10 Tips to Make Your Mobile Video Ads Successful

10 best ideas for marketers to make mobile video ads easily.

Technological revolutions have led to various marketing styles to scale businesses. That includes the now rising trend of mobile video advertising. As mobile consumption heightened, so did the need to utilize mobile video ads to the fullest.

But with the shift in digital marketing, it has become tougher than ever to make your brand known. So, to make some noise using mobile video ads, you must make some extra efforts. It's time to ride the bandwagon of mobile video advertising and bring the best of your brand to the public. Here are some key elements to keep in mind while crafting mobile video ads. Let's get going.

Part 1. What is Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video advertising simply refers to any ads with a video component that are displayed on apps or websites on smartphones. This provides app makers, and developers to monetize their platforms. There are various types of mobile video advertising suitable for different platforms and purposes.

 Mobile video ads

Part 2. The Best 10 Ideas of Making Mobile Video Ads

The competition in mobile video advertising is rising. Every big and small brand is using this opportunity to boost sales. Making successful mobile video ads requires skills and resources. However, with a few important tips, you can focus your energies in the right direction to produce maximum results. Here is our guide to your success.

01 Value-Based Ads

Users online are not usually looking for products while they browse or stream. Hence, mobile video ads that are based on product promotion tend to go unnoticed and ignored. So, if you want to grip their attention, you must be creative.

Therefore, your mobile video ads must focus on sharing something motivational and inspiring. Such ads are liked and remembered and also shared increasingly. To sell your products, you must sell an idea or story that relates to the viewers. This will ensure that they consider your brand in that particular matter.

Value based ads

02 Video Length And Quality

With an attention span of a mere 8-seconds, users scroll past most of the mobile video ads just because they don't load instantly. This results in significant loss despite the ads being great. The only reason being the slow loading.

So, to ensure your mobile video ads are viewed, you must keep the video duration to an optimum of 15 seconds or less. Any more than this might result in slow loading on devices with low-bandwidth. And most smartphones are usually running on a low-bandwidth connection. Keep the quality adequate and length short so the video plays as soon as it becomes visible. And this will also encourage the viewers to watch the whole ad.

Keep video duration short

03 Brand Consistency

Your logo and color themes are your brand's identity. While advertising, make sure your identity is clear and evident. Even if the viewers don't go through the whole ad, the brand logo must be shown in the first few seconds of the mobile video ads.

Try to create mobile video ads with the same color schemes and caption styles every time. In this way, viewers will be more likely to recognize your brand's ads even without the logo visible.

Brand consistency

04 Text And Sound

Majority of the mobile video ads will play on mute, especially the native mobile video ads. These autoplaying ads are muted unless the viewers opt to unmute them. Hence, you must try to draw attention by adding subtitles or catchy captions that tempt viewers. Short and easily readable phrases are more likely to attract viewers. The fonts must be clear and big enough to be read on the tiny mobile screens.

Add readable captions

05 Target-Specific Content

With technological advancements, you can easily take help from demographics and geo-locations. This way, you can optimally target the right audience. Also, make sure the content is relatable to the audience. Keep the target audience in mind and tailor your mobile video ads according to that. Any content that seems too foreign to the audience will be wasted. Hence, make target-specific mobile video ads.

Target specific ads

06 Engaging And Clear Content

Since the attention span of online users is very low, you must grip your audience in the first few seconds. If your mobile video ads start slow and uneventful, you might lose a potential viewer and customer. Make your point and message clear at the start. Do not stray from the objective, or the viewers might lose interest. Engage them with what they want to see while also highlighting your brand's message.

Engaging and clear content

07 Call To Action

As the name suggests, CTAs are meant to lure viewers into taking action. And mobile video ads that lack CTAs usually don't produce results. After successfully making an impression through the mobile video ads, you must secure customers by providing them a way to engage. CTAs like 'Buy Now' or 'Learn More' can easily serve the purpose of landing sales. However, the CTAs must be simple and clear in the mobile video ads.

Clear CTAs

08 Different Platforms

With the introduction of various different social media platforms, it has become important to make your presence known on all platforms. If not all, you must at least target the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

All these platforms have different specifications for mobile video ads. To make sure your videos are impactful and effective, tailor your mobile video ads according to the specifications of these platforms.

Optimize for different platforms

09 Vertical Videos

Smartphone users prefer to stream vertically. If the videos are in landscape mode, users are more likely to skip them. Consider making mobile video ads in vertical mode for maximum reach.

Make vertical videos

10 Keep It Bright

The brightness level of the majority of smartphones is set to a minimum. And users are not likely to scale up the brightness just to watch an ad they weren't even planning to see in the first place. So, keep mobile video ads bright and avoid dark color themes.

Make bright videos

Part 3. How to Make Mobile Video Ads Quickly

If you are searching for an easy-to-use video maker for creating stunning mobile video ads, you have come to the right place. With the multitude of video makers online, it is hard to choose the right one. So, to help you with that, let me present the best video maker of all time.

Wondershare VidAir is an all-in-one video maker and editor. It is an online tool that is laced with multiple editing features for creating eye-catching videos. The intuitive interface allows beginners to easily use the tools without any hassle or editing experience. There is a range of themed templates for making different kinds of attractive mobile video ads. The templates are also fully customizable. If you want to add a song or instrumental, you can choose music from VidAir's library or upload one of your own choice. The music can also be easily trimmed to match the video duration. This handy tool allows the easy addition of trendy captions. Various stickers are also available to make the video visually appealing. In the end, VidAir allows quick and high-quality export of mobile video ads. This way, you can also easily export the videos to various platforms.

Here is a 3-step guide on how to make mobile video ads with VidAir.

Step 1 Open VidAir And Choose A Template

Firstly, open VidAir on your browser. Log In if you have an account. If you haven't created an account, Sign Up for free. After logging in, choose from the various template categories. Click on a template you like. There will be various aspect ratios for different platform compatibilities. Click on the desired aspect ratio and tap on Use This Template.

Open VidAir and select template

Step 2 Create And Edit Mobile Video Ads

To make your mobile video advertising stand out, you can make easy edits to enhance your videos. In the Text tab, there are a variety of caption styles to highlight your message to the audience. You can change the font size, style, and position too. The Audi tab has a collection of music you can add with a single tap and then edit its duration.

edit Prime video ads

Step 3 Save And Export Mobile Video Ads

Finally, once you finish editing your mobile video ads, you can export the video. Click on the Export tab in the top-right corner of the page. In the pop-up box, choose the resolution and watermark option. Click on Export again.

Export Prime video ads

Advertising mania is taking over the digital world. It is about time that you ride on this wave and up your marketing game too. Mobile video advertising is your ticket to success. But only if used in the right and best way.

Follow our strategy for making interesting and high-impact mobile video ads that build a customer base. Make your ads stand out and bring your brand to life.

Advertising mania is taking over the digital world. It is about time that you ride on this wave and up your marketing game too. Mobile video advertising is your ticket to success. But only if used in the right and best way. Follow our strategy for making interesting and high-impact mobile video ads that build a customer base. Make your ads stand out and bring your brand to life.