How to Add Text in Shotcut

Step-by-step guide on how to add text to video with Shotcut.

Shotcut is a free and open-source video editing app that supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. Many people choose Shotcut to add text to videos as it is free. In this article, you can learn the steps on how to add text to video using Shotcut and its online alternative.

Part 1. Steps to Add Text in Shotcut

With cross-platform support, Shotcut is a widely used video editing program that is capable of perming a wide range of functions. The popular video, audio, as well as image formats are supported by the software for several tasks like adding text to a video, color grading, de-interlacing, and more. For editing your videos, you need to add them to the timeline and then as needed, you can choose to add the text throughout the video, on some parts of the video, and also use them as fade-in and fade-out.

add text to video shotcut

Steps on how to add text in Shotcut

Step 1. Download, install and run the software on your system. Next, add the desired video to the software timeline by simply drag and drop.

Step 2. Next, choose the filters option and then tap on the + sign.

Step 3. You will now see 4 different filter menus from which you need to select the one that resembles a computer screen.

Step 4. Move down and then choose the text. By default, the time code will be selected but you can select the other as needed. If needed, the size, color, padding, background, font, outline as well as thickness can also be changed.

Step 5. Next, you can move and select the area of placing the text around the screen. The controls at the screen can also be used for selecting the text placement area.

Step 6. When you add text to the video Shotcut and all the editing is done, click on the + sign. Finally, Export the edited video.

Part 2. Add Text Effects to Video Easily Online

If you're looking for a simple and quick alternative to Shotcut, Wondershare VidAir is such an online tool that allows adding kinds of text effects to your videos. This user-friendly online tool works straight from your browser window once you free sign-up with the program. Using the program, you can add text to your videos, add effects, and create professional-looking files in no time. To help you add text and effects as per your video theme, several pre-designed templates in several categories are present. Easy to use, the free version of the program processes the videos with a watermark. You can upgrade your account with a paid version that will lead to watermark-free files along with 2GB of cloud storage 1080p file resolution.

Steps to add text effects to videos using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template

Open VidAir on your browser, create a free account on the site or log into your WSID. Click on the Template button at the main interface to open the templates in different categories. Click on the selected template and choose your aspect ratio, then click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose a video to add text

Step 2 Add Text to Video Online

A new window will now open, from where you can choose the tab of Text from the left-side panel. Move the mouse to preview the text effects and click on the Replace or Add button to apply it. You can change the default copy by double-click.

edit text effects

Step 3 Export Video with Text

Click on the Export button after you have saved and preview all changes. You can finally download the video with added text effects.

download text video

Shotcut is a good tool to add text and perform other video editing tasks. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option without any need for software download, Wondershare Vidair is an apt choice.