Top 10 Useful Adobe Premiere Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Edit videos in Adobe Premiere easily with these useful tips.

Do you want to edit your videos while using Adobe Premiere? Do you think that your videos lack charm and elegance, and you want to trim them? If you are a beginner and you don’t know how to make changes in your videos while using the Adobe Premiere tool? Don’t Worry! In this article, I am going to talk about the useful Adobe Premiere Pro tips and tricks to make your videos innovative and meaningful. To capture your viewer’s attention towards your videos, make your videos quirky and unique by following the tips and tricks mentioned in the article.

Part 1. 10 Useful Editing Tips for Premiere Pro

To make your videos outstanding and distinctive for your viewers, follow these given premiere pro tips, which will help you to instantly edit your videos without facing an issue as a beginner.

01 Generate Ripple Sequence Markers

Sequence Markers help you to navigate your work easily. You can enable sequence markers for your videos by simply pressing the M key of your keyboard. With the help of Sequence Markers, you can make a list of changes you want to make in your videos by giving them the name, content, and duration of the markers. By enabling Sequence Markers in your videos, you can easily shift the clips on the timeline to match them with their positions. You can even flag sections of the sequence to be previewed later and to check whether you have marked the right content or not. The Sequence Markers effectively organized your videos for editing. This is considered to be one of the main tips for Premiere Pro.

02 Make use of Proxies in your video

While editing your video, make sure you create proxies which are other useful tips for premiere pro. Proxies help you to squeeze out better performance from your videos. In Premiere Pro, Proxies provides you with the different sets of files for editing and the final render. Proxies reduce the footage quality for the time being. In the final rendering of your videos, you can notice the same quality of your footage. To use Proxies for your videos, you need to simply right-click on your video, and use the option of Proxy. After pressing on the option of Proxy, click on “Create Proxy Option” and choose the file format and the location of your proxy. If you created a video in a quality that is not supported by your system, you can work with the reduced quality with the help of Proxy which gets shifted in the final rendering of your videos.

03 Make use of Adjustment Layers

To make track of editings and changes made during the Video Editing Process, Adjustment Layers can be a good option. To make multiple edits in the clips of your videos, adjustment layers allow you to do it at once. It provides cinematic feels to your videos and boosts the quality of your videos. Give the professional look to your videos while using the option of adjustment layers. To use adjustment layers in your videos, follow these steps: Go to Project Manager>File> New> Adjustment Layer. Save your video and drag the adjustment layer at the top of your footage where you want to apply it.

04 Add shortcuts to your videos

To edit your videos rapidly without facing any issue, you can use shortcuts by practicing and learning certain keys of your keyword. The shortcut keys will help you while selecting the audio and video clips while duplicating the clips or while arranging or dragging the clips from one place to another. For instance, you can use keys Q and W which are used as Ripple trim for editing in the starting and end of the clip.

05 Sync Audio with your videos

To sync audio with every clip of your videos is quite a time-consuming process. With the help of the Synchronization option, you can shift both your audio and video in the timeline which allows you to select both. To use Synchronization, follow the given steps: Right-click on your video> select synchronize> Pop-up window will appear on your screen> you can select the audio button to sync the tracks. Once you press the sync option, your tracks will sync. Make sure you are recording onboard audio before you record.

06 Apply Ripple Edit to your videos

One of the most important Adobe Premiere editing tips is to use the Ripple Edit tool for your videos. The tool helps you to trim your clips and fills the gaps automatically. The tool saves you time because when we edit the video, we need to cut, delete, and then shuffle the clip to fill the gap between them. With the help of the Ripple Edit Tool, you can easily drag your clips to expand or reduce. It will automatically bring the other clip to fill the gap between them. If you want to chop one second off from the starting or end of the clip which is already on your timeline then Ripple Edit is the good option for it.

07 Place In and Out Points

The Premiere Pro allows you to set in and out points for your videos which is one of the useful adobe premiere pro tips. Without following the traditional steps of import and trimming starting and ending points to have final in and out of your video. You can follow the easier shortcut which is while previewing your video in your Source Monitor, you can easily mark in and out points which will simply tell your premiere where to start and end your clip. These Ins and Outs saves a lot of your time as Premiere automatically swaps your clips based on In/Out points.

08 Make use of Ease In and Ease Out

If you are making a video for branding and want to show the logo of a certain brand in your video, you can use the option of ease in and ease out to place the logo on the clip. To have a smoother transition in your videos, make use of ease in and ease out. To use this option, right-click on your video, press “ KeyFrame Option”. After pressing this option, click on “Temporary Interpolation” and then finally click on the ease in and ease out option.

09 Make use of the AE option

If you want to add quick After effects in your video clips but don’t wish to go through the conventional method then you can add after-effects to your videos easily by following these certain steps: Right-click on your video and select the option of “ Replace With After Effects Composition”. This option helps you to open the clip directly and add effects and title to it.

10 Junk out the Empty Tracks

Another useful video editing tip Premiere Pro is that you can clear out the empty tracks from your videos. Sometimes you do multiple edits in your video but some of them are of no use. To remove all those edits, You can simply click on the track header and click on Delete Tracks. The Dialog box appears on the screen and you can individually delete all the tracks which you don’t want to use.

Part 2. Easy Online Video Editor for Beginners

Wondershare VidAir is an easy online video editor tool that helps you to create your videos in a minute. This tool helps you to increase revenues for your video by creating video ads on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Tik-Tok, etc, and to increase traffic on your website. Boost your sales and increase the productivity of your business by using Wondershare VidAir.

Create videos with Editable Templates Online

Step 1 Choose A Template to Start

Visit VidAir website and click on the Templates button on the navigation bar to open the templates page. From where you can select your desired template. Choose an aspect ratio and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose a template to make videos

Step 2 Edit Video Online with Premiere Alternative

From the open-up editor window, you can edit text, stickers, background music, and free footage. Preview your video to check the details.

edit videos online

Step 3 Export and Share Video

After you have saved your final changes, click on the Export option to export your video and share it on your social media platforms.

download and share video online

Follow the given editing tips premiere pro and create your video easily with Wondershare VidAir by adding necessary filters and changes to it.