Top 10 Best Real Estate Videos

Get some inspiration from these best real estate promotional videos

With the advancement in technology, the way real estate markets its property has also evolved. And videos have become an extremely crucial element for the realtor to show what their property is all about. If you are into real estate and want to create stunning real estate videos, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will introduce you to different real estate videography styles that you can go for. When you upload real estate videos on different platforms, you increase the chances of being seen by interested buyers. Plus, videos make it extremely easy to talk about your property while showing every nook and corner of the property.

Part 1. Real Estate Drone Videos

01 Bespoke Real Estate - Lily Pond Lane Oceanfront, East Hampton, NY - Hamptons Real Estate

One of the prominent and high-end real estate firm Bespoke Real Estate uses creative videos to attract buyers. Most of the videos that Bespoke Real Estate shares are drone shots. Through real estate drone videos, we get to see a detailed overview of the property in the best way possible. This company posts its drone videos of different properties on YouTube, making it easier for potential clients to have a thorough view. The drone video beautifully captures all the elements of the property, both interiors, and exteriors.

02 Emily Kellenberger - 2815 East Valley Road, Montecito, CA

Emily Kellenberger is a renowned real estate agent, and just like Bespoke Real Estate, she uses drone videos to capture the beauty of different properties. Once you go through her real estate videos, you will see that the drone captures both exterior and interior footage of the property. She uses aerial drone footage.

The real estate drone video not only highlights the beauty of a property, but she shares her contact information in the video as well, allowing the buyers to directly contact her. Something that other real estate agents can learn.

Part 2. Luxury Real Estate Videos

01 The Boutique Real Estate Group- 1668 Tyler Dr. Fullerton, CA 92835

To list this luxury home, The Boutique Real Estate Group has not just carefully shown each room, but they have used engaging music to create the right hype as well. The energizing music paired with stunning visuals does make this luxury house look high-end—this video footage shows you not only each room but also the surrounding area. What we really liked about this video is that they have shown the entire family interacting with one another, making you think about how you and your family will feel once you own that place.

02 Riverbend Brownstones: 362 Fairview Street, New Hamburg

In this video, you will see Amy Young, who is using her luxury real estate video to talk about different luxury properties. Nestled around quint surrounding, this video depicts the essence of the property perfectly. The best highlight of this real estate video is how Amy talks about the selling point of the video. This is the reason why we consider it to be one of the best real estate videos. You will see Amy talking about landscaping, architecture, and home design.

Part 3. Real Estate lifestyle Videos

01 Lifestyle Production Group- La Gorce Circle Architectural Masterpiece Miami Beach

Lifestyle Production Group is an esteemed video production company, and it creates amazing real estate videos for multiple real estate agencies and realtors. In this lifestyle real estate video, you will see how this company focuses on the surrounding areas of the property along with the home's architecture. The videographer skillfully zooms on the details of each room.

02 Majestic Modern Villa With Timeless Elegance

Lifestyle videos are a great option for realtors and real estate agencies who would like to capture the cinematic overview of a property. This video is around three minutes long, but nowhere in between will you feel like losing interest while watching it. The video includes both nighttime and daytime footage. Plus, the use of multiple camera angles makes this video worth a watch. For a real estate lifestyle video, you can take some inspiration from here.

Part 4. Funny Real Estate Videos

01 Funny Real Estate Video Home Tour

So far, we have introduced some rather serious and on-point real estate promotional videos; however, there's another way to capture the attention of your audience. And that is by creating funny real estate videos. Here in this video, you will see the real estate agent giving the audience a tour of a simple house but in a hilarious way. She talks about what you can do if you buy the house, but her actions will make you smile and laugh at the same time.

02 The Funniest Real Estate Video Tour

Another funny video that is worth checking out is this one. The video features a male real estate agent, and the way he talks about each of the facilities and amenities of the condo will make you laugh instantly. It's the way he talks about the whole condo that creates the laughing element. The condo shown here is rather very simple, but the agent surely knows how to make it interesting with his slapstick comments.

Part 5. Real Estate Walk Through Videos

01 Video Walkthrough of a Beautiful House

The last type of real estate video that you can go for is real estate walkthrough videos. This video walks you through the surroundings of the house and both the exterior and interior of the house too. The sample video quickly lets you take a glance at what you will be buying. The background music makes it even better.

02 Lobster Claw Media- Walkthrough Video

Another interesting walkthrough real estate video that we liked is this one. In the beginning, you will see the real estate agent giving a little introduction about the property after that follows a walkthrough video of the entire property. Simple yet elegant.

Part 6. How to Create Fantastic Real Estate Marketing Videos

Now that you have a good idea about different types of real estate marketing videos that you can go for, use Wondershare VidAir to create something of your own. Real estate videos need to be the best since your videos will be attracting potential buyers.

Try VidAir, where you can choose from an array of real estate templates and edit it as per your own requirements and needs. The best part about this video editing tool is that it is user-friendly. You don't need to be an expert to get started with VidAir.


Videos always help your audience to know everything about a property. Through videos, you get to show all the highlights and features of a property that you are trying to share. Plus, you can share your contact details on the video as well so that buyers get to contact you directly. Use VidAir to make fantastic real estate promotional videos.