Top 15 News Intro Music in 2021

Find the most recommended music for the news intro.

To make your videos attractive and captivated, you can also add the news intro music to provide a new look and new taste to your audience. The News Theme Music will offer positive vibes to the audience and are used for commercial purposes. With this news track music, your audience will remain informed about the current affairs of the world. To marketize your brand, you can use these vibrant news themed music to engage your viewers towards your videos. You can easily download them from the MP3 or WAV to provide a professional look to your videos.

Part 1. Top 5 News Intro Music within 10 Seconds

To add something classy to your video, you can add a new music track in the background of your introductory videos while branding your product. The 10 seconds intro music will set the mood of your audience. Remember, your intros duration should be 4-6 minutes with the track of news music of 10 seconds to keep the interest of your audience intact in your videos. The news intro music provides relevant information related to the exclusive reports of the world to your viewers.

5 Best News Intro Music Recommended

  • 1. Trendy Audio Logo This 10 seconds news intro music track will keep your audience informed regarding the frontpages news of the world. The beats of this music track will offer you business-related information. Get this music track from the link given below:
  • 2. News Intro Music Sound Effect This classic track is sung by Alexander will set the mood of your audience, and it is used for promoting your brand. Download this music track from for free.
  • 3. Times New This song track will engage your audience towards your video, and it's positive and upbeat vibes work well with the audience mood. You can download this music track for free from
  • 4. Inspirational Technology The rhythmic beats of this song will add suspense and urgency in the mind of your listeners, which further help you to keep them captivated with your video. Get this fantastic music track from for free.
  • 5. Hip Hop Sport This innovative music track will pack your news intros with full of energy and vitality, which helps to set the lousy mood of your viewers. Get the tunes from the

Part 2. Top 5 Breaking News Intro Music

The Breaking News Intro Music provides a dramatic and intense look at your videos. With the breaking news track, you can capture the emotions and action of your listeners and encourage them to keep their interest engaged with the videos. This music track will help your audience to grasp the message which your video wants to convey. The amalgamation of video with audio helps your audience to comprehend the piece of information within a shorter period.

Top 5 Breaking News Intro Music

  1. 1. Moments of Truth This breaking news music track will reach out to your audience with its unique and positive vibes. Get this track from for free.
  2. 2. Breaking News theme This traditional chord will introduce power and arrest your audience's attention towards your videos. Download this music track for free from
  3. 3. World News Introduce this world news intros music in the background of your videos to spread useful information to your viewers. The rhythmic beats of this soundtrack will engross your audience towards your videos. Get this tune for free from
  4. 4. Elusive Time This memorable jingle will convey the political news or events to your viewers through its classic and vibrant beats. You can get the notes of this track from
  5. 5. Breaking News Tragedy This is the finest breaking new music track that suits the purpose of your video and instills suspense and jitteriness to your audience. Get this track from for free.

Part 3. 5 Royalty-Free News Introduction Music Recommended

Download these informative and unique news music tracks in the intros video while advertising your brand. These melodies are soft, simple and keep your readers informed regarding the present state of the world.

Royalty-free News Music Track

  • 1. News Countdown Get this news themed soundtrack from fesliyanstudioscom to enhance the productivity of your videos by indulging the audience's attention towards it.
  • 2. News Music Theme Outro This classic jingle provides a new outlook to your video with its cinematic and rock tunes. Get this strong yet innovative tune from for free.
  • 3. Epic News Indent The strains of this song will give you the touch of traditional news music that will enhance your video by adding to it. Download this music track from the link provided below:
  • 4. News 9 This royalty-free soundtrack captures the attention of your audience with its dramatic and elegant beats. Get this track from for free.
  • 5. Just Breaking Download this track from fesliyanstudioscom to give your video an intense look with slight suspense and positivity.

Part 4. Create News Intro Videos Online with Customized Music

Wondershare VidAir is an easy online video maker that helps you to create your intro videos in a minute. It provides creative templates that help you gain more audience and views for your videos and channels. You can use the abundant free picture and video resources it provides or uploads files from your local devices.

Steps to Create Intro Videos Easily Online

Step 1 Choose A Template

Click on the Create button on the head bar of Wondershare VidAir and choose a template which suits your intro videos. Click it to choose the desired aspect ratio, and click on the Use This Template button to continue.

choose intro template

Step 2 Customize Your Music to the Video

You will open a new page from where you can change text, image, video clips, and audio as your needs. Click on the Upload button to upload your downloaded local music.

customize new music to news intro

Step 3 Save and Export

Once you are done with the change, you can save your video by clicking the Save option. You can even preview your video and make changes according to your choice. Finally, click on the Export button to download the news intro video.

save new intro

Follow these simple steps to create your videos with this Wondershare VidAir without wasting your much time and effort.