Top 10 Ideas for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Make your social media more attractive with these real estate online marketing ideas

Gone are the days when real estate marketing was limited to traditional marketing and cold calling. Things have changed now, and the real estate market has gone online officially! Social media is the new way to market properties.

If used correctly, social media can help you build your brand and will also let you connect with potential customers. Realtors and real estate agents know how impactful social media marketing can be. We have prepared a handy guide where you will get to know about the best real estate digital marketing ideas. Implementing them will let you enhance your brand image online. Keep reading to know what these real estate social media marketing ideas are.

Part 1. 10 Plans of Real Estate Online Marketing

The whole point of going for social media marketing is to spread awareness about your real estate firm and the property listings that you have. Since social media content will consist of writing, you need to write top-notch content that will connect with the readers. Give a personal touch.

01 Buying Anniversary

You will have multiple clients, right, and it won't be possible to keep track of all of them. But finding the ones who completed one year of purchase a house or a property will definitely be easier. Hence, make them feel good about remembering their first year of buying anniversary. This is a good way to spread positivity and let people know that new buyers can contact you.

Try to add a nice picture of the whole family in front of their house. Put more focus on the people, and show everyone how happy they are with their purchase.


02 Client Closing

Real estate online marketing can be done for all types of the real estate process. For a real estate firm or agent, nothing matters the most than closing a deal. This is one thing that most real estate agents and firms follow; however, they end up including as little information as possible.

You need to describe the whole experience of the client, along with how hard you worked. Talk about the property, neighborhood, and whatever you think will be useful for prospective clients. Also, do tag the buyers of the property. Make sure that you ask everyone to be present for the photo. Also, focus on the clients, which means the buyer, and ask them to stand on the balcony or porch of the property they just bought.

Client Closing

03 Client Testimonial

Bragging about your company or yourself won't come out as a humble way of doing real estate marketing. Instead of this, you can ask happy customers for some testimonials. The ones who are happy with your service and purchase won't deny sharing a testimonial. Plus, clients always look for client testimonials before doing business with any company, and the same can be said about real estate companies as well.

Here's how to go about it. Read the testimonial, and pick one or two lines. Don't just copy and paste the testimonial; add a good background image with a photo of the property they have bought if possible. Don't forget to include the name of the client and the city. If your client allows, tag them to the post. However, be mindful of not uploading testimonials frequently.

Client Testimonial

04 Community Event

One of the biggest advantages of working in the real estate domain is knowing what's going around in society. Take the opportunity to make everyone aware of the latest community event they might want to go to. This is another way to broaden your network. You will meet new people, and through your post, you will also let others know how active you are.

Don't forget to highlight the event, share some information about what the event is all about and details.

Community Event

05 Community Service

Just like community events happening in the neighborhood, there's another way to market your real estate company you are working for or your firm. Since you are living in a neighborhood, you will find an ample amount of opportunities to offer a helping hand in one of the community services. Do participate and share details about the same online.

Let everyone know who great the experience was, share some nice photos with your team in action. Focus on the community service event, and more.

Community Service

06 Add Proper Hashtags

Social media platforms always work on hashtags. And people search for hashtags to find relevant information and content. Hashtags are not just used to increase social media engagement, but they enable you to be seen by people who want to know about you and what you are doing.

Look for hashtags that are followed by most people. Go for hashtags that are relevant to your post. This is how you will come and contact with potential buyers.

Add Proper Hashtags

07 Holiday Posts

When it comes to holiday posts, almost every company will gear up to post something on that special day. However, what we have found is that they all are generic and stale. Don't do that with your post too. Take it up a notch. Add a beautiful image so that viewers stop to take a look at it.

Better to go for custom made images, which aren't available on the internet. Be careful about religious holidays, though. You shouldn't end up upsetting someone.

Holiday Posts

08 Happy Birthday Posts

Just like anniversary and holiday posts, there's another way to feel engaged with your audience, and that is by remembering your client's birthday. If that will be too much, ensure to wish someone from your team on their birthday via social media platforms. Your followers will love these kinds of posts because this sends across a message that you genuinely care for the people who are working for you.

Happy Birthday Posts

09 Housing Market Info Posts

You are a real estate agent or realtor; this means that you know your stuff pretty well. So, why not use your expertise and inform everyone what you know about. Your goal is to build your skills and expertise. Whenever you post some stats, ensure to add text that clearly defines the purpose of that post. Avoid using industry jargon because only an expert will understand them.

Housing Market Info Posts

10 Just Sold Posts

Here's something, people on social media won't really be interested to know about the number of deals you have done. But if you give them a good story, then that's something that can make a difference. Share a story that people can relate to. Just don't post a bold statement that you have just sold a property.

Just Sold Posts

Part 2. How to Make Real Estate Online Video?

Now that you have a good idea about how to get going with real estate social media marketing, you should also think about uploading some nice real estate videos so that your prospective clients can connect with you well. Videos have a tremendous ability to grasp the viewers' attention. Wondershare VidAir is one such video editing and creating a tool that will allow you to take stunning real estate videos with just a few clicks.

People often watch videos, and thus you need to create videos, which will be informative and engaged.

The step by step instructure of making real estate video

Step 1 Signup or Login

Visit VidAir by Wondershare and signup or login. If you are new to VidAir, click on signup; else, if you already have Wondershare login credentials, use it to get started.

create vidair account

Step 2 Check Out the Templates

VidAir has an array of real estate templates that you can choose from. Use the search bar to look for related templates. Enter real estate, and you will see a wide range of real estate templates on the screen. Pick the one that you like the most.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit and Upload Music

No real estate marketing video is complete without music. This is why, once you choose the template, click on the edit option, and add your favorite real estate music so that the video turns out to be even better. Click on save once you are done, making all the changes in the video.

edit video

Step 4 Export the File

For the last step, go to Export, and save the file on your computer so that you can upload it on different social media platforms.

Think of how you can improve your real estate social marketing game to generate more leads and convert them into leads. Along with posts, you should also think about creating fantastic real estate videos as well. Videos work really well, and if you need help creating a stunning video, use VidAir by Wondershare.