How to Use Native Video Ads on Social Media

Everything you must know about native video ads.

The recent and sudden spike in advertising has led to the huge competition among the brands. And with the advent of the newest advertising technique, the native video ads, the battle has only toughened. To emerge victoriously, you need to go extra creative with your imagination.

Native video ads have the potential to take your brand to the next level. You can increase brand awareness and generate product demand without much effort. The popular social media platforms are enough to boost your ads and scale your brand by magnitudes. Native video advertising isn't very different. But, there are a few things you need to know before you start creating your own ads. Here, I have listed some facts and tips about native video ads that you must know to succeed. Let's get going.

Part 1. What Is Native Video Ad

One main branch of advertising is native video ads. These days, native video advertising is soaring owing to its effectiveness and ability to boost engagement. But what exactly are native video ads? They aren't very different from the pre and post-roll ads except for a few significant differences.

Firstly, unlike other kinds of ads, native video ads do not obstruct the viewers from accessing the content desired. They appear as standalone posts that viewers can choose to scroll by without any hassle. The term native here indicates that the ads look like part of that particular website's content. They don't stand apart as ads, and that's the reason for their success. The native video ads seem like regular educational or infotainment videos that users are usually attracted to. And since native video advertising doesn't intrude and hinder the viewer's streaming or browsing experience, users are more likely to pay attention willingly. This way, the target audience can be enticed to click through and land on the main page.

Moreover, native video ads are not limited in terms of duration. This gives the brands some leverage to convey their message with ease. Since the native video ads autoplay after coming into view, albeit muted, they are highly effective. The effectiveness lies in the fact that native video ads are mostly based on a narrative and are not product-centric. This leads to high engagement, and people are tempted to share the story around. Ultimately, this leads to a higher reach for the brand.

Native video advertising

Part 2. Native Video Ads Examples on Social Media

YNow you know what native video ads mean. But, to make my point clear, let me illustrate with a few native video advertising examples. You can also take inspiration from these powerful native video ads to add weight to your own ads.


A media-oriented social media platform, Instagram, is a perfect place for you to advertise effectively. Shutterstock takes advantage of native video advertising on Instagram by crafting a very dynamic and visually appealing ad. The visually-gripping native video ads draw instant attention, enticing viewers to click to unmute. Further, adding captions that mention the product sales or features serves to grab attention even if the sound is muted.

A call-to-action link such as Learn More is an excellent strategy to build customers. The offer, coupled with the CTA link, serves to boost reach and engagement.

Insta native video ad


Next on the list of some great native video advertising examples is this one by Toonly. They advertise the key features of their app and entice customers by offering a one time deal. The amazingly low cost, which is a limited-time offer, will introduce a sense of urgency. This will lure viewers into clicking on the CTA link for Download to avail the offer while it lasts. Big and simple fonts also convey the message clearly.

The addition of headings and descriptions above the native video ads also grip attention. However, the text should be short and on point to attract customers. Phrases like 'special offer' and 'short time' are a great way to draw customers quickly. No one wants to miss out on special offers.

Facebook native video ad


AMC Theatres video tops the list of native video advertising examples owing to its precise yet powerful approach. The collaboration between AMC and Coca-Cola is displayed in the 12-second ad by offering a combo deal to teens. A CTA link urges viewers to click on it in order to avail the deal. This link serves to create brand awareness while also giving customer satisfaction through a great deal. Although the ad is very short compared to other native video ads, it helps to drive attention and traffic to the landing page quite effectively. By offering deals to increase the click-through rate, customer engagement is highly increased, and the fan following also soars.

Twitter native video ad


Among other native video ads, this ad by H&M is super short but equally powerful. The short sneak peek at a new collaboration with a major brand leaves the viewers wanting to know more and see what is up for grabs. In the 6-seconds, this native video advertising successfully conveys the announcement of their latest collaboration. The short ad serves to leave the viewers curious. In order to boost reach and sales, there are two call-to-action links. One shows the store link while the other says Learn More. However, both lead to the main store page. So, with a simple sneak peek, native video ads can easily drive traffic to a store.

LinkedIn video ad


Native video ads on YouTube can be seen in many forms. One such example is the recommended videos we see. Based on our activity, YouTube displays native video ads matching our interests. That's not all. Some ads can also be incorporated at the start, middle, or the end of a streaming video. The addition of a CTA link then serves to lead the viewers to the main store page. On YouTube, you can also add website links to your page in the description part of the native video ads. URLs and image cards can also be displayed while a viewer is streaming different videos. This can greatly enhance brand awareness.

YouTube native video ad

Part 3. How to Make Native Video Ads Easily Online

Do you want to create eye-catching native video ads? With the rising popularity of native video advertising, you will need some unique editing tools to make your ads stand out. To help you stand unparalleled, we have an amazing tool at hand, Wondershare VidAir.

VidAir, an online video editor, is an easy-to-use editor for making attractive videos quickly. The variety of templates are stylish and available in various aspect ratios. The themed templates can be used with a tap and be customized to the user's preferences. There is a massive library of music for every kind of video. Or you can also opt to upload songs of your choice. In the text tab, there are multiple caption styles that make adding text easier and creative. VidAir is a very handy tool available for free use without any subscriptions. Furthermore, you can export high-quality videos and easily upload them to different social media platforms. All in all, VidAir is an excellent tool for creating uniquely mesmerizing native video ads.

Step 1 Open Vidair and Choose a Template

First of all, open VidAir on your browser. On the opening interface, there are a variety of themed templates. Choose a template that best fits your needs. Then, click on it. Now, you can choose an aspect ratio. Finally, click on Use This Template to proceed.

Launch VidAir and choose template

Step 2 Edit Native Video Ads

In the operation window, there are various editing tools that are just a tap away. From the Text tab, you can add and then customize your captions. You can also add stickers for a visually compelling outlook. The Audio tab allows you to add a melodious touch to your native video ads.

Edit native video ad

Step 3 Save and Export Native Video Ads

After your finish editing, click on the Export tab in the top right corner of the page. Now, choose the option for resolution and whether you want a watermark or not. Then, click on Export again.

Save and export native video ads

With the rapidly changing world, you must adopt new advertising strategies too. And if you want to keep up, you must be well-acquainted with the native video ads. To help you get a better sense of this newest advertising technique, I listed some of the most impactful social platforms that allow native video ads. Using these platforms can help you climb the ladder of success quicker than in older times. So, it is only a matter of time that you enter the league of top-notch brands. All is possible just by smartly using the native video ads.