How to Make Product Videos for Marketing

A Powerful Way To Help You Create Product Video Marketing

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This article will help you create product video marketing that pulls in customers and is a powerful way to convey and develop your product's awareness.

There is no exact way to make a product video. Contingent upon your medium and means, consumers have different desires on what they need to see. They also have other requirements depending on how they settle on their buying choices. However, their many things common to all the best product videos for marketing out there. They recount a story, they are short, and they are human. This feature will look at 5 product video marketing examples that are on the spot. When it comes to making product videos, pick the best product video marketing maker with the best features and usefulness to create your product videos, and grow your business.

Part 1. Easy Online Product Marketing Video Maker

When it comes to product video marketing, use the online video editor and maker from Wondershare VidAir. You can execute the best product marketing videos to make dazzling videos utilizing one of VidAir's formats. Add eye-catching subtitles, text styles, or transfer and add audio files to your videos.

The old methods and product video marketing tools are currently ineffectual, which is the reason you should go for an innovative product marketing video maker. Therefore, build, manage, and scale your brand or business; with essentials, you can get up and running in less time, with less cost, like through the use of VidAir.

Part 1. Easy Online Product Marketing Video Maker

Section 1—— How to Make Product Marketing Videos

  • Step 1 Login and Choose Template

  • To utilize Wondershare VidAir video creator, you need to sign in with Wondershare ID firstly. Tap on the “LOG IN” option if you have a WSID account. Then proceed to "LOG IN".
  • VidAir Log In.
  • After you have signed in to VidAir, click on the “Create Button” on the top of the site, and you'll go to the formats page.

  • Start Creating Video.
  • You will find different templates on this page; you can locate the ideal video template by category or search using a keyword.
  • You can preview the template by moving the mouse on it. Click it to expand more options and pick an aspect ratio, whether Wide (16:9), Vertical (9:16), Square (1:1). Then click on "USE THIS TEMPLATE" button to begin making a video.
  • Select Template
  • Step 2 Edit the video

  • You can preview the template by moving the mouse on it. Click it to expand more options and pick an aspect ratio, whether Wide (16:9), Vertical (9:16), Square (1:1). Then click on "USE THIS TEMPLATE" button to begin making a video.
  • Edit Video.
  • Step 3 Preview and Export.

  • On the top right corner is the "Save Button." Click it to save your creations to "My Projects," which can open by tapping on your avatar. Once all the changes are complete, save your video, and click on the "Export Button" to export to for use.

  • Save and Export.

Section 2—— 5 Best Product Marketing Videos in 2020

01 Divenemic by Aiia

It is a genuine water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with an adaptable mount. Super-versatile speaker for any undertakings, it has an in-built mic and its one-of-a-kind flexible tail mount intended to be universal in any circumstance. It can easily fix on a bike, shower head, or a backpack. The product video marketing shows Aiia's Divenemic most stunning highlights and features in the most charming way.

02 Man Crates

The voice alone is engaging. However, that isn't the reason this product video marketing is one of the best. This video grandstands both the brand spirit, what a purchaser can hope to get in the crate, and from the on-sight. It does this in less than 30 seconds.

03 Pivlock

The Smith Pivlock V2s brings together powerful lenses with a frameless design that gives plenty of advantages for peripheral vision, making them unmistakably appropriate for cycling and different games. The PivLock V2 Elite can absorb a profound impact. It is a very lightweight, frameless defensive eyeshield that increments up-vision and keeps you on track. The PivLock V2 Elite features a three-position, movable nose-piece and performance-proven interchangeable lenses.

04 Native Union

Product video marketing inventiveness incorporated here is probably the best, thanks to Apple's incredible advertising. This video will show you where Apple might have utilized somewhat more innovation.

Native Union tells a delightful story of ease-of-use for present-day innovation customers. The light in this video is unpretentious and clear. The home helps watchers to remember their own, or of the one they want. This video addresses both need and want – pushing watchers closer to conversions.

05 Sonos

Sonos is a definitive home sound system: a WiFi-enabled wireless network that fills your entire home with unadulterated, vivid sound, room by room. Play any tune, digital broadcast, book recording, or radio broadcast, and improve your TV and film insight. Move music around your entire home. It fills your home with music by consolidating incredible sound and uncanny wireless performance in an elegant system that is anything but difficult to set up, control, and expand. The product video marketing depicts how Sonos elevates the sound experience of your home.

Part 2. What If You Want To Make Product Videos For Marketing

With the above product video marketing models, it's apparent that organizations, brands, and businesses are quickly incorporating videos in their advertising efforts. If you want to make product videos for marketing, a decent start is to build up a brief tone and style for your videos. You are encouraged to be different and unique while you make your product videos. When it comes to creating the video, remember you will also need a video maker and editor. That is where most people go wrong, purchasing costly products or hiring some expertise to help you out. These, at times, don't bring out the desired outcome, and it would thus be best to do it on your own. To create the videos by yourself, you can use Wondershare VidAir, which is free and offers you high-quality video creations.

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