Top 10 Free Real Estate Marketing Flyers

The designs of real estate marketing flyers to inspire the agency.

Are you looking for real estate marketing flyers ideas to sell a property? Well, a real estate agent understands the importance of professionally designed and the best real estate flyers. Flyers can help you boost your sales process.

Flyers can allow you to create an impactful and robust first impression that will last for a long time. With flyers, you will be able to tell potential buyers and target audience everything about why they should buy the property you are advertising about.

Whether you are searching for real estate flyers free examples, or you simply need a few readymade ideas that you can convert into your real estate flyers, we might have some good ideas for the same.

Part 1. 10 Real Estate Flyers Free Examples

One needs to design its real estate flyers professionally. Using the right real estate flyer template, hence, becomes extremely crucial. So, let's dig in and check out the top ten real estate flyer examples that you can get some inspirations and ideas from. Since we want our readers to spend as little money as possible, the choices that we present before you are all free to use.

01 Real Estate Flyer Design

Take a look at the image of this real estate flyer design. Can you see how colorful and vibrant it looks? The images have been aligned in a collage. On top, you will see the main tag line, and just below a small introduction about the property followed by the features. Since it's a flyer, look at how you can display your phone number so that you can start receiving calls.

real estate flyer design

02 Folded Real Estate Flyer Brochure

If you would like your flyer to look a bit more interesting, you can try this folded real estate flyer brochure idea. Take a look at the design. This one looks classy yet so simple. Plus, this one comes for free, which means you can go ahead and download the image now so that you can add your words and images of the property you are trying to sell.

real estate brochure

03 Colorful Real Estate Flyer

The reason why we like this real estate flyer so much is that it looks quite colorful. This template is for Microsoft word. Once you get it, you can start editing right away. All you need to do is download it, add the words that you would like to, and finally customize it as you wish.

colorful flyer

04 Builder Real Estate Template

Here's a template for the builders and real estate agents who have a lot to say regarding a property. This one will also go well with those properties which are yet to be built. When it comes to showing your idea to potential real estate investors, a builder real estate template could be a good choice.

builder real estate template

05 Luxury Real Estate Flyer

When it comes to designing a luxury real estate flyer, go with a template that will look sophisticated, such as the image that we have shared here. A professional real estate flyer is a must if you want to talk about a luxury real estate property. The best part about these flyers is that they are fully customizable.

luxury real estate flyer

06 Creative Real Estate Flyer

Here's a creative real estate flyer that we really like. See how beautiful it looks. The flower with the blurry vision of the main house in the back and a few snapshots of the house's exterior and interior make this flyer look elegant and attractive. This flyer doesn't consist of too many words. It's rather an invitation flyer to invite home buyers.

creative real estate flyer

07 Real Estate Flyer Set

Consider taking a look at this real estate flyer set. Not only the design looks fantastic, but the template can be used to create a digital flyer as well so that you can publish the same on different social media platforms. When you upload and share similar images everywhere, the buyer is more likely to think about you.

real estate set

08 Greenland Real Estate Flyer

This real estate flyer uses a minimalistic approach. Look how modern, clean, and open it looks. You can use this flyer template to showcase some of the best photos of your property in the right way. Think about the most attractive areas of your house, ask a professional photographer to click some photos that will look aesthetically appealing, and finally add them to this flyer.

greenland flyer

09 Clean, Modern Real Estate Flyer

The last one that we have for you is this grid-based real estate flyer design. This one has a modern, sleek, and clean look. However, if you look at it properly, you will notice that it has an earthy feel as well. Add some of the unique photos of the property that you are trying to sell, and list all the highlights of your property.

clean real estate flyer

10 Minimalistic Real Estate Flyer

The last one that we have for you will provide you with plenty of spaces for beautiful images of a property. This one will work well with all types of property. Not just this, these templates provide you with an ample amount of space to highlight the main features of your property as well.

minimalistic real estate flyer

Part 2. How about Stunning Real Estate Videos

Wondershare VidAir can be used to create fantastic real estate videos. Once you prepare your real estate flyer, make sure to save it on your computer. Once you do, you will be able to use the flyer as an image for the video as well. This way, you will not just promote your property but will also allow people to know that you have flyers ready!

VidAir is a robust video editing tool that allows you to edit and create amazing videos with just a few clicks. The tool has an array of real estate templates ready for use. Check out the templates, add images of properties, real estate flyer image, additional texts, and more. Make your video as enticing as possible so that your marketing video can grab potential customers' attention.


We hope this guide has been helpful, and you have picked your favorite real estate flyer by now. Go through all the flyer templates, and do keep in mind whether you are going to talk about a residential, luxury, or commercial property. This way, it will become easier for you to select the right flyer template. And if you want to push your sale, do make a video about the property as well to engage more customers. VidAir is here to help you out with your video making and editing process.