Marketing Analytics: How to Do It Better

Why Should Your Company Start Investing in Marketing Analytics Now?

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Please read our article below to learn about the marketing factors and marketing analytics. Besides, we will also share the top marketing analytics software.

It is normal if you face complexity while listening to the term marketing analytics. With proper knowledge, you will understand what are marketing SWOT analysis examples and also situational analysis marketing. We will have a deep conversation regarding marketing analytics, how you can do it better, and some of the best marketing analytics software and tools to do your work more efficiently. Let’s grab the information.

Part 1. What is Marketing Analytics and Why It Matters

What is Marketing Analytics and Why It Matters

✔ It measures and analyses the marketing performance to improve return on investment and efficiency.

✔ It focuses on the site's performance, including web analytics and how the marketing efforts are performing.

✔ Marketing analytics leans on tools like offsite metrics and even offline measures.

✔ Marketing analytics provides the visionary about how everything plays off each other.

✔ It helps to decide how people may wish to invest moving forward.

✔ With the help of marketing analytics, you can re-prioritize your spending time.

Marketing analysis is an effective way to understand customers' journey and helps to find out what and how work is going in your campaigns.

Such kind of information is essential for your upcoming future online marketing efforts.
  • ☑ With marketing analytics, you can quantify your claims.
  • ☑ You can include the content information you have used to increase customer engagement.
  • ☑ Analytics helps you to choose data from any specific period.
  • ☑ It also determines the impact of the particular marketing campaign.
  • ☑ You can consider general terms without specific marketing data analytics points.
  • ☑ You can demonstrate each reason if something is working or not.
  • ☑ Marketing data analytics helps to turn data into information.
  • ☑ Access to customer data and industry analysis tools, every business essentially uses it.
  • ☑ You can include and identify the data regarding campaign information.
  • ☑ After getting the data, marketing analytics helps to compare and contrast the marketing data.

Part 2. Market Analysis Example: How to Start Your Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics example always includes the way to start the marketing analytics with many essential steps to make a successful external and internal analysis marketing. Some are critical, vital, and useful when you implement and optimize them properly.

Let's know how to start marketing analytics.

01 Set up a framework

Setting up a framework in advance helps track the appropriate data in analytics. You can do your framework by using some elements to start getting stuff done.

  • ✔ Do proper planning. Identify the information you need to collect, the actions you need to take, and how to improve.
  • ✔ The building includes various marketing analytics tools to collect and store information.
  • ✔ Make sure to make a competitive analysis report. You can display the previous data to take the appropriate actions.
  • ✔ Measure against results instantly to see what works and what doesn't while marketing or portfolio analysis marketing.

02 Track marketing campaigns'ROI

In the marketing opportunity analysis templates, you need to ensure the statistics online touting has the impressive ROI of different channels. By tracking the campaign's ROI, it can easily quantify what channels will work best for you. You can use several ways to identify ROI, even for small-scale campaigns. You can use multiple campaigns forecasting to an extensive email list using software for email campaigns, email marketing software, information to various landscape analysis, and leverage UTM links to track the traffic.

03 Create UTMs

As mentioned earlier, you can benefit by creating the UTM to track the traffic using marketing analytics software like Google Campaign URL Builder.UTMs help to figure out from where their traffic is coming. These are tiny bits of parameters used to add to the end of URLs. It helps to get detailed information in Google Analytics marketing about how people find you and come to your site. Compared to other marketing analytics techniques, it is a small but one of the most effective tasks.

04 Use predictive analytics

Predictive marketing analytics boost sales as making better predictions are one of the key benefits of marketing analytics to prepare for upcoming results. A wide variety of data are helpful to predict and do marketing environment analysis, including purchase history, company size, region, and behavioral factors. You can use algorithms to make a difference in current customers and prospects by judging historical data. Here, marketers usually have a specific marketing analysis agency to make pre-determination about various sentiment analysis marketing. You can use predictive lead scoring to customize recommendations, suggestions, and so on.

Part 3. Top 10 Marketing Analytics Tools for Marketers

For getting practical information regarding marketing analytics, there are various marketing analytical tools for marketers.

01 Google Analytics

It is a free website analytics tool by Google to track the traffic on your website. You can know quickly that from where your web visitors are coming. For an in-depth analysis of your marketing data, you can use integrated marketing analytics tools like Google AdWords and Google Data Studio for any micro or macro-environment analytics.

Google Analytics

02 Insider

Insider helps digital marketers to drive growth. It allows you to know successfully about the way to handle acquisition, retention, and revenue. You can quickly analyse the marketing analysis example by leveraging real-time predictive segmentation and various delivering methods like the web, mobile apps, mobile web, email, messaging, and ad channels.


03 MixPanel

MixPanel can easily track the events on your website or product. You will be able what users are doing on your website or mobile app. You can also identify which market opportunity analysis template can be the most positive or negative factor for reaching your audience.


04 HubSpot Marketing Hub

With Marketing Hub, the marketing analytics tools and information are on one easy-to-use platform. It will help you save time and get all the context to give a personalized experience for converting the right customers at scale.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

05 The AdWords Performance Grader

It is a common platform that will help you reach your new customers and grow businesses among marketers. It can help you to evaluate the strength of your Google Ads accounts for even sentiment analysis marketing while analysing other factors.

The AdWords Performance Grader

06 Heap Analytics

Heap is an analytics tool for both web and mobile. It helps you track all the activities that your website visitors have done. For selecting the events, you can use it to analyze the market competitive analysis template.

Heap Analytics

07 Looker

Looker is for the modern company for reinventing intelligence with multiple industry analysis templates. Operating Looker is similar to the way the web does. Its unique modeling language facility will help any employee leverage the market analytics template with the best data analysts.


08 Cyfe

Cyfe is a marketing analytics platform that allows marketers to integrate the data from various marketing analytics tools. It makes it easy to track data from all your social media platforms, pay-per-click marketing channels, sales platforms, and so on. Cyfe can collect all essential data from these platforms and show it on one dashboard.


09 Optimizely

Optimizely is a marketing platform used for carrying out A/B tests on products and web pages to know which way is well acceptable for target market analysis example. Optimizely, you can easily change the design of the pages without facing the hassle of changing the code.


10 Semrush

Semrush is an online SaaS platform for management and content marketing that helps you to optimize the business's online presence across the entire vital channels. With Semrush, represent all your internal analytic marketing with various digital marketing analytics tools.


Part 4. Video Marketing Tool to Make Videos Easily Online

Meet the best creative and options provider video-making tool online, Wondershare VidAir. Wondershare VidAir is an online video-making platform that can help you to turn your marketing situation analysis example or any marketing opportunity analysis example into perfect visual content, including the representation of marketing gap analysis. It offers numerous free templates with a customizable option for boosting your professionalism in video making.

This online video maker also allows adding text effects, background sound, voice, and music track, paste sticker, apply effects, transition, and having the option for a preview to enable you to make professional and eye-catching videos. With such a clean interface, you won't get the most accessible experience ever while creating videos online with VidAir.

  • ❶ The user-friendly and easy editing Video with hassle-free setup.
  • ❷ A wide variety of stunning and customizable templates free.
  • ❸ Low-cost for promotional video creation.
  • ❹ A variety of editing options to customize videos.
  • ❺ A library with royal-free resources.


Finally, at the end of our blog, we believe you are able enough now to know the best factor about coding, tariff, and data setting and details about your website and other related knowledge of your marketing analytics. With the various marketing analytics tools and techniques, try out the VidAir video-making tool to visually attract your audiences to your website.

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