Best Movie Maker for Mac -- iMovie Editing

The detailed tutorial of how to use iMovie

iMovie movie maker is a one-of-a-kind app for creating impressive videos. But the wide array of tools can be a bit overwhelming for novice editors. Luckily, with our detailed guide, you can use this movie maker download Mac with ease and excellence.

All you need is this movie maker Mac, a hint of creativity, and this step-by-step guide. Read ahead to master iMovie editing in a few simple steps and get creating.

Part 1. How to Use iMovie Movie Maker

Here is the ultimate guide for iMovie editing to craft eye-catching videos without much effort or time.

01 Launch the iMovie movie maker Mac

iMovie opens in the ProjectView, where you can tap on the CreateNew option to start working on a new project.

launch imovie

If you want to create short and fun videos, choose the Trailer option for a stylish video template, but if you're looking for a more versatile option to craft a personalized video, tap on Movie.

trailer or movie

02 Import Media to iMovie Movie Maker

Now, you can start importing your media to the movie maker Mac OS by easy drag and drop tool. However, if you want to import albums, click on Photos in the Libraries tab on the left menu. Then, open the drop-down menu of MyMedia and select the category to choose the media you wish to import.

add materials

All your selected media is in the browser now. Drag and drop the clips to the timeline. If you want to replace a clip with another, just drag another clip on top of the previous one to replace it.

drag materials

03 Split, Trim, Rearrange & Apply Themes With iMovie Editing

1.Apply A Preset Theme

This movie maker Mac offers a variety of attractive themes to give your video a professional look without much effort. Just tap on Settings in the upper right corner of the timeline and click on Change Theme window.

Choose a theme and click Change to apply.

Select the No Theme option and click Change to apply.

2.Trim or Cut Clips

iMovie editing lets you precisely trim your clips into fun, snappy videos for an engaging movie. Just scroll through the timeline to find the clip you would like to trim. You can also increase its duration with the same process.

Skim through the timeline to find the clip you want to shorten or lengthen. Click on the video clip or image and hold the pointer on one edge so that a trim tool appears. Drag the edge away from the center to lengthen the clip or push it towards the center to lessen the duration. Note that increasing or decreasing the clip length on the timeline will alter the duration for which it appears in the movie.

trim clips

3.Use The Clip trimmer

iMovie movie maker Mac allows for a more precise trimming tool by providing the clip trimmer feature. Find the clip in the timeline you want to apply iMovie editing to and choose Window<ShowClipTrimmer. Now it will appear above the timeline where the edges to cut the video or drag the whole clip to alter the start and endpoint of the video.

clip trimmer

4.Rearrange Clips

With easy iMovie editing tools, you can effortlessly rearrange the clips in the timeline by dragging and dropping. Just drag a clip from one position to the next to change the clip sequence.

If you want to drag multiple clips together, hold the Commandkey, and select all the clips, make a selection rectangle and drop the clips to a new location.

5.Split Clips

If you find a clip too long or want to remove any unwanted portion, you just slice it up and make further editing with the separate clips. Find the clip in the timeline you want to split, press Command, and plussign together to zoom in for precision split. Then, choose Modify and then SplitClip.

split clips

04 Apply Filters & Special Effects in iMovie Movie Maker Mac

With iMovie editing, you can add seamless transitions, filters, and other special effects.


Select the clip you want to apply the filter on, and in the viewer panel, click on the ClipFilter and AudioEffects button. Click the drop-down menu to display the range of aesthetic filters. Click on it to apply.


2.Fade to effect

You can easily apply a cinematic Fade-to effect of your choice. Move the playhead to the point where you want the effect to start in the timeline. Choose Modify and tap Fadeto and select the kind of effect you would like to apply.

fade to effects

3.Freeze frame

Adding a freeze-frame effect automatically applies a ken burns effect. Just move the playhead to the point where you want to apply the effect and choose Modify and then Flash and Freeze Frame.


From the tabs on the top, click on Transitions. iMovie movie maker offers some stunning transitions for a full Hollywood-style effect with one click. Choose the transition you like and drag and drop it into the timeline.

You can double click on the transition in the timeline to adjust its speed.


05 Add Background Audio With Easy iMovie Editing Options

This movie maker Mac offers a huge library of music you can add as your background music. Click on the Audio tab above the browser and select Music in the sidebar.

background music

 Choose the audio clips displayed in the browser and drag one to the designated audio track in the timeline. iMovie movie maker will auto-trim the audio to match the video clip.

trim audio

06 Export & Share from the iMovie Movie Maker Mac

iMovie movie maker allows direct share to different social media platforms. Click on the Share icon in the tool bar. Click on any platform to share directly or tap on File to save it on your device.

export your video

Choose the various settings and click Next to save the movie.

save video

Part 2. Best Online Alternative Movie Maker

iMovie movie maker might be a great choice for a powerful movie maker Mac OS, but there is an even better and professional software for your ease. An online movie maker Mac that requires no download or subscription. You can just hop online to use this movie maker Mac OS and start creating.

Wondershare VidAir is a hassle-free and handy movie maker Mac. The editing features of VidAir can easily rival iMovie editing tools. However, unlike iMovie movie maker, VidAir offers a range of attractive templates for every occasion. Plus, there is a huge library of music from every genre. You can also use stylish captions and customize your texts for a personalized effect. After editings, VidAir enables you to export a high-quality, uncompressed video effortlessly.

Craft a stunning movie in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1 Open Movie Maker Mac & Choose Template

Open VidAir on your browser. Sign Up for free to enter the templates library. Click on the template you like and hit UseThisTemplate.

vidair template

Step 2 Edit & Personalize

Upload your media photos and clips. Add catchy captions from the Text tab or upbeat or romantic music from the Audio tab.

edit video

Step 3 Export from The Movie Maker Mac

Finally,tap on Export in the top right corner. Choose the quality of your video and tap on Export again, and voila. All done.



iMovie editing has now been made easier. Even the most novice editors of you can master the art of iMovie editing without any outside help. So, hop onto this amazing movie maker Mac to start creating professional-grade movies, everyone will be crushing over.

And, if you want to test your creative limits with a more powerful movie maker Mac OS, give VidAir a spin to craft more unique and personalized videos. It is free and online with loads of attractive templates, what more could you want?

Try out iMovie and VidAir movie maker Mac now and see for yourself.

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