Top 10 Free Music for Real Estate Videos

Background music for real estate video is essential

As much as a good video is required to promote your property, your video needs to have good background music as well. If you want to know about the best music for real estate videos, you have come to the right place.

People don't just want to choose any background music for the real estate video, rather they want something more dedicated, which will keep the audience glued to the marketing video.

Here we will talk about free music for real estate videos that you can download today. These music files can be used for neighborhood tours, real estate agent bios, property tour videos, and beyond. We have compiled the ten most popular and free music for real estate videos that allow you to give your real estate video a homely feel.

Part 1. Top 10 Best Music for Real Estate Videos

01 Finding Home by Brian Crain

Music Length: 3:35

Brian Crain is a brilliant music composer. His instrumental piece "Finding Home" is adored not just by real estate agents, but everyone else too. The soothing sound of the piano and the perfect rhythm creates a holistic approach. The music is pleasing to the ears and is ideal for luxury properties. Everything about this piece is extraordinary, and since the music is only instrumental, it carries a friendly vibe to it. Finding a home will undoubtedly make your audience hooked to the real estate video.

02 Inspiring by Sophonic Media

Music Length: 3:39

Sophonic Media presents this charismatic instrumental music. This music piece is called inspiring, and it truly is an inspirational music piece. The reason why we have selected this piece is that it is fresh, very positive, and lively. This music background will be perfect for a drone real estate video.

03 Home by Phillip Phillips

Music Length: 3.34

Listen to this beautiful song sung by Phillip Phillips. Home is all about getting familiar with new roads and new places, ultimately making the new place your home. Well, isn't that true about all the new houses that people buy? You first buy a house and eventually turn it into a loving home. We think this will be the perfect score for a real estate marketing video. Tell people through your video how they can convert a property into a home.

04 I'm coming home by Skylar Grey

Music Length: 3:01

What can be better than telling the whole world that you are coming home? Skylar Grey's I'm coming home is all about positivity and how hard work and persistence can let you feel at home. Real Estate videos are often accompanied by music scores, which honestly don't make much sense. Give a reason for your buyers to buy the property you are selling. Inspire them and tell them that you acknowledge the hard work they have put in to buy it.

05 Corporate Ambient by Turpak

Music Length: 2:41

Not every background music will be suitable for all types of real estate video styles. For commercial properties, an emotional music score will not really be suitable. That's why here's Corporate Ambient by Turpak. It has an upbeat music vibe and makes you feel extremely jovial while listening to it. You can use this music file for luxury, business, or corporate properties.

Elite Real Estate Video Background Music

06 Elite Real Estate Video Background Music

Music Length: 2:21

If you are looking for extremely motivating, upbeat, and positive real estate background music to create a fantastic real estate music video, use Elite Real Estate Video Background Music. The good thing about this music score is that it comes along with a video, which will help you get some idea to take footage of your property.

07 Modern Corporate Real Estate Music

Music Length: 3.38

The purpose of your real estate video is to grab the attention of the viewers, and the use of music will take center stage. Well, if that's something you would like to achieve too, here's Modern Corporate real estate music for you. This music will play a supportive role in your video and will certainly enhance the visual experience.

08 Happy Inspiring Upbeat by RomanSenkyMusic

Music Length: 2:40

As a real estate agent, you will not just need one but multiple real estate music files to use for different videos. If you are listing various properties, ensure to use different beats. Here's another suggestion that you can think of. This is Happy Inspiring Upbeat by RomanSenkyMusic. As the title of the track suggests, the track indeed makes you feel good about this music.

09 Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Length: 2:08

The music of this track is so uplifting that anyone who listens to it would actually want to start their own real estate company. Truly captivating and engaging. Even though this song is designed mainly for the corporates, but you can surely use it as real estate music for your video. The beats are friendly and funky. Something that will help you engage the viewers.

10 Fun Memories

Length: 2:05

If you want to show the happy and bright side of a property, you got to use Fun Memories as background music for your real estate video. The beats are so joyous and peppy. In fact, if you keep listening to it, you might even start to dance a little bit. For those who want their real estate video to come out as something enormously positive, this is the track to go for.

Part 2. Edit with These Music for Real Estate Video

Now that you have the list of the best music for real estate video to use for your real estate marketing video, it's time to edit your video and add the selected music file. To do so, you will need a reliable and trustworthy video editing and creating tool. One such tool that you can 100% rely on is Wondershare VidAir. This all-in-one tool will let you edit your real estate video just the way you want.

Explore the wide range of templates that this tool has to offer and the music background that you like the most. Readers must note that they should always use royalty-free real estate music to add to your videos. This way, you will be saved from Copyright issues. There are many sites that allow you to download royalty-free real estate music files.


Music and video go hand-in-hand. An excellent real estate video accompanied by a nice music track will undoubtedly engage your customers better. To go through the list that we have shared here, and pick your favorite. The music you will choose must go along with the type of video you are trying to take. To edit your music video for a real estate property, you have VidAir.