How to Master Outstream Video Ads

Learning all tips about making out-stream video ads online.

Mainstream marketing has transformed itself into video marketing. The saturation of video marketing then led to the shift in focus towards outstream video ads. These outstream ads have become the new normal.

With the viewers bored by annoying pre-roll and mid-roll ads, innovation and creativity are deemed necessary. And the outstream video is the perfect solution to target the audience without much intrusion. Traditional marketing has revolutionized into this unique advertising strategy. So, strike while the iron is hot. Read ahead to learn all there is to know about outstream video ads.

Part 1. What is Outstream Video Ads?

Outstream video ads refer to any advertisements that are played outside and independent of a video player. They are not displayed while streaming other videos. Rather, outstream ads are just like native ads that can be seen merged with the page's content as if part of it. The word 'out-stream' itself suggests that the ads play outside the video content online.

Outstream and instream video ads

The outstream video ads differ from the instream ads in various aspects. Here are a few major differences between the two.

01 Ad Display Position

Where outstream ads play outside the video, instream ads are displayed while the viewers are watching a video online. The instream ads can be shown before the video(pre-roll), during the video(mid-roll), or after the video(post-roll). The outstream ads, in contrast, are shown on the website or content page, and its display position can vary depending on the kind of ad.

02 Intrusiveness Level

Since instream ads play in videos streamed by users and are usually unskippable, they hinder user experience and cause annoyance. On the other hand, users can easily scroll past the outstream video ads if they don't want to see them.

03 Ad Sound

The instream ads automatically appear with their sound on and cause disturbance to some viewers. While the outstream video, although autoplay too, but with the sound off. So, outstream video ads are muted by default

04 Video Player

The problem with instream ads is that they need a video player to function. Whereas outstream video ads can be displayed utilizing a simple code. Even if the video doesn't have a video player, outstream ads can still be displayed.

Part 2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outstream ads

Now you know what outstream ads are. But, the question is why should you use outstream video ads? Here is a list of a few major advantages of using outstream format.

1. Outstream video ads are not bound to be displayed only on pages with video content. This eliminates the need for the availability of video players.

2. The flexibility of outstream format also serves to widen the advertiser's reach. The brands can market their products on editorial pages too.

3. These ads play on mute by default causing minimum intrusion to the users.

4. The outstream format is not limited. They can be easily customized to the advertiser's preference.

5. Outstream ads receive higher engagement. Using outstream video ads is more reliable since the user engagement cannot be faked by bots. This reduces the chances of fraud.

6. The video only plays when it comes into view, and still, the users can choose to scroll past it without any issue.

7. No specific ad placement spaces are needed. The outstream ads can simply be placed anywhere on the site. Even in the corners.

However, the outstream format comes with its fair share of drawbacks.

1. Owing to the customizability freedom, outstream video ads can become very annoying if not used correctly, leading to user annoyance.

2. There is difficulty in offering outstream ads to advertisers.

3. Quantifying ROI or analyzing performance metrics is hard.

4. Outstream ads sometimes do not play well on mobile phones due to the low bandwidth connection.

Part 3. Outstream Video Ads Example Stimulate Your Creative

Just like the vastness of digital marketing, outstream format is also not limited to a simple type of ad. Instead, there are a variety of outstream video types that can be used depending upon the site and type of content being advertised. Below, I have listed the 3 main types.

01 In-Feed Outstream Video Ads

In-feed or in-read outstream video ads are often commonly known as native ads. These ads have the advantage of perfectly merging with the website's content. This makes the ads seem like a part of the site. By blending completely with the website's content, it ironically becomes hard to miss. This kind of ad can be used to introduce offers and deals or provide infotainment.

The point for you to note is that by utilizing in-feed outstream video ads, you can greatly enhance your chances of making your presence known. This type of ad can be placed in any part of the website surrounded by text or other media, making it visible. And since it isn't intrusive, viewers are more likely to watch it.

In-Feed Outstream Video Ads

02 Slider Onstream Video Ads

A very engaging and innovative type of outstream video ads example is the slider ads. As the name suggests, these ads slide into view from the corner of the page. They are not fixed on the page like in-feed ads. These dynamic outstream ads instantly draw attention to the video after coming into view. And because these ads are displayed in small box players in a corner, they don't hinder the user from browsing through the page.

Even though slider outstream ads are not intrusive, they can cause hindrance if not displayed correctly. If the ads cover any portion of the text a user is trying to access, it will reduce engagement. So, make sure the ads slide into view without covering up primary content.

Slider outstream video ads

03 Overlay Outstream Video Ads

As an alternative to the intrusive pre-roll ads, overlay ads serve well. These ads autoplay just before you start streaming. But, overlay ads aren't a part of the video player and so, easily installable. Unlike the pre-roll ads, overlay ads are fully customizable, allowing greater flexibility in designing the ads. Apart from that, users can also opt to skip the ad by tapping the Close icon.

By using overlay outstream video, you can get all the pre-roll ad benefits minus the drawbacks. With a skipping option available, users are more likely to watch the ad without being annoyed. The customization freedom is also a great opportunity for you to take advantage of and craft ads creatively.

Overlay outstream video ads

Part 4. Make Your Outstream Video Ads Online

To scale your business, you must expand your marketing strategies to integrate outstream video ads. But, with a huge number of ads already crowding the pages, your outstream ads must be unique enough to grab attention. Don't have the necessary editing experience to create stunning outstream ads? Worry not; Wondershare VidAir is the answer to your worries.

VidAir is an online video maker and editor by Wondershare. The user-friendly interface offers a very powerful yet simple way to make outstream video ads. To make the process easier, VidAir features a variety of one-tap templates for multiple themes and occasions. The already stylish templates can also be further customized according to user preferences. The Text tab has various trendy captions for catching viewer attention with flashy messages. If you want to add some background music, you can choose music from VidAir's built-in library. VidAir also enables easy upload of user's own music.

Furthermore, stickers can be added and customized for a creative outlook. The easy to use editing tools make VidAir a very handy and professional tool. After editing, the videos can be quickly exported in high-quality.

Step 1 Choose An Outstream Ads Template

Open VidAir on your browser and Log In. If you don't have an account, Sign Up for free. After you log in, choose a template from the Categories tab. Click on the template you like and select an appropriate aspect ratio. Tap on Use This Template.

Open VidAir and select template

Step 2 Edit And Enhance Outstream Video Ads

On the operation page, there are multiple editing tools allowing complete customization of your outstream video. Choose a stylish caption from the Text tab and make your message clear to the audience. Add an upbeat or trendy song from the Audio tab. Decorate your videos with stickers.

Edit outstream video

Step 3 Save And Export Outstream Video Ads

Once you finish customizing, you can quickly export the outstream video without any quality loss. Click on the Export tab in the top right corner of the page. Tick the resolution and watermark option as per your choice and click on Export again.

Export outstream video

Finally, you know the outstream video definition. It is an exciting time to use outstream video ads to boost brand awareness and sales. And with outstream video rapidly gaining a foothold, it is better to make the most of it and quick.

With the help of an amazing video maker like VidAir, your quest to conquer and create the best outstream video will be rendered easier. So, don't waste time anymore and get creating your own outstream video ads.