Top 8 Online Video Maker in 2021

Want to know some of the free tools that are video maker online solutions? Then read the article below on the best free online video makers we have in store for you.

Making a video, although it isn't a complicated task at present with the application of various tools in terms of software, or online, creating an ordinary video is easy. But what about when it comes to business video or social media sharing? There rises the need for a perfect tool fulfilling your video requirements whatever it could be fun, crazy, or professional. Especially in critical circumstances where downloading software isn't possible, a free online video maker can significantly assist. But from the crowd of video makers online, finding the best choice maybe a little difficult but not anymore. Yes, from our today's article, your search could no longer exist!

Part 1. Best Online Video Maker to Create Videos with Creative Templates

As the first best video maker online, we have VidAir from Wondershare that easily creates incredible videos. Designed for the inspired, VidAir is the perfect tool suited to cover all your video needs, including video marketing. With plenty of in-built templates to choose from, it is a flexible video editor with advanced technology recommended highly for newbies and professionals.

With access to rich elements like stickers, text, custom uploading resources, music, and images, VidAir is the perfect platform to highlight your product or brand. To the social media freaks out there, especially interested in crafting bind-blowing videos for YouTube channel, or TikTok, VidAir has come up with a policy of “One video for multiple platforms” you can post videos on Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

How to create a video with VidAir?

Are you puzzled about how this excellent video maker online, VidAir, works? Please take a look at the below guide to know the complete process.

Step 1 Login, or sign-up to Try free

Enter the website, on the browser, tap on the “Create Video Now” option, or “Try Free,” followed by logging into your account.

VidAir account sign-up

To log in, all you need is a Wondershare ID or a WSID account. If not, you can click on the “Sign Up” option to create a new account.

Step 2 Choose a suitable template

From the top, choose the “Create” button that will let you switch to the “Templates” page.

You can access all the templates from the left corner panel and click on it to start the process.

VidAir template selection

Once decided, click on the “Use This Template” button to proceed.

VidAir coffee video template

Step 3 Customize the video

You can now start creating the video by adding up audio, text, and video by uploading the local files.

VidAir video creation phases

Beneath the template preview, you can find the editing area to perform the addition/deletion of media files as per your convenience.

To preview the video, click on the “Preview” button whereby on completion, you can go on with options like save, export from the right-top corner.

Video preview, save, and export in VidAir
Video preview, save, and export in VidAir

Part 2. Other Recommended Video Maker Free Online

Yes, it is not just VidAir, but there are other online video maker tools in which you could be interested. Please scroll down to know about it.

1 InVideo

Here is InVideo as our first free online video maker that helps you craft video in just 5 minutes, offering you to choose from thousands of stickers, text boxes, and images. Apart from the standard video add-ons, InVideo believes in bringing a bang experience through extensive audio functionality and graphics effects. A simple platform packed with a video library, power transitions, multiple layer or overlays, automated voice-over, intelligent frames, and multilingual videos, InVideo is an essential tool that is all you need for social marketing your business.



2 Canva

How about a free online video maker that comes along with an editor toolbox? Canva is a video maker editor online designed in such a way to be an answer for the above question that comes ready with the pre-made templates library. Not just one, but with thousands of templates, animated graphics, music tracks, and free stock videos, a more splendid video is a guarantee with Canva. With no prior design skills required, Canva is an online video maker without a watermark in downloaded videos, making it a reliable choice!



3 Biteable

Want to create a better video to cope up with your competitors? Your lunch break is almost enough for Biteable to do wonders where you could be one of the 7 million active users today of this video maker online. You are no longer behind your competitors when Biteable is here with a built-in library with 800000+ real-life stock footage, Animation from Biteable studio, surefire templates, content customization, easy personalization, and still a lot more. Start dazzling the world with Biteable today!



4 Moovly

Moovly is our next online video maker with which crafting promo videos, explainer, and tutorials are made easy. Like the above-discussed tools, Moovly has customizable templates that are readily usable. In usage and trusted by global leaders like Amadeus, Logitech, Continental, and Cisco, Moovly is the best online video maker that operates without an installation. In Moovly, all you have to do is, choose a template, drag-and-drop the images, sounds, and download the video when complete.



5 FlexiClip

FlexiClip video maker online is a great choice where it helps you in making a fantastic video for marketing or family stories in just minutes. With no software required, you can quickly upload and edit videos and photos for free with FlexiClip. With access to hundreds of video templates covering a wide range perfect for YouTube, Instagram, etc., you can level up the video with abundant animated elements with a store on FlexiClip. Tons of royalty-free videos, media, and photos of FlexiClip are the ones to be explored by you!



6 Clideo

Our next best free online video maker is here that is none other than Clideo. Being the popular video editor used in terms of reverse, merge, compress, resize, cut, slideshow, and still a lot more, surprisingly, Clideo is a useful online easy video maker. Yes, you can create a video with Clideo using photos, GIFs, music, and video in just three steps. The other features, convenient presets, format compatibility, device reliability, and security are the attractive ones.



7 RenderForest

It's not just the name, but RenderForest is a peculiar online video maker tool that is used by SalesForce, Bose, BBC, Vodafone, and still a lot more. Creating videos that impose an impact, RenderForest offers all the necessary tools that make your video creation effortlessly. It is an easy video maker online known for the limitless resources like stock video, music library, and a user-friendly editor toolbox. Templates behind, RenderForest comprises top video categories that are readymade!




Thus, with an introduction to varied best free online video editors like VidAir, InVideo, Kapwing, FlexiClip, and a lot more, our today's list of online video makers has come to an end. However, I hope that from now on, you do not put an end to your creativity as VidAir would be your best buddy with promising video makeovers!