Top 10 Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving outside decorations make your house warmer


The season of giving and being thankful is fast approaching, and it's high time to start working on outdoor Thanksgiving decorations.

If you are having trouble finding eye-catching Thanksgiving door decorations, we have just the décor for you. From cozy holiday vibes to a warm Thanksgiving ambiance all over the house, take your pick and beautifully transform your house this Thanksgiving.

Part 1. Top 10 Exterior Thanksgiving Decorations Images

Whether you want to go for a rustic traditional look complete with pumpkins, or unique Thanksgiving outside decorations full of seasonal blooms, we have a little of everything for you.

01 Elegant Warmth

The front of the house must be the most welcoming part of the holiday season. Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations provide a festive touch to your house even if your indoors isn't up to the mark yet.

Arrange leftover Halloween pumpkins artistically with a few candles to provide a warm look. Hanging fairy lights and a vase of dry corn stalks makes for perfect Thanksgiving house decorations.

Elegant Warmth

02 Personalized Wreath

A super-easy DIY wreath that is customized especially for Thanksgiving and mentioning your initials. Thanksgiving door decorations are the most important part since we always judge a book by its cover.

Use dried twigs to craft a wreath, add your name initial and finish the look with fall-themed ribbons and a beautiful dried flower (or flowers)

Personalized Wreath

03 Flower Haven

A great way to make your home welcoming is by setting beautifully striking Thanksgiving outside decorations. A cozy space to enjoy the holiday or give an inviting look.

Bring all the seasonal flowers from your yard to your porch. Set a swing covered with fairy lights. Throw in a bunch of pumpkins for a full Thanksgiving effect and Ta-da. Your Thanksgiving outdoor decorations will look like a page from a magazine.

Flower Haven

04 Leafy Welcome

Thanksgiving is marked by autumn leaves beautifying our surroundings. Thanksgiving door decorations using fall leaves are a great way to go since its essentially a no-cost décor, and secondly, it gives the perfect Thanksgiving welcome

Get the kids to collect a sack full of autumn leaves and craft a wreath to hang on the front door. If you want to make your entrance extra festive, add a leaf DIY garland framing the doorway. And the pumpkins are customary, so they are a must. Place the big ones in pairs or as a trio on both sides of the entrance and attach the tiny ones to the wreath. A thanksgiving-themed floor mat could be a cherry on top if you are very enthusiastic about Thanksgiving house decorations.

Leafy Welcome

05 Harvest Corner

A corner dedicated to yard decorations for Thanksgiving will make your house look truly swoon-worthy. It will also be a pleasure for eyes and beautiful touch to the house. All your guests are bound to be crushing over your decoration sense

A classic haystack with pumpkins and a few pots filled with fall colored flowers is all you need. Use your yard pots and potholders. For some added holiday vibe, DIY the pots by painting them to compliment the overall decoration.

Harvest Corner

06 Unique Fall Welcome

If you are the artsy one, let your creative juices flow and go for some out of the box outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Also, despite the rich holiday vibe that these décor showcases, they are incredibly easy and won't cost you much, if anything at all.

Get that rusting ladder out of the garage and position it at the perfect location on your porch or in the yard. Put your old baskets to use and fill them up with bright flowers to rest on the ladder. Fill the vases with dried grass, wild berries, and the likes. Also, add a bunch of dried corn stalks to give the ultimate Thanksgiving theme look. Lastly, place the customary pumpkins in any color you like.

Unique Fall Welcome

07 Simple and Stacky

If you are short on time and Thanksgiving ornaments, don't worry. Sometimes, simplicity is the best policy.

Get some haystacks or go for corn stalks. Create vertical bunches and tie them off with strings or a ribbon. Make them in different sizes and then position them as pillars warmly welcoming the guests to your Thanksgiving feast. Bring your traditional lamps outdoors and add some wild berries for a fall welcome. You can even add candy corn instead, but the kids might not let the décor stay like that for long. Add fall colored candles, and voila!

Simple and Stacky

8.Pumpkin Shop

08 Pumpkin Shop

Time to bring all your Halloween decorations in one place. Since Thanksgiving is the season of pumpkins, turkeys, autumn leaves, and everything ranging from brown to orange, we will compile all together.

Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations are easier to pull off, given the extra space to unleash our creativity. In this case, you can dedicate some space in your yard to collect and display (artistically) all the pumpkins you can find around the house. Add a few haystacks and bright flowers for a beautiful contrast. Finally, complete your Thanksgiving outside decorations by adding huge stacks of dried corn stalks. The scarecrow is optional, but in my expert opinion, it adds a creative touch.

Pumpkin Shop

09 Thanksgiving Tree

No, decorated trees aren't just limited to Christmas. Go a little unique this year by creating Thanksgiving tree decorations.

Get any tree or a big plant and add lots of fall leaves -- a few strands of wild berries here and there for a vividly striking contrast. Hang tiny faux pumpkins and pine cones. You can also add other Thanksgiving ornaments as long as their color is in the fall palette range

Thanksgiving Tree

10 DIY Thanksgiving Tree

If your house isn't blessed with real trees, worry not. You can just make your own Thanksgiving tree decorations. Everyone will soon be wishing to get one for their house as well.

Get some huge dried corn stalks and tie them together. Attach fall leaves and orange, red-colored flowers to make a bunch to tie around the stalks. Add a ribbon bow tie for a festive touch. Make sure the corn stalks soar high into the sky. Now set them vertically and widen their bases, so they stand like trees. Position as many corn stalk trees as you like.

DIY Thanksgiving Tree

Part 2. Make a Video about Your Decoration Business

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is looking for outdoor Thanksgiving decorations to make their houses uniquely beautiful. But, since most people aren't as artistically creative as they might like to be, they are always looking for some outside helps. Here comes your part, you can take this excellent opportunity to ride the holiday wave and boost your business.

Showcase your decorative flair and your artistic skills in creating Thanksgiving house decorations. Videos are the best way to market your business because of its wider reach and effectiveness.

The internet is swimming with business adverts, and you might need some extra help to stand out. To help with that, I suggest Wondershare VidAir.

Being an online video editor, it doesn't require any subscription or installation. Just log in and use the free holiday-themed templates. Add captions or filters or a cheerful song to make your video more attractive in four simple steps

Make a video for Thanksgiving business in simple 4 steps

Step 1 Create an Account

Open VidAir. Log in or Sign Up for free.

login vidair

Step 2 Choose Thanksgiving templates

Choose the desired template in the Categories Click Use This Template.

choose template

Step 3 Edit Your Video and Export

Upload your video and add caption or filters. Choose music from the Audio tab or upload your favorite song.

Once complete, press Export. Choose the resolution and press Export.

easy edit

Remember to kick up your outdoor Thanksgiving decorations up a notch. Nothing extravagant, just some unique Thanksgiving tree decorations might do the trick and turn your house into a fall-themed magazine cover.

Using our top pick of Thanksgiving outside decorations, you will not only be transforming your own house but will also be beautifying the whole neighborhood and soaking it in a festive vibe coming from your house.