10 Tips to Help You Promote Instagram Posts

How to promote Instagram posts easily

"Should I promote my Instagram post?"

We all know that organic growth on Instagram is near to zero unless you are super creative. It is one of the main reasons to promote Instagram posts as well. It is more than essential to look for effective digital marketing solutions nowadays. Putting your advertisements on Instagram can give you immense benefits and can be super ideal if you want to go above the referral or word of mouth marketing techniques. A survey revealed that almost 75% of Instagram users either purchase a product or become leads of an established brand or business. All in all, you must know how to promote a post on Instagram to reach the target audience.

The sections given below will take you to the journey of boosting Instagram posts in terms of strategic ideas and the entire procedure to make your Insta ad post.

Part 1. How to promote Instagram Posts – 10 Ideas?

Let’s now study the practical Instagram marketing ideas that work in the actual scenario. Also, you will get to know there isn’t any difference between Instagram ads vs. promoted posts. It is the same thing, and you have to go through the following marketing tips to promote Instagram posts.

01 Be on an Instagram Business Account

It is essential to have an Instagram business account to promote your posts or run Instagram ads. It is vital when you are a brand or want your customers to directly visit the website, thus building trust in your band or service. Another benefit of the Instagram business profile is the easy management without using any Facebook advertising tools.

Be on an Instagram Business Account

02 Make some efforts for cross-promotion

Your effort in creating attractive captions should never go to waste. Thus cross-promotion of your Instagram posts on other networks is said to be necessary. You can prefer Twitter and Facebook as the best methods to further increase ROI from other platforms.

03 Customer-oriented content

Without an automated system of cookies from 2022, it is even more necessary to create customer-centric content. You have to consider emotions and sentiments as well to appeal the Instagram users. Overall, your content should relate to the target audience so that to make them feel more captivated. Each post on Instagram should be highly connected to the other and even to your Insta business profile's central theme.

04 Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags

Do not overlook what reach hashtags can provide you. Try experimenting with industry and brand-related hashtags in each post. You can also consider using various hashtags finder tools to increase your reach. The ideal and a bit high number of hashtags in each post can offer you plenty of benefits in targeted Instagram campaigns.

Use hashtags

05 Tag brands and add locations

Along with the brands, you can also tag your followers and add specific locations to shout out yourself. Tagging is one of the effective ways of Instagram promotion. On the other hand, tagging specific areas helps you expand your posts' reach to new potential followers and fans.

06 Ask Questions or Host Contests and giveaways

Asking questions also promotes the fun way of Instagram engagement. Make sure you add a specific call to action in each post or your story. They will help you generate more likes and comments on posts. So, you can try hosting contests once or twice a month. Another way is trying the giveaway format that goes well with Instagram stories too!

Giveaways or contest in Instagram posts

07 Carve out the creativity

Every creative thing on Instagram gets marked upon. It is what the platform is all about. Thus, you should not be a copy cat and paste the content of others. You can have a sort of theme or niche to inspire the audience. You can also count upon colors, consistent gradients, and filters, etc., to make a kind of creative trademark.

08 Profile Optimization

The following essential tip is to optimize your Instagram profile to look more attractive. You can take hints from big brands to know what an optimized Instagram profile looks like. You can optimize everywhere, including Instagram username, bio, and posts. You can choose a simple-to-search username in case you are running a brand or service on Instagram.

Profile optimization

09 Collaboration

Collaborate with various influencers in your niche to expand your reach. You can enter influencer marketing as well. It refers to the paid partnership with a brand on Instagram and tapping into the new set of followers. You can manually find influencers in your niche or use various Instagram Analytics tools to find an in-depth database related to your profile or business on Instagram.

10 Fully Exploit Instagram Stories

Yes, an Instagram story's features are quite vast as brands are fully exploiting Instagram stories as often as possible. You can post behind-the-scenes content or user-generated photos over Instagram stories. There is a usage of Stickers, Poll, Mention, Hashtags, Locations, Questions, GIF, Quiz, and so on. So, these were the ten best tips on how do you promote a post on Instagram. The following section defines the whole procedure on how you can make an attractive Instagram video post.

Fully exploit Instagram stories

Part 2. How to make an Instagram Video Post Easily

The VidAir by Wondershare is for quick posting on various social media sites, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, etc. It is available without any complexities and further comes with a variety of readymade templates for instant video creation. Introduced by Wondershare, the exclusive feature about the VidAir is an online presence where you can start creating right away after signing up for the platform. With VidAir, you never need to look out for third-party video editor assistance as VidAir has 8+ video editing options too!

Key Features

  • 1. It consists of a simple user interface where you can instantly jump into the creation after Sign Up.
  • 2. The readymade templates with various text effects, filters, and stickers are available.
  • 3. Other exclusive features of the platform include adding Music, custom settings, crop shaping, output preview, etc.

Steps to make an Instagram Video Post via Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Visit the Official VidAir Site and Sign Up

The first step is to visit https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and hit the SIGN UP button to create posts for Instagram. You can proceed with the next step after account creation.

Vidair Login

Step 2 Select the Template

Now, you need to choose the Template from different categories and click the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE to proceed.

Template selection

Step 3 Start the Creation

Now, you will see a Video Creation window. You can customize everything, including Text, Video, Audio, and Stickers, etc., for practical application. There is a facility to add your prepared brand's Instagram video from the Upload option.

Right-click any video clip and find a list of options to Delete, Replace, or Trim Video, etc.

Create Instagram video

Once you are all done with creating your Instagram post, tap the Save option that will save your video under the My Projects. To upload them on Instagram, you can hit the Export button to download the video.

save and export your creation

That is how you can quickly create an Instagram video post with the above-mentioned easy steps.


Lastly, it is also essential to look for an ideal video post creator and consider the best Instagram promotion tips. Thus, we must mention that Wondershare's VidAir is the instant video creator of the 21st century for all social media platforms you can count. The use of readymade templates and various other inbuilt editing tools is worth remarkable. Also, you need to follow each tip to know how to promote an Instagram post.