New Product Launch Marketing Plan Examples for Marketers

How Do You Launch a New Product in a Marketing Plan?

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Let us learn and get to know our best product launch plan templates with expert tips on new product launch marketing plan examples.

“How do you launch a new product in a marketing plan?”

Whether you're a start-up or an established organization looking to launch its new product, it's not an easy task until you get to know certain loopholes and strategies. It's a whole process right from the product execution to its marketing and sales you need to understand carefully.

We'll discuss more of such successful strategies in the following sections beginning with product launch plan template examples. So, let's start without further ado!

Part 1. Make a Marketing Video Easily Online for your New Product

Make a Marketing Video Easily Online for your New Product

01 Product Launch Plan Template by HubSpot

It is a template that you can download for free after providing specific company info. This template is primarily available in both PDF and Excel workbooks.

First of all, you need to write for the positioning statement. Here, you need to include the details of the company and the product. Furthermore, it offers an entire overview of market analysis describing the specific field in which the company operates. It also helps you find the target audience quite easily.

product launch plan template excel free Hubspot

02 Product Launch Plan Template by Teamwork

Try this Teamwork’s product launch plan example if you’re deciding to launch a new product. It helps you track everything right from the beginning market research to development phases and creating a marketing strategy. It makes sure that you don't miss any updates with regards to the marketing launch plan template.

product launch plan template free

03 Pharmaceutical Products Launch Plan Template

It is a specific template available in PDF format. This template generally defines how a drug gets introduced from research, trial, and approval until the marketing strategy. So, it is a perfect example of a new product launch plan template whenever you're introducing a new drug in the pharmaceutical industry.

pharmaceutical product launch plan template

04 SaaS Product Launch Plan Template

It is essential to have a product launch strategy if you want to launch a better software product. This pre-launch marketing plan template helps both you and your team finalize the efficient product while considering its best features.

saas product launch plan template

05 Product Launch Plan Presentation Template

It is a product launch plan template PPT free with the availability of free Google Slides as well. It's an incredible design presentation with many marketing ideas to let the users be as excited as possible while viewing the product plan.

Furthermore, it's a 100% editable template with a total of 28 slides. There's also extra information about colors, fonts, and credits of free resources.

product launch plan presentation template

Part 2. Strategies for New Product Launch Plan

A new product launch marketing plan is super essential if you want an overall enhancement in the brand reputation.

Given below are some of the best pre-launch strategies you need to try out now!
  • ✔ First is the creation of lead magnets via email list. Launch your new product through the list of email subscribers.
  • ✔ Use content marketing to increase the website's traffic.
  • ✔ Identify various social media influencers for effective team collaboration.
  • ✔ Try to gain real-time followers across your different social media channels.
  • ✔ Host webinars, live events, and give access to discount coupons.

Now, let's study the steps required to implement new product launch marketing plan templates as follows.

01 Identify pain points of consumers

A marketing strategy without identifying the consumers' pain points is almost impossible. There are various ways by which you can target the pain points, including the surveys and analyzing the overall social media presence and your brand's performance.

02 Analyze the competition

Here, it would help if you ascertained the gap based on certain factors between you and your competitors. It helps you find both their weaknesses and strengths efficiently; upon which you can readily work to gain momentum. For reference, you can prepare a list of their targeted keywords, social media analytics, and kind of website content they're posting, and so on.

03 Create USP

Your ability to present a unique selling proposition should be on four key elements, including the competitor's offerings, consumer's needs, distinctive merits of your product, and brand's promise.

04 Beta Testing

Beta Testing is one of the crucial steps in a new product launch. The step ensures the removal of any bugs or issues present in your product before its launching. Thus, you can either go for closed beta testing, where access is only to a limited number of users, or open beta testing, where almost every user can test the product.

05 Product Launch

Now, it's high time to launch the product after collecting feedback from the step mentioned above of beta testing.

06 Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

It is the strategy that comes into use to grab the attention of today's audience. It is catered in a way to touch the viewpoint of every consumer. You can include various channels such as billboards, newspapers, PPC marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, etc.

07 Success Prediction

There isn't a successful business without prediction analysis. Nowadays, it becomes even accessible with the tools such as artificial intelligence and predictive analysis. Overall, it's beneficial to know whether a particular project or marketing strategy will give you ROI.

08 Collect Feedback

Feedback is the last yet very crucial step in each stage of the customer journey. However, there should be a proper mechanism to collect feedback both in offline and online ways. Additionally, you can use the power of different innovative tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Part 3. Make a Marketing Video Easily Online for your New Product

Want to unleash your creativity?

Stay tuned to this part if the answer is 'Yes. It's good that you consider product launch plan templates where you only need a little editing as per your needs.

One of the specialized software we'd like to recommend is VidAir by Wondershare. It's an AI-powered video editor recently launched by the company to handle the mass needs of quick video creation by young creators.

Key Features of VidAir
  • ✔ Online software presence
  • ✔ Lots of inbuilt video editing templates
  • ✔ Stickers and Text Effects
  • ✔ Royalty-free media resources
  • ✔ Direct share on various social media platforms
  • You can try it directly from the Guide page.

Steps to create product launch plan template via Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up VidAir

Visit the official website and click the Sign-Up button to create an account.

sign up wondershare vidair

Step 2 Choose Template

Select a template that suits your project among the list of the template provided. Hit the Use this Template button after you finish.

select template vidair

Step 3 Edit and Download

Start editing the template as it is to speed up the process. Use different tools like Text, Video, Audio, Stickers, and so on.

edit template vidair


Thus, this was all you need to know about the new product launch marketing plan examples. We've discussed each of their aspects, including the successful strategies, critical stages of new product launch, best examples of product launch plan templates, their implementation, and an introduction to easy online video maker to keep your pace with the marketing video content.

Always remember that a new product launch without any prior planning may not prove successful in the long run, no matter how much effective it looks in the beginning. And, same is the case with considering high-end marketing tactics, especially video content.