Top 10 Referable Real Estate Postcards

Get inspiration from these real estate marketing postcard ideas

Nothing works better than real estate postcards when you think about spreading the word about your real estate business. Real estate agents use them to send to different people to generate more and more leads and also to enhance their brand visibility.

Just like regular postcards, real estate marketing postcards will be 5.8 inches by 4.1 inches. You will find them to have a glossy finish and will have prints on both sides. These postcards are great for sharing relevant information about your real estate company and list different properties throughout the neighborhood.

Part 1. 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Postcards are considered to be tangible items. They are often passed down to people who need it more than they do. Else, they keep it with them for future use. As real estate agents, you will certainly be circulating postcards as cold marketing everywhere; however, you must also share it with previous clients.

The reason why people look for unique real estate postcards is that they are inexpensive and let you target specific neighborhoods, towns, and cities. We have shared the top ten real estate marketing postcards that you can get some ideas from. Read on.

01 Just Listed Postcards

Take a look at this luxury real estate postcard idea. This postcard straightaway tells you which property the agent is talking about. The postcard has the picture of the luxury property, along with the agent's information. Since this one is a “just listed” postcard, ensure that you emphasize more on the property rather than the agent's information. You can share your details right at the back of the postcard.


02 Just Sold Postcards

Here's a good example of one of the best real estate postcards. Apart from listing a property on the postcard, you can also share a postcard about a property you have sold. This way, people will know about the property they have just missed, and this is also a good way to let the neighborhood know that a new family is moving in! You can do this to let people know that there is a real estate agent around the corner that people can talk to.


03 Open House Postcards

Open house postcards are an incredible way to people know that there is a vacant property they should check out. It's more like an open invitation postcard, where you invite your customers to look at the property. This postcard must have a gracious and inviting feel about it. This is a postcard that a potential customer most likely will keep with them.

open house

04 Agent Introduction Postcards

If you are a new agent in town and would like to introduce yourself to the whole community and neighborhood, go for an agent introduction postcard. This postcard will allow you to talk about who you are, your background and highlight the key features of why people should come to you for real estate related queries.

agent introduction

01 Cash Buying Postcards

Cash buying postcards are always direct, and they do look a bit generic. However, the value proposition that the seller will get is that the agent or the company is willing to buy the house in return for cash. This is rather a blunt and upfront message to let everyone know that you will buy the property in any condition.

cash buying

06 Sellers Postcards

Real estate postcards for sellers should emphasize how you can be a great asset in selling a house. Let people know who are trying to sell their properties that you are there to help. Add a bit of a personal touch. You can even add a complimentary market evaluation of the market too so that the receiver feels encouraged to come to you.


07 Rental Real Estate Postcards

These rental real estate postcards solve double problems. You can invite everyone who is thinking of renting their place or attract renters who are thinking of buying a new place. Let your postcard make everyone aware that you are here to help all. You can highlight things like how much a person pays as rent every month, and cumulatively how much he ends up paying every year. This can be a good eye-opener for renters.


08 Local Market Postcards

Homeowners always like to know about the locally available properties first before moving to another city or town. Local market postcards will let everyone know about the pricing policy of different neighborhoods. This way, you will prompt both buyers and sellers to contact you. Sellers might call you after knowing about their property's worth, and buyers may feel drawn because they might not want to lose such a good opportunity!

local market

09 Funny Real Estate Postcards

Well, if you really want to engage people, funny real estate postcards can be the best way to go about it. Take a look at this extremely funny postcard where the tagline clearly talks about how mortgage rates are increasing and that you should move right away! Think of something funny to make people laugh and also pass on an informative and important message.


10 Holiday Real Estate Postcards

A holiday real estate postcard will just be a reminder of your real estate business, but will not be pushy. You will wish everyone on holiday, and right at the bottom, you can share your name along with your contact details. This way, you share a gentle reminder that you are there while wishing everyone. Add images of houses so that the subtle message remains.


Part 2. Video is Better Than Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are affordable and a great way to let everyone know who you are and the properties that are up for listing. This is a good way to market yourself and different properties. However, video strategy always works faster. This is when a video editing tool like Wondershare VidAir comes into play. This all-in-one video editing tool, will let you edit your real estate marketing video just the way you want it.

VidAir is a fantastic video editing tool loaded with a wide range of real estate templates. While editing the template, you can also insert the digital image of your postcard that you have just ordered for. Just signup or login, check out the templates of real estate and start editing your video. Using VidAir is extremely easy.


We hope you could gather some ideas from the real estate postcard examples that we have shared here. Send away postcards related to what you intend to talk about. We have shared different types of real estate postcards that agents usually go for. Choose the layout that suits your requirements the best. And if you would like to create a stunning real estate marketing video, do try VidAir.