SEO Video Marketing: 8 Tips to Improve Your Video Rank

Performing Video Marketing in Different Ways

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You can perform Video Marketing in many different ways. One way or strategy that has proven vital for all marketing endeavors is through SEO video marketing.

Learn the many different ways to improve your video rank through SEO video marketing, a strategy better known as Search Engine Optimization. We shall discuss some of these ways and how video has an impact on SEO marketing. Through such means, you will be creating SEO video content, and you don't have to be an expert. With the tips suggested, you will make your Website or brand discoverable and even increase the click-through rate.

Part 1. What Is Video SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in video marketing is the process in which a video appears higher in search engine results, driving more traffic to your Website through specific practices discussed herein. Your video could appear higher in results on any search engine such as Google to video streaming sites such as YouTube. That is when someone searches for terms related to your business or brand. Below are some top useful SEO video marketing tips.

Part 2. Top 8 Useful Video Marketing SEO Tips

01 Hosting Platform

Choosing the right hosting platform could mean a lot to your brand. You will have to have a clear goal as to what platform you use as your video marketing SEO tool. These will be the reasons why you will be using SEO videos. Such may include whether you seek to gain site traffic or new leads or is your goal all about thought leadership and brand awareness.

For instance, if you are more concerned with getting traffic to push leads towards conversions, try alternative hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to create brand awareness. With these platforms, once your video gets indexed, most traffic goes to them rather than your site.

Video Hosting Platform.

02 Qualitative Research and Analysis

Do proper research to make the right assumptions. Look into what others are doing to get a better understanding of what people would like to watch. You can use Questions and Answer sites like Quora to get good qualitative insight into what language people use and how they use it on different topics, as this could further the basis for your keyword research. From here, you could use specific keyword research tools to get more detail in the phrases and words that deliver substantial search volume and competition.

Do Proper Research.

03 Metadata

Like titles and descriptions that appear on search results, having optimized meta-data could drive more views, and you can rank higher in search results. While this may be concerned with text, you will need to provide some data that the video may display on Google searches. It is also an SEO video marketing tactic. In short, people like rich content, a mix of text, video, and imagery.

04 Dwell Time and Lower Bounce Rate

Videos have a captivating way; thus, people will stop watching a video, which increases the dwell time on your site, signaling to Google that your site has rich and relevant content. Moreover, videos have higher conversion rates, meaning that viewers are more likely to click through, purchase, or view more content. It works in your favor in the SERPs and helps lower your bounce rate on pages.

05 Thumbnail

While this may be part of using useful meta-data, the thumbnail is also crucial for SEO video marketing. When your video gets indexed, a thumbnail will set along with your video, and this is what searchers will see. Specific platforms such as YouTube may provide you a thumbnail. So, create a custom thumbnail that needs to be compelling, relevant, and all-around beautiful.

06 Schema Markup

To help you better your search results, you will need to implement schema markup(semantic vocabulary) to provide search engines with the information it needs. Using Schema MarkUp, videos will appear the same way other search results do, providing the video with a thumbnail and video length. You will usually need to add the title, description, metadata, thumbnail, and embed or content link for each video. You can also include the video length, the upload date, and video dimensions.

Schema MarkUp.

07 Snippets

Another great way to increase your visibility is through the use of snippets. When you add videos to your content, it gives you the chance to be displayed on “Videos” search results on search engines such as Google. Snippets, which give people a chance to preview the video slightly, could move your page higher in the results page.


08 Focus on Your Page too

Optimizing your video won't cut it. It doesn't fully assure that you will receive placement on the SERP. It is also vital to optimize the page the video is on so that search engines can crawl it in the first place. Create high-quality content and ensure that the technical SEO components are in place, thus improving your rankings.

Optimizing Your Page.

Part 3. Easy Online Video Maker to Start Video Marketing

One of the essential tips to SEO video marketing is to use quality content for better pages and useful videos. This move can improve your rankings on SERP, which can drive traffic to your site, which could, in turn, help you achieve reasonable conversion rates. VidAir is a tool that could greatly assist you when it comes to creating quality content. All you will need to do is visit their official Website, and with many editable templates, you could start making SEO videos right away.

SEO video marketing tactics are many more. Some obvious ones include optimizing and providing good titles, descriptions, and some complex ones are adding the video transcripts. You can also do some things such as embedding the video you want ranking first, add audio, even the video site map so that search engine crawlers discover videos on your site. There are still many more tips, though those provided above are among the most relevant and helpful in SEO video marketing. Finally, and most importantly, remember to make high-quality content, and with a tool such as Wondershare VidAir, you can never go wrong.

Wondershare VidAir