Top 10 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas Make Your House More Attractive

How to set up your outdoor Christmas decorations?


The Christmas spirit is in the air. And it's only fair to bring the festivities outdoors too. Are you looking for unique outdoor Christmas decorations to adorn your house with this year? Don't fret. Let's transform your house into a magical Christmas fairytale

We have rounded some of the top 10 Christmas house decorations outside to set you and the whole neighborhood in the holiday mood

Part 1. Top 5 Christmas House Decorations Outside

Whether you're looking for Christmas wall hanging decorations or some classic outdoor Christmas tree decorations, we've got it covered. Here are some super easy and inexpensive ideas to kick up your Christmas decoration flair up a notch.

01 Hanging Santa

Santa is the star of the show and must not be left out of the outdoor Christmas decorations. And a Santa hanging from the roof will get the kids, as well as the adults, cracking up.

A festive ornament also bringing smiles to light up your Christmas spirit. What more could you want? Get little Santas from the Dollar Store or DIY and hang them from the roof or the windowsill for some holiday cheer.

Hanging Santa

02 Gifts

Gifts are not just for giving and taking, they can serve as perfect outdoor Christmas decorations too. Tinsel shaped like a gift, wrapped in gift paper added with a bow, offers a real Christmas touch to your porch. Wrap the gifts in fairy lights for some sparkling outdoor lighted Christmas decorations. It is easy as well as inexpensive and will be a warm welcome for your guests


03 Star Lanterns

What better way to give a welcoming look to your porch than hanging outdoor Christmas decorations? Beautiful star paper lanterns are the perfect magical touch to welcome guests. Get a bunch of star lanterns or DIY with some pretty lights to highlight the decor.

Outdoor lighted Christmas decorations steal all the attention, and you might want to grab this opportunity for some swoon-worthy ornaments to dress up your porch.

Star Lanterns

04 Lighthouse

Lights make everything better. If your house isn't yet covered with lights, now is the time to draw all attention to your house by wrapping it in lights.

Get a bunch of fairy lights and cover the porch, railings, and even the windows and trees in lights. It is as easy as plugging the switch on to witness outdoor lighted Christmas decorations lending a magical fairytale look to your house.


05 Lights and Garlands

Outdoor Christmas decorations are incomplete without some green spruce contrasted with colorful ornaments to spice up the décor.

Give your entranceway an enchanting and inviting vibe by adding outdoor lighted Christmas decorations. Hang a spruce garland and a classic spruce wreath with Christmas ornaments popping up from the décor. And if you don't want Santa missing out, add some lights for an extra magical look and guide Santa along the way. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a beautifully lit spruced up entryway.

Lights and Garlands

Part 2. Top 5 Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

01 Christmas Tree Decorations

Outdoor Christmas tree decorations don't have to be the traditional kind. Be a little more unique this year by going for stylish house decorations outside. Cover your yard's tree with vivid lights for a truly magical Christmas look. A yard full of trees adorned with twinkling lights will steal everyone's attention instantly. Go for colorful lightings or create a theme best complimenting your overall outdoor Christmas yard decorations.

Christmas Tree Decorations

02 Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Get some inflatable Christmas decorations to give your house an exciting holiday flair. Like this duo of the famous Sven and Olaf. A great way to add some color and magic to your outdoor Christmas decorations is adding some inflatable reindeers or even Santa. Cover them with lights to highlight the décor even in the dead of night. The neighborhood kids will be crushing over your outdoor lighted Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

03 Outdoor Reindeer Christmas Decorations

The iconic Christmas character reindeer must also be the star of the show. Get a LED reindeer or DIY using cardboard or wires. No matter what type of reindeer you go for, it will add a wonderfully merrier look to your outdoor Christmas yard decorations. A beautifully lit reindeer will be a cherry on top to all your ornaments. It will add an extra festive yet elegant vibe to your house.

Outdoor Reindeer Christmas Decorations

04 Outdoor Angel Christmas Decorations

Complete the outdoor Christmas decorations by adding beautiful angels. Get some life-size LED angels to adorn your house delightfully.

These lit angels will serve as a warm welcome even in the dead of winter. Angels and fairy lights, won't that be an extra magical sight? You can even DIY angels of any size, depending on the space you have left to decorate. Just sprinkle some fairy lights for an extra festive touch.

Outdoor Angel Christmas Decorations

05 Christmas Porch Railing Decorations

The entranceway should be as decorated as the rest of the house. These classical outdoor Christmas tree decorations cover the railing to give your home a traditionally chic look. Colorful Christmas ornaments adorning the snow-covered railings are the perfect touch. Adorable lighted reindeers give way to holiday cheer and provide a warm welcome to the guests. People will be stopping dead in their tracks to admire your effortlessly elegant entranceway

Christmas Porch Railing Decorations

Part 3. Make a Business Video for Your Exterior Christmas Decorations

Explore your creativity this Christmas and share it with the world. Since video marketing has taken over the media, you need to step up your game and showcase your outdoor Christmas decorations. Make a video featuring your outdoor lighted Christmas decorations or show your viewers a tutorial to dress up their houses with some swoon-worthy outdoor Christmas decorations that are easy to make or buy. Boost your sales this holiday season by capitalizing on your potential for being creatively unique. Don't worry if you're short on time. We have just the right solution to your worries.

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edit your christmas video

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Who says you have to stick to the traditional decorations year after year? Go extra festive and add some stunning lanterns for a warm welcome or just place inflatable Christmas characters as an interesting element to your outdoor Christmas decorations

Use outdoor lighted Christmas decorations for a glow that steals everyone's attention and brings all the holiday cheer home.

Happy Decorating!