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Wouldn’t you want to be one of the Pinterest marketers and reach 250M+ people on a single platform? Are you interested to know more about Pinterest social media marketing? Please scroll down to find.

You may need an image, information and thus surf to get details of a particular product. If you notice, Pinterest comes first on the search results, and you will agree to this fact. Loaded with millions of images of different genres like cosmetic products, real-estate pics, furniture, decors, funny & crazy images, and still a lot more, you can nearly spend hours browsing to find the required one on Pinterest.

While these are just a few reasons to consider marketing via Pinterest, it works out well for business, especially digital marketing. Pinterest allows both personal and business accounts. However, Pinterest marketing partners made the business account a little more special with access to the visual search tool, Pinterest analytics, native video player, and Pinterest ads, making Pinterest digital marketing a reliable one. In today’s article, let’s look through some of the Pinterest social media marketing strategies that help in reaching your audience effectively.

Part 1. What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are apparent when it comes to the term called – Social Media Marketing, agreed? It’s just because the daily users of such networks are high, making these platforms the most sought after by all online marketers. But, if you want something different, think out of the box, and look for other underrated social media networks. You will indeed find out how engaging Pinterest influencer marketing is.

01 Pinterest Marketing

To spark and drive awareness towards your business, you can use Pinterest as a tool for marketing with its new name, “Pinterest Marketing.” If you are a blogger or belong to any business and look to increase your audience with this visual platform, Pinterest Marketing has a lot to help you. Driving organic traffic towards your shopping or official website, Pinterest helps bring your brand or business towards audience notice.

pinterest marketing

Considered a visual search engine, Pinterest stands fifth on social media platforms with 700 million visitors/month. If you compare Pinterest marketing 2019 and 2020, the 2020 results are pretty high, with 322M Pinterest profiles with a high engagement rate, making Pinterest visually appealing for business.

Pinterest for Business: Unique Features
  • ♡ Pins, Pinner, RePins, Promoted Pins, Rich pins, Shop the Look Pins.
  • ♡ Boards, Group Boards, Secret Boards, Protected Boards.
  • ♡ Save button, and Audience Insights.
  • ♡ Pinterest Lens, and Pincodes.

02 How does Pinterest Marketing work?

Like other social media platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest allows you to share visual content, but the difference comes in Pins. In contrast, only links are permitted or used in the Instagram Bio section or ad that doesn’t drive organic traffic to the website.

Focusing more on inspiration and research, you can use Pinterest to bookmark articles, blogs, save products or ideas through Pins you wish to revisit.

Part 2. Top 6 Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Before stepping ahead with Pinterest social media marketing, you need to follow specific tips or tactics to get more traffic. Listed are the top 6 strategies to put in practice with Pinterest.

01 Build a Business Profile

The first and foremost factor in marketing via Pinterest is to build trust regarding your brand.

Specific Suggestions That Could Help You:
  • ♡ Use a cover board.
  • ♡ Customize your showcase board that appears on the bio.
  • ♡ Choose a perfect profile picture and update your biography.
  • ♡ Verify details (website, business type), and establish your board.
build a business profile

02 Become Influencers on Pinterest

Another way to leverage marketing in Pinterest is by becoming an influencer that builds your brand authority in turn.

  • ♡ Built trust and strengthen the relationship with your audience.
  • ♡ Impose customer loyalty that would result in constant sales.
  • ♡ Get satisfied customers, referrals, testimonials, and prospects.
become influencers on pinterest

03 Captivate with Your Content

While there are countless images, blogs, posts, videos, and products, no doubt, visuals speak more on your behalf on Pinterest.

To make a good pin, you should concentrate on some of the factors given below:
  • ♡ Better storytelling to show your brand alive or inaction.
  • ♡ Make your brand tasteful by adding a logo or business name.
  • ♡ Add headline or text overlay to reinforce your content.
  • ♡ Entice and encourage the audience to know more with description copy.
captivate with your content

04 Make Shoppable Pins or Be Discoverable

Like you search on Google, searching on Pinterest is easy as well hence, creating boards with the right keyword related to your topic is essential. Before starting, based on your target audience, you can list the relevant keywords on an excel or spreadsheet and focus on Pinterest SEO. You can place them on your profile, pins, and boards. Another way to be discoverable is by using the “Shop the Look pins” and “Shop Tab” introduced especially for business profiles.

make shoppable pins

05 Connect with Other Social Media Networks

Ever tried Etsy Pinterest marketing? By implementing this tip, you can track analytics and ensure that your pins or posts of business get attributed through those networks. Importantly, you can reach your target audience effectively!

connect with other social media networks

06 Run Pinterest Ads

Ads, without a doubt, are the best short duration story revealers that are unique in the case of Pinterest. If you opt for Pinterest ads, you will get the keyword targeting tool that helps reach your target audience through interests, age, demographics, and location.

pinterest ads

Part 3. Recommend Online Video Marketing Tool

“Is video allowed to be pinned in marketing via Pinterest?”

Yes, of course, you can link an image, video, or text as a Pin on Pinterest. Once you have decided to get into Pinterest influencer marketing, it is mandatory to fix what sort of content is to publish on Pinterest. As discussed above, Pinterest is a visual platform well-suited to showcase images and videos of your product or concept. But, if it is a video, how to find out the reliable Pinterest marketing software?

Why opt for pricey software when VidAir from Wondershare is here. Yes, rather than time-consuming software installations, VidAir is preferable for being an online tool. With a manageable project inbox accessible through Wondershare ID, you can start from scratch or start with the template selection from the pre-defined ones. With customizable creative templates for your business or channel, you can create and edit your video flexibly with VidAir in just seconds. You can also upload videos, images, and music from your device or local disk into the workspace.

Key Features
  • ♡ Expand your influence, business, brand, or market with countless theme-based templates.
  • ♡ Adjust aspect ratio for videos for different social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • ♡ Flexible video editor with add text, effects, stickers, output preview, crop shape, etc.
  • ♡ Royalty-free resources like abundant free videos, images, music, and local upload.
  • ♡ VidAir is simple, easy-to-use with an intuitive interface, accessible, and online video creator/editor platform.


Rather than becoming a commoner, stand unique in the crowd by becoming a Pinterest marketer, which isn’t difficult. I hope you would by now realize that Pinterest social media marketing is a good-to-go option for your business. Especially with Wondershare Vidair, an all-in-one social media companion, your search for Pinterest marketing software has now come to an end, too, I believe. Thus, use the tactics discussed in our today’s article and get ready to dive into the world of Pinterest influencer marketing for your bright business career tomorrow!

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