Top 10 Effective Promo Video Templates & Makers

Find Some Useful Tools to Spice Up Your Marketing in 2021

Promo videos have proven enough effective to foster your brand sales and messages among the targeted audience.

Short promo video templates nourish your brands' image as well as your brand messages. However, the one who doesn't know how to use promo video templates and what to do with them must be missing a big opportunity to get fruitful results.

If you are the one among them, then don't bother, in this article, you will learn about it and thankfully there are many promo video templates free download available to use.

Top 10 Effective Promo Video Templates & Makers

There are innumerable promo video templates and makers are available over the internet. This makes users in a dilemma opt for the best one.

Promo Video Templates

01 Simple Promo

Simplicity is the best part. It conveys status and a strong brand image. As we all know big brands prefer simplicity over complex things. Simple promos are free promo videos that incorporated engaging graphic transitions and revealing logos and imagery. This is recommended when you are targeting a high level of audiences in Social Media marketing.

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple promos are the best to convey your messages Lack of advanced graphics
Takes less time to create Content must be creative otherwise results won't be as expected
Even amateur can make it Can't target every type of audience

02 Style Promo

Lifestyle brands launching new products need fashion promo video templates to make their promo videos unique and remarkable. These templates are enriched with graphics, pictures, shapes, music, and content portraying all about fashion creating a buzz amid customers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Promote new fashion products much faster As it is short to describe the product in detail
Allure and persuade new customers to make a purchase Could be expensive as high-quality pictures and content needed
Build strong brand image Time-consuming process

03 Slideshow Promo

This free promo video template allows you to collate and display myriads of pictures with desired content in one video. Viewing one by one picture with the desired caption vitalizes your mood and memories. As you can use it to collate your vacation pictures and revive your memories quickly whenever needed.

Advantages Disadvantages
Vitalize your mood quickly Can't add each and every picture of your vacation
Can gather and save vacation best pictures easily Although the process is easy but time taking
Simple and easy to make it Invest hard-earned money for the best templates

04 Promo Opener

It is said to be believed that the beginning should be rocking, energetic and applaudable. Here, we use promo opener templates. It incorporated with rocking music which elevates viewers' nerves. Thus, must be used as an opening in your project to make the project alive and fabulous.

Advantages Disadvantages
Energizes viewers Consume extra space in the presentation
Make the project entertaining and enjoyable May some viewers dislike the video because of the loud music
Draw sudden attention You are bound to add it at the starting of your presentation

05 Premiere Pro Promo

The best free promo video template premiere pro is enough effective to add good impressions to your project. These templates are preferred by sports brands. In this template, you can zoom in or out easily to focus more on your product. That helps you to showcase your products in the best possible way.

Advantages Disadvantages
Take your project to next level Need the expertise to use this template
Its zoom in and out features make it different from other templates Time-consuming
Can showcase multiple images in one frame Only for advanced viewers

06 Corporate Presentation Promo

Corporate execution depends on presentations. So, if you are dealing with corporate clients then you must know how to make effective presentations. Here, corporate presentation promo templates play a vital role in making your corporate presentations awesome and eye-catchy.

Advantages Disadvantages
Helps to make decisions Only for advanced level audience
Makes corporate presentation more effective and engaging Must have simple designs so can't put much creativity
Difficult data can be understood easily through demographics Need an expert to make it

07 Event Promo Videos

Events are precious and should be attended by everyone to calm and relax their stressed nerves. Thus, event promos should be energetic, and full of creativity.

Event-free promo video templates are easily available over the internet. Event promos are created to provide a glimpse of it so that people go crazy about the event. The louder and creative promo amplifies the chances of an event being successful.

Advantages Disadvantages
Makes event promos more fascinating and effective Makes the process tricky and time taking
Add more worth than before Technical skills needed
Helps in engaging more audiences Need investment as free templates are not so much effective

08 YouTube Promo

Vlogs are the trendiest thing in today's era. Many are making vlogs to earn their livelihood. Among the die-hard competition, YouTube short promo video templates can make your vlog different from others. Promos give a glimpse of what your upcoming vlog is like and also create a buzz among the audience. Therefore, templates must be used for unmatched and formidable vlog promos.

Advantages Disadvantages
Create an eagerness among followers Need expertise in editing
Amplify vlog reach Sometimes converts your simple message into complex
Enhance promo creativity Time-consuming process

09 Pulse Promo

Everyone has their unique story to tell. But only some do know the correct way to express it. If you also want to know to express your story in a fascinating way, then pulse promo templates are made for you. It gives the right shape and perfection to your story so that more and more people get attached to it.

Advantages Disadvantages
Your story will be heard and watched by many people. Transform your story in a visual form that may dislike by some listeners
Gives a shape in visual form to your story Music expert needed
Connects viewers emotionally and physically Editing skills needed

10 Modern Promo

Modern fashion promo video templates are used to allure a tremendous audience. Furthermore, it could be used for making promos like sports, YouTube, etc. It features the amalgamation of simple and effective transitions to excite the auditory sense of viewers and listeners.

Advantages Disadvantages
Transform a simple promo into complex and effective ones It requires an advanced level of editing skill
Vitalize its effect Highly recommended for TV shows only
Makes it eye-catchy Some people may get irritated because of dynamic and loud sound

How to Find Free and Best Promo Video Makers?

Over the internet, you can easily find plenty of free promo video makers. Among them, a handful of them is the best makers. Yet, finding the best makers is a little bit tricky and a daunting task.

Don't bother! In this part, you will get to know about Wondershare VidAir- the best promo video maker ever.

VidAir is a video editor for both amateurs as well as expert users. Also, it offers a plethora of amazing templates. Let's explore a few of them.

01 Gifts for Mom

Mom is a substantial part of our life. Mom is the only one who could win or lose anything for her child. In any way, if you can thank her for everything she was doing since your birth then do it in a blink of an eye. Express your gratitude with the help of VidAir's template, “Gifts for mom” to make her day special and momentous.

Gifts for Mom

02 Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 vaccine shots are a must to fight the severe outbreak. Today, billions are affected by this virus. So, let's spread awareness about its antidote to kill this virus altogether. This could be easily possible through VidAir's special templates.

Covid-19 Vaccines

03 Sweet Day

The sweet day is a special day of our life. For some, it could be valentine's day. So, let's recall our memories by making a remarkable video with the help of VidAir's templates.

Sweet Day

04 Love Memory

Love is a very precious feeling in our life. Everyone does have this feeling for someone. Let's recall them and collate each and every memory with his/her in a video with the help of a special VidAir template- “Love memory”. This template makes your old memories more realistic and loving.

Love Memory


Learn How to Use Wondershare VidAir in 3 Mins


Key Takeaways From This Episode:

That's all! Till now, you have known about promo video templates free download available over the internet as well as paid ones.

If you want to expand your market then short promo video templates should be used to acquire a well-known position in the market. That can be easily achievable through the best promo maker.

Give a shot to Wondershare VidAir promo maker to obtain the expected outcome.