How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing to Stand Out?

Some real estate video ideas inspire your listing marketing.

For real estate firms and agents, video marketing can turn out to be extremely fruitful. A powerful video marketing tactic can let you stand out from the competition and also let you have a better connection with your audience. Real estate video marketing works, but you need to know how to go about it.

We have prepared a small guide where we will discuss different real estate video ideas that you can implement in your video marketing campaign. Indeed, a marketing campaign will have photos, too; however, the problem with images is that you can't really be sure whether the property is going to look like it or not.

Part 1. 8 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Imagine seeing a photo of a spacious two-bedroom, but when you go and check out the property, you end up finding it to be nothing more than just a shoebox. You can't really rely on real estate photos. And buyers and consumers know about it pretty well. Photos stand-alone can't convey how the neighborhood is, the property's character, and so on.

A buyer would like to grasp the whole essence of a property. If you want to market your property in the right way, you need to show it off in the right way. That's when videos can come in handy.

01 Cold Outreach Videos

If you want to establish a good rapport in front of new clients, you need to invest some time creating an excellent cold outreach video. Cold outreach videos need to grasp the attention the moment someone clicks on them. Since you will be reaching out to new people, you need to make the first impression in the right way.

The video that we have shared here with you is uploaded by a real estate firm called Fearless Agent, where he describes all the dos and don'ts when you do cold outreach. You can learn valuable tips from this video. He addresses the pain points and talks about all the mistakes that real estate agents make.

02 Social Media Videos

You need to stay active on different social media platforms. Social media allows you to reach out to a more extensive base of audience effortlessly. Social media videos will allow you to connect with new people looking for a property, or you can use the same tool for advertising your property.

Team Pinto is always on the top while sharing and making stunning real estate videos. The best part about this company is that they share creative content, which they know will appeal to sellers and buyers. The video here will talk about the different real estate topics. This is something that everyone should watch, as this can help you generate brand awareness.

03 Customer Testimonial Videos

Well, you can't go on and talk high about yourself or your real estate company. So, instead of that, what can be done is asking your happy customers to share some customer testimonial videos and uploading them on different platforms. You can record short customer testimonial videos, where the customers will talk about how happy they are with your service. A trick that always works.

This is a straightforward customer testimonial video, where you can see a happy customer talking about their fantastic experience with the real estate agent.

04 Neighborhood Video Tours

You can undoubtedly go-ahead to a commercial property that you want to list on a Sunday afternoon to click some photos; however, the very same images can actually make the entire neighborhood look dull and lifeless. Not a good idea! Instead, go for neighborhood video tours. Property video marketing videos need to show everything that the neighborhood is about. Capture the weekday's bustle, the fantastic shops nearby, commuters streaming to and fro, and so on.

Take a look at this video! See how this agent uses a neighborhood video tour as a tool to talk about the whole neighborhood. The agents talk about all the highlights of the neighborhood in a fun way. Something that your neighborhood video tours should have too.

05 Property Video Tour

A property video tour should not only have a good flow of the video, but you can supplement it with a few fantastic photos of the property as well. Allow viewers to know the property in and out. Since this is going to be a property tour video, ensure to stage the spaces well. Declutter all the rooms, remove pictures of the owners, close the closets, clean the kitchen, and more! Just make the property look neat, clean, and sparkly!

The video is self-explanatory. Lifestyle Production Group has done a commendable job with this property tour video. The video walks you through the complete property immaculately.

06 Real Estate Drone Videos

With advancements in technology, more and more real estate firms and agents are going from drone video to showcase a property. Aerial shots are always impressive because it covers the complete detail of a property and gives the audience a good view of the surrounding.

The REtipster shares the top five ways to shot real estate drone videos. Each style will have an example, letting you understand the difference between each shot.

07 Educational Real Estate Videos

Being a real estate agent, you already have a lot of knowledge about the real estate industry, so why not educate those new to it? This is another way to promote yourself and simultaneously share some valuable tips with the new home buyers.

Kris Krohn is a famous real estate influencer. Watch how he uses a video platform to advise people on a variety of real estate topics.

08 Recruiting Videos

Just because we are talking about real estate videos doesn't mean you will not want to showcase the positive attributes of your company to potential employees! Everyone wants to know about the company they wish to join. Hence, leverage this platform and create stunning recruiting videos too to make your hiring process smooth and easy.

This recruiting video by Long & Foster Real Estate tells you everything about the company. Who they are, what they do, and also introduce their business to the audience.

Part 2. How to Make Marketing Videos Easily

Once you know about the type of real estate marketing video you would like to work on, it's time to move on with the making process of your real estate video. No matter which style you choose, your goal should be to create a stunning real estate marketing video. Property video marketing will become much easier if you create the right video using the right tool.

This is when Wondershare VidAir can come in handy. VidAir is a video creating and editing tool, which lets you create fantastic real estate marketing videos with just a few clicks. You already have the real estate video marketing ideas; the only thing you need now is a video editing tool. VidAir is easy to use, the user-interface is easy, and it comes along with multiple layouts to choose from.

Follow these simple steps to get started making videos with VidAir.

Step 1 Signup for Free

The first thing that you will have to do is visit VidAir by Wondershare. Once you do, you will see two options: login and signup. If you are new, click on signup and create an account. If you are a user of Wondershare products, click on login, and use the same credentials.

signup for vidair

Step 2 Browse through the Real Estate Templates

Now that you have signed up or logged in, it's time to browse through all the templates that VidAir has to offer. Search for real estate because that will be related to your video. You will be happy to know that VidAir provides you with a plethora of templates.

real estate templates

Step 3 Edit and Upload your Music

After choosing the right template, click on the edit option to edit the video as per your liking. You can upload images, videos, texts, and even import local files. Don't forget to add music to make the video even more interesting.

edit and upload

Step 4 Export your Video

Once you follow all the steps, and if you are happy with how the video turned out to be, click on save, and the video will be saved in the Export folder. To import, click on it and save the video on your computer.


Creating real estate marketing videos should never be difficult, especially when you have VidAir. The tips that we have shared will undoubtedly help you to create a fantastic real estate marketing video. Think about the type of video you would like to go for, and choose a proper format or theme for the video. After that, edit your video so that the video starts generating leads for your real estate firm or company.