How to Make a Slideshow on Mac

It is easy to snap countless photos and videos to capture important moments in your life. But it is equally hard to represent the memories in the form of a slideshow. And most of us are not well-versed in the editing field. Fortunately, iMovie has made it incredibly easy to create slideshow on Mac.

If you were in the dark until now, we will show you exactly how to make a slideshow on Mac in a few minutes. Even if you don't have a prior slideshow-making experience, our detailed step-by-step guide will make it all look like a cakewalk.

Part 1. Teach You to Make a Slideshow on Mac iMovie Step by Step

iMovie has been termed as the best slideshow maker for Mac due to its advanced editing features that are easy to use. iMovie photo slideshow is all you need to up your game on social media and attract followers or boost your business with a beautiful slideshow.

Now you must be wondering how to make a slideshow on Mac. Let me walk you through the steps so you too can start editing like a pro.

Step 1 Start a New Project

First, launch iMovie. In the projects tab, click on Create New. Now you will be presented with two options, Movie and Trailer. If you want to make a slideshow of photos and videos, click on Movie to proceed.

imovie slideshow 1

Step 2 Adjust Settings

Before you dive into the process of making an iMovie photo slideshow, you must first adjust some parameters to your liking. Click on the iMovie tab at the top to open the dropdown menu and click on Preferences.

imovie slideshow 2.1

Now here, you can change the default settings according to your preferences. Changing Photo Duration will affect the time for which one slide is displayed. Reduce the Transitions speed for a quick slide to a slide transition

imovie slideshow 2.2

Step 3 Import Photos or Videos

Now, you must import all media from your device to the iMovie photo slideshow maker. You can tap the 'down arrow icon' to import. If you want to import media from your Photos app, click on Photos Library below the Libraries tab on the left menu. Select the album or the images you want to import and drag and drop all the media in the project panel.

imovie slideshow 3

NOTE: Make sure that you are on the My Media tab when importing photos and on the Audio tab while importing music

Step 4 Arrange Media as a Slideshow

Select all your photos in the browser pane and drag and drop them to the project pane. You can also individually drag and drop the images or clips in the timeline. Then you can rearrange the order after placing it in the timeline by dragging and dropping from one position to the other.

imovie slideshow 4

Step 5 Edit Media

When you play your video or photo slideshow, editing options will be displayed at the top of the viewer panel. The icons from left to right represent color balance, color correction, crop/kens burn, stabilization, correct audio, enhance audio, adjust speed, filters. The magic wand icon at the top left corner of the image automatically fixes the quality and enhances it. In case you want to reverse the edits, just hit Reset All in the left corner. Add kens burn effect, commonly known as motion blur by clicking on it from the Cropping icon


imovie slideshow 5

Add Transition and Effects

Step 6 Add Transition and Effects

Tap on the Transitions tab in the top middle bar. Choose a transition and drag and drop it to the project pane between the two slides you want to apply it to. You can apply different transitions between every two clips

imovie slideshow 6

Step 7 Add Customized Titles and Captures

Now add some catchy titles to your iMovie photo slideshow. Tap on the Titles tab and choose a text slide with various animations. Drag and drop it to the project timeline

To edit the text, double click on the title slide in the timeline. Tap the T icon and type your text in the viewer panel. Click on the info icon to adjust the duration of the title slide. Here you can also change the font size, style, color, and position

imovie slideshow 7

Step 8 Add a Background Music

No iMovie photo slideshow is complete without background music to compliment the beautiful photos. You can import music from iTunes or add a sound effect. Just select the music and drag and drop it to the timeline. Slide it left and right to adjust where the music starts and ends

imovie slideshow 8

Step 9 Export and Share Your Video

Finally, play the iMovie photo slideshow and fine-tune any remaining imperfections. Once you are positive that everything is in place, it is time to save the video and share it with the world

Go to the File tab, tap on Share, and choose File to save the video to your device. You can also click on YouTube and Facebook to upload directly to your account

imovie slideshow 9.1

In the pop-up dialogue box, rename your File, select a suitable resolution, format, quality, etc. Finally, click Next to save the video and start sharing on different platforms


imovie slideshow 9.2

Part 2. Easy Method to Create Slideshow on MAC [No Download]

Apart from choosing the iMovie photo slideshow option, there are various other hassle-free ways to create a slideshow on mac. Specifically, one that doesn't require an app download or subscription.

The latest online video maker and editor, Wondershare VidAir, is the best slideshow maker for Mac if you are looking for a handy and powerful tool. You can just hop online and start crafting an impressive slideshow for free. VidAir offers a variety of themed templates for various occasions and different purposes. Whether you want a Halloween template or one for a travel vlog, VidAir has got you covered.

It offers a rich library of music. Or you can even upload your favorite song as the background audio or add animated and stylish captions to highlight your message. Customize the text to make it engaging. Export in high resolution with no compression in a single click.

So, if you're looking for a professional yet easy to use slideshow maker, give VidAir a spin and start crafting slideshows right away



Now the secret of how to make a slideshow on Mac using nine easy steps is out for grabs. You can hop on to create slideshow on Mac that makes you stand out in the social media feed and attracts an audience.

iMovie can be the best slideshow maker for Mac if you put your creativity to test and unleash some impressive editing ideas


Last but not least, save time on designing by using the attractive preset templates on VidAir and creating a powerful slideshow that is one of a kind