Top 10 Movie Intro Maker Free Online

Learn the 10 best intro makers to create attractive movie intro videos online.

A movie intro is a short video clip that appears before the actual movie. These intros help the user to know about the actual movie and keep in interest. As an important part of movies, the intro should be good enough to catch your audience's eyes. So, in this article, we'll introduce 10 easy online movie intro maker with editable templates.

Part 1. Best Online Movie Intro Maker with Editable Templates

To create an intro effortlessly using editable templates, Wondershare VidAir works as the best online tool. Working from your browser, this program requires no software download or installation. You simply need to free sign-up and you are all set to create some amazing videos including the intros. There are several pre-designed templates available that can be selected as per your intro needed. You can customize and edit the templates to meet your video requirements. The free version of the tool creates a video with a watermark that can be removed by upgrading it to a paid version. Additionally, you also get 2GB of cloud storage and the option to save files in 1080p resolution.

Steps on how to use Wondershare VidAir movie intro creator

Step 1 Choose A Movie Intro Template

Sign up or log in to VidAir and go to the templates page by clicking on the Templates button on the top of the website. Choose your desired templates and the aspect ratio, then click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose movie intro template

Step 2 Customize Your Movie Intro Template

Next, you will come to the editing window of the template. You can edit this template with Video, Audio, and other elements by selecting their respective tab from the left-side panel. Once the changes are done, you can check them by clicking on the Preview button.

edit movie intro online

Step 3 Export Movie Intro Videos

Click on the Export button, and your movie intro is now ready to be downloaded locally and use as an intro.

export movie intro

Part 2. Other Recommended 9 Movie Intro Creator

Are you looking for more options? A host of other movie intro creators are available as well and for your convenience, we have selected the popular ones below.

01 Biteable

This is free to use, a web-based free movie intro maker that facilitates creating videos including intros in no time. Several animated templates are available at the site from which you can choose the one that matches your movie theme. The tool comes with a huge collection of over 800,000 real-life stock footage clips. To customize the template, text, animations, filters, and more elements can be added.

movie intro maker - 1

02 FlexClip

No matter even if you do not have any prior experience of making videos or editing them as this online tool helps you create professional-looking intros and other videos in no time. No software download is needed and its decent collection of templates will surely have one to suit your needs. The templates can be further customized using rich editing features. A huge collection of royalty-free media resources is also available with the program.

movie intro maker - 2

03 Invideo

Creating impressive intros is now easy using this online tool that comes with a vast range of templates. The text can be edited on the templates and it can be further personalized by adding animations, filters, effects, and more elements. After you preview the file, you can finally save it to your local system to be used as your movie intro using this movie intro maker online tool.

movie intro maker - 3

04 IntroMaker

This is an online tool that helps to create intros for your movies, presentations, and other videos. There are graphics templates available at the site including the 3D ones and cool movie inro templates that can be selected as per the movie theme. The process is simple and quick where you just have to choose the template, add your image, and customize it using the features at the site. The created intro will now be available for download.

movie intro maker - 4

05 Introchamp

With a collection of over 300 templates, this is another decent tool on the list. Simple to use, the program is also pocket-friendly and priced reasonably. The selected template can be personalized by editing the elements and when ready you can preview them and then finally download it locally to your system.

movie intro maker - 5

06 Tubearsenal

Though relatively a new tool, it comes packed in with a decent list of features. Apt for beginners, the program works without any need for software download and come with interesting templates. You can even check out the particle-effect-laden templates that are quite interesting and impressive. It is a paid tool and charges depend on the template selected.

movie intro maker - 6

07 Flixpress

Using this tool, you can create movie intros, promotional videos, animated slideshows, and much more quickly and easily. The program is available for free as well as a paid version with flexible pricing. You can choose from a wide range of animations, backgrounds, and effects to create a customized intro and other videos. Simple to use the program is apt for the small business users who need to create intros quite often.

movie intro maker - 7

08 Wideo

If you are looking for a simple intro maker then Wideo is just the right choice. Using the program interesting looking intros and animations can be created for the movies and other video content. The templates are available in different themes to select from and they can be further customized as needed. There is a free trial version available that can be tried before you make up your mind to purchase the program.

movie intro maker - 8

09 Introbrand

Simple to use, this intro creator comes with a decent number of templates to choose from. The selected templates can be customized by editing the text font, color, logo, and other elements. The contemporary designs of the tool make them apt different movie themes and the preview function is also available for you to check if the created video is the one as desired or not.

movie intro maker - 9

With knowledge of multiple tools now, you can choose the one that best matches your requirements. Search for the tool that has templates to match your movie theme. For the simple and quick creation of videos, online Wondershare VidAir is among the highly recommended tool.