Mall Black Friday Marketing Video Inspiration from The Hottest Brands

Learning marketing inspiration from these Black Friday mall marketing videos


Are you looking for attention-grabbing ideas to ace this fierce competition of Black Friday frenzy? You have landed in the right place.

With the biggest shopping season just around the corner, it is high time to one-up your marketing strategy and make some extra revenue. However, for your battle for attention to be fruitful, you will also need to employ some other brilliant tactics such as Walmart Black Friday or Macy's Black Friday marketing videos.

Part 1. Top 5 Black Friday Mall Brand

Among others, Walmart Black Friday and Macy's Black Friday deals seem to pop up everywhere when one hunts for Black Friday specials. These top-notch brands have got it all covered. But you can take inspiration from them and craft a too-good-to-miss video of your own by using some innovative strategies.

Major Brands Black Friday Sale Start Video Links Key Strategy
Walmart Black Friday 12th November 2020

-Emphasizes the excitement

-Gives a sneak-peek into the deals

Macy's Black Friday 10th November 2020

-Unmatched savings offer

-Free shipping

Kohl's Black Friday 1st November 2020

-Cashback offer

-Limited stock

Costco Black Friday 27th October 2020 -Sells ideas and benefits
J.C Penney Black Friday 5th November 2020

-Simple creative ads

-Highlight cheap rates

01 Walmart Black Friday

Walmart is a well-known brand owing to its excellent marketing strategy. They sure know how to sell and sell big. So, what is it that makes them stand out?

Take this cheerful Walmart Black Friday teaser. A family-oriented video featuring all family members getting up to visit Walmart is smart to influence people. Highlighting everyone's excitement to grab some Walmart Black Friday deals is also a cheerfully smart way to pave the viewer's excitement. Even grandpa doesn't want to miss Walmart Black Friday sales; what better way to entice customers?

02 Macy's Black Friday

Macy's marketing is rock-solid. And there is a good reason for that.

Here's the thing- they know how and who to target. Let's take Macy's Black Friday video. Now that's what we call spectacular. Although the advertisement is simple, it hits the jackpot due to a few reasons.

First, it offers unmatched savings that are irresistible. Everyone loves discounts, and Macy's Black Friday video highlights the special deals they offer to attract customers.

Furthermore, free shipping without any minimum limit is a major attraction. People would be more than willing to buy a product at a cheap rate with no delivery charges and from the ease of their couches.

03 Kohl's Black Friday

Kohl's Black Friday video is more on the trendy side. And who doesn't love stylish? But, take note that their video isn't the cliched kind. It's a little more unique. They make use of a particular Black Friday-themed song that one just can't unheard. The song's melody is the kind that triggers happiness as well as anticipation for the upcoming shopping frenzy.

Offering cash back on every 50$ spent further seals the deal. Triggering urgency by limiting the offer to the early birds is a way to get people lining up in wait. No one would want to miss the chance to spend and earn back at the same time.

04 Costco Black Friday


Costco sways from the typical advertising patterns. Instead, it goes for a smarter approach to appeal to the customers. Costco Black Friday deals are devoured as soon as they are up for grabs owing to a straightforward reason.

Costco sells ideas, not products. For instance, in this video, they utilize Costco's products to make a mouth-watering salad. The video is simple and doesn't focus on the products but the shiny red apples that look farm-fresh speak for themselves. Creating a tasty item using Costco products is sure to attract many customers tempted to try out the dish, and what better place to get all the ingredients in one place than the one featuring it?

05 J.C Penney Black Friday

J.C Penney

J.C Penney Black Friday video is the epitome of powerfully simple. Who says you have to spend a fortune on marketing videos? Creativity, coupled with stunning graphics, results in an amazing video.

If you are looking to create a video that doesn't cost your arm or a leg, take inspiration from the J.C Penney Black Friday video. They have effectively showcased their products, highlighting that the cheap rates have dropped even further. Motion graphics and cool effects further make the video pop and hard to miss.

Part 2. How to Make Your Black Friday Marketing Video

Now that you know all the tricks and tips to craft an attention-grabbing marketing video, it is time to start creating one. We all know how hectic Black Friday season can be. For that reason, let me introduce a life-saving editor.

An online video editor, Wondershare VidAir, is an incredibly easy-to-use application built to help you craft unique videos in no time. Loaded with templates for special occasions, it is easier than ever to create a themed video. Gone are the days of manually editing your videos; now, it's all just a few clicks away.

Here's how easy making a marketing video is with 3 steps

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Open VidAir on your browser. Signup for free or log in if you already have an account

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Tap on the Black Friday Sales in the Categories. Choose a template you like and hit UseThisTemplate.

vidair templates

Step 3 Editing

In this window, upload your video. Choose audio from the library or upload one of your choices. Add filters and catchy captions

easy edit

Step 4 Export

Finally, press Export in the top right corner. Choose Resolution in the pop-up box and press Export. Ta-da.

save and export

If you want to win this battle for attention and make it to the big leagues, make sure you employ some of the brilliant tactics used in these Black Friday videos.

Redefine your marketing strategy and one-up your game. Take inspiration from some of the finest brands to craft a video that compels people to buy your products

Build up the hype and do it with style.