Helpful Tips for Making Marketing Calendar

How To Create A Marketing Calendar That Will Streamline Your Campaigns?

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This can be new blog posts, social media posts, holiday promotions, and so on. In that case, you need a marketing calendar. With one, you can visualize and organize the perfect execution of your marketing plans. Sound great? This guidepost will help you create your first marketing calendar template. Let's dive in!

Part 1. Why Marketing Calendar Is Important?

A marketing calendar (sometimes called an editorial calendar) is a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual marketing department plan. It includes a clear roadmap of what to do and when to do them in the set schedule.

One of the top reasons you should create an editorial marketing calendar is because it helps you plan ahead by setting deadlines and expectations. A marketing calendar can help you release content more consistently. With it, you can plan to release brand new content on a weekly or monthly basis without life interventions.

Marketing Calendar

Part 2. Top 4 Marketing Calendar Examples and Types

Here are the four primary examples of marketing calendars:

01 Content Marketing Calendar

If you're a digital marketer, you certainly need a marketing campaign calendar. With a content marketing calendar, you can plan and organize your content marketing strategies. In a nutshell, a content editorial calendar will help you strategize for regular and consistent release of content.

Content Marketing Calendar

02 Social Media Marketing Calendar

A social media editorial calendar is a tool or spreadsheet to help you schedule and plan your social media posts. This calendar can also give you control over your social media campaigns and meet deadlines. It can include columns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Social Media Marketing Calendar

03 Email Marketing Calendar

If you're an email marketer, an email editorial calendar will come in handy. It shows what content and when you'll be sending them out to your subscribers. In return, you'll enjoy a better customer relationship and increase sales.

Email Marketing Calendar

04 Blog Post Marketing Calendar

There are millions of live blogs currently. However, only a few can be considered successful. Want to know the secret? A blog post marketing calendar. It allows marketers to track their blog posts' progress and set measurable goals. Overall, a blog calendar will help you bring in more readers and establish a lasting relationship.

Blog Post Marketing Calendar

Part 3. Tools for Marketers to Create Marketing Calendar

Whether you're marketing on a blog, social media, email, or YouTube, you'll get the perfect marketing calendar template for free on one of these websites:

01 CoSchedule

At CoSchedule, you'll get a sample marketing calendar for any digital marketing activity. First, it includes a social media editorial calendar template for organizing and tracking your social media posts in a single place. Also, you'll get an email marketing calendar template to help you map out email campaigns before sending them out. And of course, it features a free 2021 content calendar template to plan out year-long content and keep them organized.


02 HubSpot

HubSpot ranks among the most popular email marketing and CRM management tools. However, this online software also gives away a free Excel-based marketing calendar with features to match. All you need is to provide your email address and download the Excel digital calendar for free. Just know that this marketing calendar template only covers a month-long schedule, which can be copied into additional months on separate tabs. I find this editorial calendar template helpful for marketers promoting non-content campaigns.


03 Blue Wire Media

Blue Wire Media is another free editorial calendar template for mapping out your upcoming marketing strategy. Here, you'll get an editorial calendar template for social media and blog posts. The calendar is simple to use and perfect for agencies, freelancers, business owners, copywriters, and more. Moreover, the free editorial calendar is available in Google Docs or Excel (XLS) format.

Blue Wire Media

Part 4. Easy Online Video Marketing Tool You Can't-Miss

According to Biteable, 60% of all successful businesses use video marketing. Also, 94% of video marketers plan to continue using this marketing module for the foreseeable future. Now, if these figures are anything to go by, then it means you need to start including videos in your marketing campaigns more often. But where do you start?

With Wondershare VidAir, you'll get the perfect video creation tool to help you make smashing promotional videos.


3 Steps Guide to Make Videos with Wondershare VidAir


  • Step 1 Login Wondershare VidAir

  • Go to and click the Login button to proceed with your ID credentials. Create Sign Up if you haven’t any account on Wondershare yet.
  • Step 2 Choose a social media marketing theme

  • Goes after selecting your social media video template depending upon the theme of marketing. Click Use this Template tab after confirming the aspect ratio.
marketing theme
  • Step 3 Create & Export

  • Upload button to personalize the theme as per your marketing requirements. Click the Export tab to download your project after selecting the resolution.
Create & Export