Two Methods of How to Make a Movie from Photos

The two methods of creating movies from photos -- google photos or the easier online movie maker.

One of the most engaging and trending ways of sharing your memories or marketing your products is to create a movie from photos using a movie maker. And that is why you need our help on how to make a movie from photos.

We all use Google, but did you know that Google Photos also offers a feature to help you to create a movie from photos without any hassle or much effort. If you don't know that this feature exists or you're worried about how to make a movie with Google Photos, don't fret, we have got you covered.

In this article, apart from elaborately explaining the steps on how to make a movie from photos, we will also introduce other powerful software to create movie from photos.

Part 1. How to Make a Movie on Google Photos

Here we will explain the process on how to make a movie from photos in just 6 simple steps.

01 Launch Google Photos

First, on your PC or smartphone, open Google Photos and Sign In. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

launch google photo

02 Choose Create Movie Option

Now, click on the Library tab and tap on Utilities.

library tab

Then scroll down and in the Create New tab, click on the Movie option

movie option

03 Choose a Method to Create Movie from Photos

Method A: Use A Photos Template

Google Photos offers a variety of themed templates dedicated to different purposes. From a movie template for your pets to your significant other, Google has it all.

use photo template

Click on the type of movie you want to create and click on Get Started. For instance, you select the Meow Movie template; you will then have to choose an album containing photos of your pets. After that, Google Photos will then automatically create the video and notify when it is completed.

select your template

The downside of using an auto-creation template is that you cannot customize the settings or change any parameter, but it's still a great and quick way to create movie from Photos if you're in a hurry

Note: You will need to have enough photos for that specific category for the movie to be successfully created

Method B: Start from Scratch

If you want to personalize and edit your movie, you should start making a movie from scratch. Click on the New Movie option

04 Select Media to Create Movie from Photos

Once you click on the New Movie tab, all your photos and videos will be displayed. You can click on the small circles to tick the media you want to use in the movie. There is a maximum limit of 50 photos/videos per movie, but that serves to be just enough. After selecting the media, click on Create to proceed

select materials

It will take a few moments to download the media and create movie from photos that you can edit to personalize.

add materials

05 Edit Your Movie

1. Adjust Speed and Duration

Drag to increase or decrease the bar length that will change the duration of every photo in the movie. Click on every photo to adjust the duration for each one separately.

adjust duration

2. Rearrange or Duplicate

Hold and drag the media from one position to the next to rearrange. If you want to copy the images, click on the three dots to Insert Clip, Duplicate or Remove a clip.

rearrange or duplicate

3. Add More Media

If in the middle of the movie-making process you want to add more photos or videos, scroll down to the end of the clips and click on the plus icon for Add photos and videos.

add photos and videos

4. Add A Background Music

To add some music and liven up the movie, click on the music note. If you want to upload a song from your own playlist, click on My Music to access the songs on your device. Click the song to add background audio to your movie.

background music

Click on the Theme music to access the huge, free music library by Google Photos. The music is categorized as Reflective, Upbeat, Electronic, etc. Click on the desired song to add to the movie.

select your music

06 Save and Download Your Movie

Once you have made all the edits and personalized the video to your liking, click Save.

In the library, click on the newly created video and swipe up for more options. You can then Download the video to your camera roll for offline viewing or for sharing on social media platforms.

save movie

Now you know how to easily make a movie on Google Photos in a few steps.

Part 2. How to Make a Movie with Pictures

Despite the ease and convenience to create movies from photos on Google, it is known to have very limited editing features that hinder your creativity and flexibility in editing. Now, you must be wondering how to make a movie from photos that is both easy and impressive at the same time. I have just the right editor to help you create movie from photos that are stunning and quick to edit. And that is VidAir. Now, for those of you wondering what VidAir is, let me get into a little more detail and steps on how to make a movie from photos.

Wondershare VidAir is an online professional movie maker and editor. It has a highly intuitive interface that is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. The various editing tools are an attraction for professional movie makers too. For ease of novice editors, VidAir offers a free and massive template library for every occasion and theme. Along with offering a rich library of free music for every genre or mood, it has a variety of caption styles to make your video visually appealing. In the end, the output is an impressive high-quality video that can be quickly exported as an uncompressed video. The various aspect ratios further ease the process of direct upload to different social media sites.

You can create movie from photos in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Launch VidAir and Choose Template

Open VidAir on your browser. Login or SignUp for free. Now, you will see an extensive range of templates for various occasions. Choose the template you like and select the desired aspect ratio. Then, click on UseThisTemplate.

launch vidair

Step 2 Create Movie from Photos and Edit

In this window, you can now upload your media, whether photos or videos or even audio. There is no limit on the number of images you upload. You can then add eye-catching captions from the Text tab and customize them by changing the font style, size, color, or position. The Audio tab allows you to add background music with a single click.

easy edit

Step 3 Export and Save Your Movie

Once you create movie from photos and make all the necessary edits to personalize your video, click on Export in the top right corner. Then select the watermark and resolution option and click Export again.

export and save


The bottom line is that the secret is out and up for grabs. Even novice moviemakers can now create movie from photos using the in-built movie maker. It is free and safe to use with as easy a user-friendly interface as it comes. What more could you want?

And if you previously didn't know how to make a movie from photos, you must have mastered it by now

In case you decide to try a more powerful and professional editor to create movie from photos, give VidAir by Wondershare a spin for some stunning videos in a few taps

Go on and create movie from photos to wow your audience. Good luck!

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