10 Useful Ideas for Restaurant Instagram Marketing

Make Creative Instagram Marketing Videos for Your Restaurant Online

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Congrats on your new restaurant's grand opening! To lift it to another level, we suggest that you can take the advantage of restaurant Instagram marketing about which you can know in detail here.

In the past few articles, you saw tips and marketing strategies, where today, we are going to walk through a few useful ideas regarding restaurant Instagram marketing.

Part 1. Make Creative Instagram Marketing Videos for Your Restaurant Online

It could be for an Instagram strategy for a restaurant or selling your products on Instagram. Whatever your need is, a reliable video maker tool Wondershare VidAir is always essential. It is an online video maker tool that allows you to pick a template and start sprinkling up your creativity in terms of video. Especially when it comes to Instagram food marketing, videos play a vital role in VidAir doing an excellent job and the easy-to-use video editor add-ons.

  • Countless easy-to-use templates to choose from with no technical knowledge required.
  • ✔ You can edit videos with VidAir in minutes with a supple video editor suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • ✔ Showcase new arrivals with rich key element highlights like effects or stickers.
  • ✔ Abundant free videos, music, images, and local resources upload.
  • ✔ It is a one-stop software for cross-platform reliability on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

How to create videos with VidAir?

  • Step 1 Sign up, Log in, or Try Free

  • Visit the website, https://vidair.wondershare.com/, and try the options “Log in,” “Sign up,” or “Try Now” option to proceed.

  • If you already have a Wondershare ID or WSID account, you can go on with the “Log in” option or create a new account.

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  • Step 2 Pick a template

  • From the top toolbar, tap the “Create” button, from where on the left corner, you can choose a template from the “Categories” session.

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  • If you have decided on the template for Instagram food marketing, click the “Use This Template” button.

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  • Step 3 Edit or customize the video

  • This step allows you to customize the video for restaurant Instagram marketing by adding audio, text, or video.

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  • Once you are once with the creation, click on the “Preview” button, and then, you can proceed with the options like Save or Export the video.

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Part 2. Top 10 Tips for Food Marketing on Instagram

Are you excited to go to the world of restaurant Instagram marketing with us? Make sure you stick till the end with us to find what's new.

01 Upgrade Your Account to a Business Profile

The first and foremost criteria or rule of Instagram strategy for a restaurant is upgrading your account to the business profile. First, switch to your account, from the Settings, tap the "Switch to Business Profile" to get the job done. By doing so, you have your restaurant officially nailed that will create trust and all-time availability.

Instagram strategy for a restaurant

02 Show off New Dishes or Seasonal Drinks

Our next restaurant, Instagram marketing tip, shows off your new item or preparation through photos. Using food & drink social media holidays is an excellent option to go! Here are some examples from eating genesis, and Starbucks' Instagram posts that can be helpful.

restaurant, Instagram marketing

03 Post Scrumptious Photos That Will Make the Audience Hungry

I hope you all would be familiar with this tip where publishing mouthwatering food images induce hunger, making them carve towards it. More than textual content, such beautiful, dazzling stunning, or appetizing photos will improve the audience engagement. Katz Delicatessan is the best example that posts delicious photos of their sandwiches.

restaurant's Instagram marketing

04 Use of Magic of Photography in All Your Posts

Our next Instagram food marketing strategy is related to photography, where it is the master of attraction. Apart from filters, keep specific photography tips like the flat lay shot, good lighting, composition, etc. There are times where many restaurants use the rainbow color palette or a color code per day as a food marketing Instagram campaign.

food marketing Instagram

05 Get Your Restaurant Searchable

Apart from Instagram account name, brand, and recognizable posts, it is another essential part where you need to make your restaurant searchable. It is possible only when you use the relevant & popular hashtags, and hence make sure your posts have top hashtags as Instagram lets you add a maximum of 28 hashtags. The hashtag is the trending Instagram strategy for a restaurant that allows users to find you paving the way for community building and engagement.

Instagram strategy for a restaurant

06 Share or Post Videos Relating to Dish Making or Tutorials

Want to keep your audience and viewers engaged? Why not you walk into the kitchen and take a live video of making the dish along with garnishing it? Yes, videos are the best ones under the restaurant Instagram marketing strategy that can widen your reachability. If your restaurant gets tagged by someone on another Instagram account, please repost it on your business account with credits.

restaurant Instagram marketing

07 Put Together Your Business Profile with Other Advertising Platforms

The user-friendly Instagram embed feature allows you to make a simple copy-paste job of Instagram’s photo code on any website or blog. To stay Twitter-friendly, you need to make sure that the Instagram caption is limited to 280 characters to avoid cutting off. Finally, you can post your Instagram handle in and around directly so that tagging the latest foodie post is made hassle-free.

Instagram food marketing

08 Collaborate with Influencers and Get Partnered with Food Bloggers

If you are worried about hiring a big influencer, some micro-influencers can help you. Le Dersou collaborated with "Le French Food" and shared the post on his account as well. Coming to food bloggers, you can look for local bloggers by hashtag or Google search. You can offer a free meal as a compliment too!

Instagram strategy for a restaurant

09 Host Contest, Competition, or Giveaways

Contest and competition are the best ways to provoke audience engagement, i.e., another Instagram food marketing tactic. Not only just engagement, but you can call the audience or viewers for a call-for-action like follow, comment, or "tag a friend" option for an entry. To bring this kind of Instagram strategy for a restaurant to success, you require many organizations like a prize, mode of access, winner selection crew, partnership, and terms & conditions. If you are searching for a contest idea, we suggest you selfie contests, trivia questions, and food photo share with your restaurant Hashtag. Here is one such giveaway held by Grind for your notice!

Instagram strategy

10 Host Contest, Competition, or Giveaways

Followers or audiences are the primary targets for Instagram food marketing and hence require more attention for your side. While contest and competition is the direct option, you can try other fantastic, engaging tactics like fill-in-the-blank posts adopted by the "Pinkberry" Instagram account.

Instagram food marketing

Part 3. A Good Idea for Your Successful Journey

So, finally, have you got an idea to promote your restaurant with the above-discussed Instagram food marketing strategy? Ensure you have Wondershare VidAir always by your side in this successful journey and let your business go boundaries.

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