How to Make Real Estate Video Tours?

The detailed tutorial of real estate video production

Whenever someone searches for a residential or commercial property, the first thing buyers do is search the internet for the same. This puts immense pressure on the real estate agents to market the properties in the best way possible so that more and more buyers get attracted. This is when a high-quality real estate video comes in handy. Real estate video tours are popularly being used by real estate agents to highlight all the features of a beautiful property.

When we say “video tour” it will be more like a virtual tour of the complete property. If you are a real estate agent and want to know everything about how to make real estate videos, you have come to the right place.

Part 1. How to Make Real Estate Video?

With the growing real estate market and cut-throat competition, it makes sense to adapt to new marketing techniques, which will increase the chances of getting your property sold faster and at a good price. We have prepared a detailed guide for those who would like to learn about real estate video production. We will break down this guide into different parts so that you understand the complete process easily.

01 Gears- Extremely Essential

Before getting started with real estate video ideas, the first thing you will require is good gear. Some of the gears that you should go for are a DSLR, a wide-angle zoom lens, a tripod will be needed. A tripod with a slider is a good option. Apart from this, you will also need a second tripod, which will sit right on top of the slider. If you want to make your video look eye-pleasing, you can go for a drone as well. Drone videos are popular in real estate marketing videos.

For those who are wondering whether they need to invest in lighting, then here's the answer. You don't have to. Most of the property videos are shot during daylight, and natural light does the trick. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is when to shot and do take weather conditions in mind as well.

Gears- Extremely Essential

02 Get Ready to Tidying Up

Since you will like the property to look as good as possible, ensure to clean the house thoroughly before taking a shot. Take a walk around the house, and look everywhere. Whatever needs cleaning, tide things up. The goal is to keep the video footage away from distractions. This can include decluttering tabletops and counters, shit all closet doors, check the bed sheet or spread, take away all the pictures of your family or the homeowner, close toilet seats, align couch pillows, and more. Basically, make it video ready.

Get Ready to Tidying Up

03 Sit Down and Plan Your Shots

The basic idea is to cover each and every room in the house. For the bedrooms, 2 or 3 shots will be enough, and the same goes for the bathrooms. However, when it comes to the master suite, living room, or kitchen, your audience will prefer seeing all the corners. Hence get enough shots from different angles. While shooting, ensure not to overdo.

Once you plan for the interior shots, move forward to the exterior shots. 10-15 exterior shots will be good enough. If you have a yard, you should get the footage of the same as well.

Plan Your Shots

04 Start Taking the Video

Your house is always still; it is your camera that will move from corner to corner, giving life to the video. This is the reason why you will have to rely on glides and slides. Slides are great when you think of taking a shot of a room entirely. When it comes to making the wide shots look terrific, slides can be great too. Glides, on the other hand, will allow you to move the camera front to back. While taking a shot, you must check the camera setting beforehand.

In case you have a drone, this will give your video footage some extra bonus points. Drones are the best for aerial shots. Drones capture the surroundings along with the property accurately. This way, the viewer of the video will have a good interpretation of the entire property and where it is located.

Taking the Video

05 Time to Edit the Footage

After grabbing all the right shots of the property, it is time for you to edit the footage. Before editing, take a look at each shot and order the clips accordingly. You will know best which clip should go first. The best way to go about it is by allowing your audience to have a walk-through view. This way, your target audience will understand the layout better.

If you end up taking too many shots of the same room, remember not to become repetitive. You should include both glides and slides shots. Apart from this, you may also want to add some engaging music as background.

Part 2. Simplify Your Real Estate Video Production

Since editing is a must for the shots that you will be capturing of the entire house, you will need a handy tool to do that. VidAir by Wondershare is an all-in-one-tool that will let you create stunning real estate videos in just a few clicks. This easy-to-use tool can be downloaded by both Mac and Windows users. The best part about this tool is that you will find a wide range of real estate templates, which will help you create a fantastic marketing video for your property.

The step-by-step instructions for making real estate video

Step 1 Signup for Free

The first thing that you will have to do is visit Wondershare VidAir. You will see two options on the top. One is signup, and the other one is log in. If you are new to Wondershare, you will have to select the signup option. Create an account first before getting started. If you already have a Wondershare ID, use the same credentials to log in.

create new account

Step 2 Choose Templates

Since you will want the video to be the best, click on the template option so that you can browse through all the templates that are available here at VidAir. You will be awestruck by the plethora of template options. Choose the one that suits your requirements. You can look for the same using related keywords on the search bar.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit and Upload Music

After getting the right template, you will get the option to edit the video. You can add images, additional videos, audio files, and even import local files from your computer. Real estate marketing videos look much better when you add background music. Great music has the potential to engage customers better.

edit video

Step 4 Export

Once you edit the video, your file will be ready to be saved. Save it, and go to the export option to export the file from the software to your computer. Once done, your video is ready to be used wherever you want to.

Your real estate marketing video must stand out from the competitors so that you can attract more and more customers. You will find an array of real estate video ideas on the internet, and we recommend checking them out. There are different types of video styles available. Choose the one that suits your requirement. And to create a stunning video for your real estate property, don't forget to use VidAir. We hope this guide will be useful and you will face no difficulty at all in creating a bespoke real estate video on your own.