Top 10 Christmas Video Ideas

Make your video more attractive with these Christmas video ideas


Coming up with an interesting or engaging 5 minute Christmas craft video can be challenging. But, we are here to help you along the road to success.

Christmas videos are the perfect way to ride the holiday wave and capture potential customers' attention through interactive and heartfelt videos. Spread love and cheer while also indirectly promoting your brand.

We have rounded up the top 10 ways to kickstart your video marketing efforts and get your customers warmed up in the Christmas spirit.

Part 1. Top 10 Christmas Video Ideas

01 5 Minute Christmas Craft

On holidays, people are always looking for new and unique ways to decorate their houses. And since holidays are usually hectic, 5 minute Christmas craft videos are a great way to hook people. Maximize your brand awareness by making videos that portray 5 minute Christmas craft ideas to inspire people. Make sure your videos are easy to understand, show clear steps to create, and then show them how to use these crafts to decorate the house.

02 Decorating Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the crown jewel of this holiday. Although everyone knows how to decorate a tree, make a YouTube decorating Christmas tree video that showcases some unique and extra festive ideas. Make your videos attractive and catchy, and show different styles and ways to decorate a tree. Whether you want to go for a colorful ribbon tree or a white, snowy, crystal laid tree, gather and portray the decorations to wow your viewers.

03 Christmas VLog

People love a reality show now commonly known as a vlog. And since it's trending, you must also ride the holiday wave to maximize your brand or channel. Take inspiration from different Christmas vlog ideas to make your own and channel it on every platform for maximum effect. The raw emotions and spirit of a vlog is a great way to connect and communicate with the viewers. Be sure to spread the holiday spirit by applying the successful Christmas vlog ideas to your vlog and stir up some excitement

04 Christmas Greeting Videos

Here we are with some Christmas greeting video ideas. An excellent marketing strategy is to make your customers feel loved and valued. Extending holiday wishes to them is one way to do that. Go for a merry Christmas video theme or just a simple video featuring a happy Christmas story. Make sure you add upbeat music if you want to skip the classical jingle bells this year.

Since Christmas is all about love, togetherness, and sharing, making a heartfelt family-focused video is a great way to promote your brand and make it memorable. You don't always have to sell your products sometimes; selling emotions and benefits goes a long way.

05 Christmas Gift Videos

What to gift to your near and dear ones this Christmas? The majority of the people face this overwhelming question.

A gift guide is highly sought after, especially around Christmas. A Christmas gift video is an excellent way to promote your products or your services. Take the Christmas gift video up a notch by giving a detailed account of the gift item. Mention the prices, use, discount, or how and where to get it from.

06 Merry Christmas Videos

Delight your audience with a beautiful and cheerful Merry Christmas video. Play on people's nostalgia and take them on the journey down memory lane by adding a classical merry Christmas song. Make sure to post your Merry Christmas video on all major platforms, so it reaches your customers in time to make them feel valued.

This emotional and caring grand gesture will go a long way in building your brand's reputation and boosting your sales both during and after Christmas.

07 Office Christmas Videos

The festive season is a time for everyone to rejoice.

The unique method of seizing this opportunity to draw more attention to your business is to establish a meaningful connection with your valuable customers by showing your respect and commitment towards your workers and involving them in the holiday spirit. You can receive the love from your workers, and since the pure sentiments of the workers showcased in your video with be touching for the viewers, it will bring in many new customers.

08 Funny Santa Videos

Create a video for the sake of pure enjoyment. Christmas isn't just about a merry Christmas video. You can be a little more unique and craft a funny Santa video.

Who doesn't love Santa? Add in a bit of harmless humor, and you'll have a video everyone will be laughing their heads over. Just dress someone as Santa and come up with silly or creative ways to crack people up. Brand promotion alongside enjoyment is definitely a genius move you must try.

09 Jingle Bell Videos

The classical jingle bells song hits nostalgia and is a compelling factor that really moves the audience.

Become a storyteller and come up with a magical story featuring the evergreen jingle bells song. You can also add jingle bells to highlight the dance mob's moves or remake it in a rock version.

Anything hinting jingle bells will get the crowd moving, so remember, jingle bells never go out of style. But you can twist it up a notch to be extra festive.

10 Funny Grinch Videos

Grinch, the iconic Christmas villain. How can he not be in the Christmas videos?

Since evil always loses, I'd recommend you showcase Grinch as the bad guy who loses the game at the end, and Christmas is celebrated in high spirits as usual. You can make it funny by adding some Grinch pranks or him appearing in public to scare people.

Part 2. Recommend Useful Video Maker to Help You Realize These Ideas

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After Black Friday, Christmas is your biggest opportunity to hit the jackpot before the year ends. So it's high time to couple imagination with some video-making skills to take your marketing approach to the next level.

Go for a heartwarming merry Christmas video or a simple 5 minute Christmas craft video for the artsy ones. Unleash your creativity before the year ends.

So, which idea will you be using to attract an audience?