Top 15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Make your real estate marketing stand out now!

We live in a fiercely competitive market, there is no shortage when it comes to ways you can market your real estate property. Both homeowners and real estate agents know that they are running a steep uphill battle. This is the main reason why they consider getting in touch with professionals so that they can get the best real estate marketing ideas.

Owners, investors, and agents follow some proven ideas and methods that help them get the most band for the available bucks. The purpose of writing this blog is to introduce the top 15 real estate marketing ideas that you can implement.

Part 1. Top 15 Real Estate Marketing Strategies

01 Video Strategy


Buyers of today are smart. They don't just want to know about the fixtures and square footage. They want to know more. Before buying any property, a buyer will also like to see the neighborhood. How is the surrounding going to make them feel and more! And this is where video strategy comes into play. A real estate video can accurately convey the emotion of a property and its surrounding.

For real estate videos, use a platform that will allow you to create a fantastic promotional video of a property smoothly. One such tool that you can go for is Wondershare VidAir. VidAir will let you create attractive videos easily.

02 Build a Website

You will certainly list the properties on different platforms so that you can reach out to more people. However, it becomes necessary for real estate companies to have a professional website. Your website will have all the details about your company, and you will certainly like people to get redirected to your website. Look for both the functionality and aesthetic aspect of the site. Avoid bombarding visitors with too many ads as well.

03 Create Blogs

Real estate marketers do not just talk about the properties that they would like to sell. But they also provide valuable information about the real estate domain. This is something that you can also do. Infographics are always engaging. This way, you will start building your audience.

04 Content Marketing

Content marketing is another good way to attract visitors to your website. Identify some of the top external sites so that you can market your company. Ensure to develop relevant and useful content on the famous sites, who will, in return, link back similar and relevant content to your site.


05 Offer Home Valuations

Some sites do home valuations. You can partner with them and embed their home valuation tool to your site. This way, you will entice a good number of visitors because they will know how much a property will be worth.

06 Engage in Multiple Campaigns

Don't restrict yourself to listing your property on listing websites only. You must get involved with multiple campaigns. You can get into email marketing, social media marketing, and even direct mail. When your contacts see you on different platforms, they will think of you while making a decision related to real estate.

07 Be Active on Social Media

When you think of reaching out to a larger base of audience, you must think about being present on social media. Social media marketing is one of the most potent tools to attract customers and buyers. Promote your brands on different social media platforms to increase your visibility and credibility.

social media

08 Implement PPC Advertising

PPC stands for pay per click, and this advertising tool can allow you to draw traffic to your property website so that you can market condos and homes. However, PPC doesn't come cheap. Launch your PPC campaign wisely; otherwise, you will end up losing money.

09 Use Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is a fantastic platform to market your property. Twitter allows business owners to create a business profile. Don't use too many hashtags, though. Before creating a hashtag, you should first look for relevant content and hashtags to target and saturate the same. You will see a search tool on Twitter, use it to look for trending and relevant hashtags related to real estate.

10 Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

If you thought that influencers are only interested in fashion and style, you would be glad to know that there are plenty of influencers available in the luxury sector and purely real estate sector. All you will have to do is look for those influencers. Start by looking at different platforms, and send them messages if they would like to collaborate. For those who have a small budget, this marketing technique could be quite fruitful.

11 Get Involved in the Community

Never underestimate the power of community. Engage with your community so that you can market your business better. Since you would like to connect with more and more people, you can think of sponsoring a charity or community event. Once you do, your name will be out there. This will also share a goodwill image about your real estate company that you care about.


12 Online Reputation is a Must

Ensure that you work on the online reputation of your real estate company. Buyers often look for reviews and testimonials of a company before doing any business. And since real estate involves a lot of money, ensure to have a good online reputation.

13 Go to Local Real Estate Investor Meetings

Not just online, you should think about building your offline reputation in the market as well. For this, visit local real estate investor meetings. These meetings will allow you to network with members, and you never know who may come in handy.

14 Start a Podcast

If you want to connect with property investors and landlords on a personal level, you can think about starting your podcast show as well. This way, you will be able to reach out to like-minded people.

15 Consult Local Realtors

Local realtors are knowledgeable and can provide you with good property management leads. They know in and out about every local property and owner.

local realtors

Part 2. This is The Time to Create Your Stunning Real Estate Videos

These real estate marketing ideas will help you reach out to potential clients. As we said in the very first point that video strategy should be implemented by every real estate company, you can think of using Wondershare VidAir. Use a reliable and trustworthy video editing tool to make the video editing process smooth and easy.

Follow these easy steps to get your real estate video.

Step 1 Sign Up

VidAir lets you signup for free. However, if you already have a Wondershare ID, use the same login credential, and click on the login option.

launch vidair

Step 2 Choose Template

VidAir provides you with multiple templates. You can search for real estate templates for your real estate marketing video. Use the search bar to browse through the galore of templates.

vidair templates

Step 3 Edit the Video

The next step is to edit your video. The editing process will let you add videos, audios, texts, and even import local files. Edit your file as you want so that the result turns out to be stunning.

save and export

Step 3 Export

Once all the processes are done, save the video, and then visit the Export option. Click on the video that you have created and export the video to your computer.


The real estate marketing strategies that we have shared here will help you boost your marketing process. Use them and edit your video using VidAir so that you can create a fantastic real estate marketing video.