Top 8 Snapchat Ads Examples for Marketers

Read about the best Snapchat ads examples to inspire your ideas.

Home to over a hundred million active users and subscribers, Snapchat is one contending platform among the other social networks that offers marketers an excellent opportunity to market their content online. You cannot compare Snapchat marketing to marketing on Facebook because the app's scope isn't as broad as others. Though not to be misunderstood, marketing on Snapchat is no different from any other social platform's typical marketing efforts. Most of the advertising tools are free, and due to their unique design, the suitable marketing approaches will appeal to users a lot more. Some methods include the use of ads, and due to its distinctive features, users can appreciate the authenticity of posts. This article will look at several Snapchat ad examples to set you on the right path to creating ads with a high ROI. Remember, your brand to launch suitable marketing campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Part 1. Snapchat Ads Examples in Different Types

01 Game of Thrones

A while back in 2019, Game of Thrones was the all-around talk in pop culture. At the time, the Award-Winning Show geared up for its grand finale on HBO. They then teamed up with Snapchat to create a series of location-based, Augmented Reality filters. The pièce de résistance, the example above, was that of the undead dragon landing on the NYC Flatiron building and coating it with ice. This example made use of unique advertising features with great use of AR and was extremely shareable.

game of thrones snapchat video ad

02 DJ Khaled

The second on the list of ads on Snapchat is a compilation of Dj Khaled - Snapchat All-Star. Dj Khaled is not your average celebrity brand on Snapchat. He is increasing his celebrity presence on Snapchat, with his snaps attracting 3-4 million views. He coined some exciting mantras such as "another one," "bless up," and "keys to wisdom," making his content extremely enjoyable and shareable.

dj khaled snapchat all star

03 e.l.f Cosmetics

This ad from e.l.f Cosmetics is among those Snapchat advertising examples that precisely target their intended demographic, making it a brand value proposition, bold and high-quality make-up at affordable prices. The ad is unapologetically loud, grabbing viewers' attention with great visuals and music and wrapping it all up with a clever killer tagline - "Be extra, without spending extra." This ad appealed to audiences, gained market share, and increased site visits by over 20% in the first quarter of 2020.

cosmetics snapchat video ad

04 MLS – Major League Soccer

Ingeniously taking advantage of the trends, MLS dedicated an entire week to Snapchat Takeover. The Snapchat Takeover is when an entity gets a chance to run a specific account for a set duration. So, each day, MLS handed over their account to a soccer star. On the other hand, the soccer stars promoted this on their accounts, leading up to their turn. Then they created fun and engaging content on the MLS account on their day.

mls snapchat takeover

05 Jackpot Party

One of the best Snapchat story ads examples is the Jackpot Party, advertising a casino app. It is a 3-part story that sticks to a jingle theme throughout, making it stand out from other apps in a crowded market. In the app, they created excitement with big wins, they show how they use spinning slots and coins, and to top it off, the voiceover and text when celebrating huge successes generate excitement and draw in players.

jackpot party snapchat video ads

06 Stranger Things by Netflix

In this Snapchat ad example, Netflix went all out to promote Stranger Things Season 2 utilizing the epic world lens as shown above. To unlock the unique lens, you either had to use a special Snapchat code or Shazam in Snapchat whenever you heard the Stranger Things theme song.

stranger things snapchat video ads

07 World Wildlife Fund

On the list of best Snapchat ads, the World Wildlife Fund gets listed too for its compelling style. With the hashtag #Lastselfie, World Wildlife Fund launched this campaign to raise awareness of the planet's endangered species. They came up with the creative hashtag that gave them a chance to promote their cause on other social platforms besides Snapchat.

world wildlife fund snapchat video ad

08 Taco Bell – Cinco de Mayo

Viewed 224 million times, Taco Bell created a filter for Cinco de Mayo which got a lot of press and performed exceptionally well. They paid an estimated $750 000 for 24 hours for the filter, which works out to be 0.3 cents per view. It paid off, and people enjoyed using the filter, which also helped increase Taco Bell's sales.

taco bell cinco de mayo filter

Part 2. Recommended Online Tool to Make Snapchat Video Ads

So far as you can see from the Snapchat ads list given above, ads work but only if you create the right ad for the right audience. Then, please wait for it with the right marketing strategies. You are sure to get a return on your investment and grow your brand or business. Making a great ad takes a lot of consideration, but when Wondershare VidAir is here, video creation is just a piece of cake.

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online snapchat video maker

Some of the best marketing strategies mainly rely on advertising content. You can have many tactics at play, but your results may not greatly pay off if the content isn't great. People want authentic and genuine content, and from the examples given above, you can see that content plays a significant part in marketing. Thus, creating the right content needs to be thoroughly thought out, and one such way to create compelling content without much of a hassle is through the use of VidAir Video Maker, a great ad maker to help you create thrilling Snapchat ads videos.