How to Make Short Video Ads Easily Online

Learning all tips and tricks about creating short video ads.

Video advertisement is the new norm, for good reasons. Eye-catchy digital videos work as thumb stoppers while scrolling. While video ads are a unique way to grab potential attention, lengthy videos bore the viewers compelling them to skip.

In a mobile-first world, business marketers are using short video ads to experience double-digit growth in their campaigns. Studies suggest that the ad view count on smartphones is rising more than ever. With mobile phones virtually in everyone and anyone’s hands, a short advertisement video can garner millions of views.

So how short is short enough? Although there is no magic formula for creating the best short video ads, a few tips and tricks can impress your audience in a snap. Lucky for you, here we have outlined some of those tips.

Part 1.Why Choose Short Advertising Video

Here are quite a few beneficial reasons to choose a short advertisement video.


For the best part, a whopping number of videos are shared around the world at a given time. In fact, 92% of mobile users share videos regularly. And why wouldn’t they? People love to share interesting stuff with a single click, with their friends and family on different social media platforms.


Do you prefer to read a five-line product description? Or would you rather watch a 2-minute video that tells an extensive story? It’s obvious you prefer the latter because our brain absorbs visual content better. An overwhelming 64% of viewers turn into potential customers after watching a video that helped them in the buying decision.


Videos have a genuinely fascinating power of conveying a clear-cut message in a matter of seconds. A short advertisement video connects to consumers on a stronger level than texts do.


Search engines like Google love to prioritize videos over other content listing them on the top. If you embed a beautiful short video on your website or your blog, there’s a high chance that your target audience reaches your content.

Tips to Make Best Short Video Ads

Now that you know the prominence of short video ads in a marketing funnel, you might want to add one to your campaign. But before you do that, we recommend you walk through these tips for creating an effective short video ad.

1. Keep It Short

First and foremost, consider the length. While the optimal length for your video depends on the type and platform you intend to share it on, 15-30-second-long videos are ideal for smartphones. All you need to do is to make the first five seconds count by crafting a mind-boggling video and voila, your video is going places. Whether you house your video on Facebook or maybe on YouTube, one length does not fit all. Take a look. Facebook in-feed videos work best if they run for 24-60 seconds. While in the case of Facebook story ads, 20 seconds is the ultimate length.

A sweet spot for Instagram’s audience is 30 seconds. YouTube bumper ads are an excellent choice for brand awareness strategies that are over 6 seconds long.

2. Choose The Ideal Format

When it comes to formatting, marketers are confused about the “right” format for their video ad. Theoretically, the ideal video ad format is the one that best delivers your content to the relevant audience and thus generates brand revenue. Some of the winning ad formats that have a greater impact are:

IN-STREAM ADS: One of the most reliable ad formats that drive overwhelming results is In-stream. These ads pop up before, during, or after a streaming video requested by the user. Typically, they appear for just 15-30 seconds, while also allowing the users to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

TRUEVIEW ADS: One of the most reliable ad formats that drive overwhelming results is In-stream. These ads pop up before, during, or after a streaming video requested by the user. Typically, they appear for just 15-30 seconds, while also allowing the users to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

IN-BANNER ADS: The in-banner format fits most short video ads quite well. Displaying as banners on a website or blog with no sound, users find in-banner ads less intrusive.

BUMPER ADS: If your goal is to reach a broad audience with a precise, memorable message, the bumper ad format is an excellent choice. In only six seconds, bumper pre-roll ads convey a lot while still being affordable.

3. Work on Sound-off Views

For a better visitor experience, make sure your video works well even with no sound. To avoid getting caught off-guard with loud music, users tend to mute their social media platforms before browsing. For this very reason, it is smart to decorate your advertisement with rainbow colors, catchy captions, text overlays, and much more. Make your videos look calm and less chaotic by keeping minimal distractions yet meaningful.

4. Embed Interactive CTAs

Put it this way; If your video content does not include a CTA yet, you will be left behind in this digital world. One way to boost engagement on your content is by sticking with creative call-to-action. Whether it’s a URL, a hashtag, or simply an interactive button, CTAs have the power to captivate and involve users. Moreover, the placement of your CTA is of utter importance.

PRE-ROLL CTA: Put the CTA at the start of your video so viewers interact with it even if they skip the remaining ad.

MID-ROLL CTA: Put the CTA in the midway of your ad when the users are already intrigued.

POST-ROLL CTA: Put the CTA at the end of the ad to offer invites and information about your product.

5. Focus Mobile Frist

2.72 billion people watch videos on their mobile phones and over 95% of Facebook users access it from their smartphones. Looking at the data, we must say it is wise to optimize your video content for all the major platforms if you want to achieve effective mobile video advertising. Thus, advertisers must take the opportunity and focus on making mobile videos to achieve their goals.

Part 2. How to Make Short Video Ads Online

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool to make stunning short video ads, Wondershare VidAir is your best bet. VidAir is a simple yet impressive tool that lets you make high-quality videos using a vast video editing toolkit. It offers pre-themed templates, 10,000+ stock images and videos, stickers, and elements to create videos that increase viewer engagement. VidAir is designed with a user-oriented interface and powerful features that you can use to craft professional-looking clips within no time.

Steps to Create Short Video Ads Online with VidAir

Step 1 Sign-up and Select a Template

Get VidAir set up on your browser. After signing up, explore the variety of themed templates until you find the "perfect" template that fits your video. Choose the aspect ratio and press Use This Template.

Sign up and choose template

Step 2 Easy Edit to Create a Short Advertisement Video

On this page, you can edit your video ad. Use the left toolbar to add catchy texts, animated stickers, free stock images, and photos. To know what’s missing using the Preview option and take a good look at your video ad.

 Edit best video ads

Step 3 Save and Export

Once your video is ready, press the Save button. Then export your clip by clicking Export. Select the resolution you want from 720p or 1080p. Finally, hit Export again.

Export best advertising video

As you can see video advertisement is reaching new heights. For every business, brand, campaign it is important to understand that short video ads are a vital component of the marketing strategy. In the era of smartphones what can be achieved with a one-minute video cannot be achieved with a blog or infographics.

Keep these five amazing tips in mind and set them down to create a beautiful video ad and stand out from the crowd.