All Helpful Ways to Promote Facebook Page

Top 7 solutions to promote Facebook page

After creating your Facebook Business Page, you probably don't get the traffic you were hoping for. No need to quit just yet, as there are several things you can do to help promote your Facebook page. Some of these ways include some freeways that will most certainly allow you to connect and engage with potential customers on your page. This piece will walk you through how to boost your Facebook page and create the brand recognition you want.

Part 1. Most Helpful Ways to Promote Facebook Pages

For boosting your Facebook page, there are numerous things you can do, like paid options through Facebook ads or through boost posts to promote your page. Suppose you want to know how to promote your Facebook page for free. In that case, you can consider adding a link to your Business page in your email signature, adding plug-ins to your Website, or even sharing the link to your Business Facebook Page on your Facebook Timeline. A mix of all these will help you promote your Facebook Business Page.

Most Helpful 5 Ways to Promote Facebook Pages

01 Build an Audience

Start by building a base audience by inviting friends and family to like and share your page. Making an audience group or followers can help you so much, significantly as it can help you create a digital footprint on Facebook and provide you with a valuable test audience. It is one way on how to boost the Facebook page for free. Such an initial audience will help you learn how to better interact and engage with potential customers. Building a quality audience first becomes very helpful as the natural activity that fills up from the first quality audience will then serve to promote your page.

Promote Facebook Pages - Build an Audience

02 Share a Link to your Business Page

The basic idea is to share your link to the timeline. You can even add a message when sharing the link to your timeline, as this is a vital part of the self-promotion technique. When sharing the link on your timeline, you also can see who can see the post, and you also have the option to share it as a private message. Sharing the business link on your timeline will promote the Facebook page for free.

Promote Facebook Pages - Share a Link to your Business Page

03 Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook ad is an easy way to reach out to a new and relevant audience. You should not make a Facebook page like ad littered with so many ads and looks unattractive. It would help if you did this in a neat and organized way. Using a Facebook ad and the Facebook targeting features, you can create an ad that will reach a target audience for age or location characteristics. You can also use Facebook's Custom Audience to upload an email list and get existing contacts.

Promote Facebook Pages - Facebook Ads

04 Using a Plug-In on Your Website

It is one of the coolest ways of Facebook page advertising. Though it sounds complex, you can use this method via the Facebook Social Plug-Ins Features. It works on any public Facebook page and any other page not restricted by age and country factors. When using the Social Plug-Ins, there are many attributes you can tweak as you so wish to insert it in the standard configuration as this size is always ideal for promoting a page.

Promote Facebook Pages - Using a Plug-In on Your Website

05 Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and reviews are the lifeblood of your business. They will help you engage with customers. By sharing their thoughts with others or simply tagging them in their feedback, you increase your Facebook visibility. Another part of this on how to promote your Facebook page is through User Generated Content. You can get customers to post about your business and even tag your location on their other networks, promoting your Facebook page.

Promote Facebook Pages - Customer Feedback

Part 2. The Best Method to Promote Facebook Page

All these methods work wonders when it comes to promoting your Facebook page. If you have come thus far and still asking yourself, how can I promote my Facebook page? There is no need to worry since this method will help you boost your Facebook page after all the hard work of creating a Business Page. You will need to have the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies. All it does is help you create impeccable ads that you can use to promote your Facebook Page. Ads are a crucial part of promoting your page. To do it like none other and stand out, you will need VidAir to help you make those ads.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Easy to use.
  • 2. Many editable templates.
  • 3. High-Resolution Ads.
  • 4. Add effects and transitions.
  • 5. Post Videos and Ads to any other social networks.

Steps to Make Facebook Page Promotion Video with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up or Log In

To log in to and use VidAir, you will need a Wondershare ID. Enter the VidAir website, and click on the LOG IN button to enter with the credentials.

log in to your account

If you do not have an ID, you can click on the SIGN UP to create an account and login to the Video Maker.

Step 2 Choose a Template

After logging in, on the top right corner of the Website is the Templates button. Click on it, and you will reach the Templates page.

find a template

On the templates page, you can search for the desired template with a keyword in the search box to find a template you wish to use, click on it, adjust the Aspect Ratio, and then click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE button.

use this template

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Here, you will then proceed to create the video by adding audio, text, stickers, or even uploading an existing video from local files.

edit the Facebook Page Promotion video

Below the Preview Features is the editing area where you can add scenes, duplicate, rotate or even delete them. Once done with editing, click on the Preview button to see your creation.

preview Facebook page promotion video

From the top right corner, click on the Save button to save your creation to the My Projects, which can be accessed by clicking on your avatar. You can even Export the created ad to post on Facebook by clicking on the Export button.

save and export Facebook page promotion video


There you have it, no longer any need to ask how do I boost my Facebook page? With these five helpful ways, you can promote your business page and reach the desired audience. It is not easy to get attention on Facebook. Thus, to increase your likes and the organic reach of your Facebook posts, you will need to effectively carry out these steps. One way to ascertain this is through the use of VidAir to make compelling ads, and how to advertise my Facebook page? will no longer be a concern or worry.