then click on the Create button to open the templates page and pick the one you like. Click it to choose an aspect ratio and hit on the Use This Template button.

pick intro template

Step 2 Customize Your Video

Make changes to the video on the new opened page. You can customize text, video clip, image, background music. Click the Upload button to upload your local resource.

customize logo intro music

Step 3 Save and Export

Finally, click on the Export button to download your customized logo intro music.

save logo intro