A Full Guide on Snapchat Ads Should Never Miss

The general knowledge about Snapchat ads marketers should know.

Does running ads on Snapchat is worth trying? Explore this post on Snapchat advertising to find out the answer along with a tool to make creative ads.

If you want a cool but simple way to advertise your company or business culture, then, Snapchat ads are the best option to go. With 190M daily active users worldwide, 6 billion videos get posted on Snapchat every day, making it the best social media platform for a lucrative business and advertisers. If you are new to this concept and wish to know more, read through it.

Part 1. What Is Snapchat Ad and Its Target Audience

If you are a user of Snapchat, you may notice while using Snapchat, concise videos appear on your mobile’s full-screen. It is a type of vertical ad that is 100% viewable in-frame. These Snapchat ads can last up to 10 seconds, where the minimum length of ads is 3 seconds. Snapchat advertising is quite different as the advertisers can access augmented reality, engaging filters, face swap to bring in sales and brand awareness.

For the effective creation, and management of Snapchat ads, Snapchat has a unique Snapchat ads manager option. In Snapchat ads manager, the user is provided with a dashboard to create, view, and manage Snapchat ads. It is a creative library for viewing, editing, building innovative ads, customer audiences for creating lists of Snapchat target audiences, and a help center to find a guideline on how to do various things in the Snapchat ad manager.

Target Audiences of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat target audiences are based on age, gender, language, device type, location, and more of their users. Snapchat ads use to target the behavioral and location activities of people. However, Snapchat observes what kind of videos people watch, follow and what aspects and concepts are more similar or familiar among other Snapchat users.

Snapchat targeting strategy includes the businesses’ allowance for building the connection with Snapchat users depending on the user’s online interest. It also focuses on the location of the users to identify whether it is a multi-country or metros.

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Part 2.General Types of Snapchat Ad

01 Attachment ads

The attachment ads work great for direct response. Snapchat uses attachment ads when it needs to move information creatively (videos and GIFs). Unless the users swipe the CTA stories, the ads can appear as Snapchat story ads for 10 seconds. Such kind of transient provides a link to the users so that if they wish, they can click on that for their desires actions, including they may want to install the app or want to visit the website for more information or check the performance detail.

02 Filter ads

The companies that want to increase brand awareness campaigns can use filter ads. On the other hand, Snapchat provides users the filter ads that are known as the sponsored filters. Snapchat users can easily use these filters to decorate their photos or videos while capturing them. It updates timely for bringing new filters. The designs of the filter ads are different.

03 Commercial ads

Snapchat advertising allows companies and businesses to present Snapchat commercials ads. Any brand or company that wants to promote them creates a design that shows their images. In short, they make branded filters, and Snapchat presents their commercial ads. Companies or brands pay Snapchat for offering and including their filters in it.

04 App Install

App Install type ads are useful for making the audience or viewers excited to try the new app installs. While playing the ad, the “Install Now” indication appears on the mobile screen’s bottom. Tapping it will take the user to the store or link where you can download it.

05 Sponsored Geo filters

For conveying any specific location or any significant event, geo-filters ads work best for campaigns. For example, event geo-filters will appear when any events in the user’s area happen whereas, National-geo filters will appear when anything happens to the country.

06 Sponsored Lenses

With sponsored lenses, you can use several filters to change the background, voice filter, add dog earns on heads, cover the face by putting full make-up, add funny features, various funky accessories like glasses, caps, and give the face a bridal look.

07 Web View

These types of Snapchat ads provide a link affiliated to the advertiser or business for the user reference. When this type of ad appears on the screen, users can swipe up on the CTA to visit the website to make purchases without any application install further.

08 Article

When a company wishes to promote its content through ads, it can give its commercial ads on Snapchat by using its Article ad format. Article Snapchat ad formats also appear vertically on the screen. This ad includes text either in the form of video or GIFs that play automatically within the ad, where you can find them under the Discover section.

09 Long-Form Video

Long-form Snapchat ads are preferable by companies or brands that need to promote movies or any TV show or video tutorials trailer. In such ads, the user will get the option “Watch” CTA after 10 seconds of trial videos.

Part 3. How Much Does Snapchat Ad Cost

Advertising on Snapchat is a very affordable way to reach about 218 million audiences who are daily active users of Snapchat.

It is a low-cost way for leveraging engaged audiences and ready to take any action. Snapchat advertising cost is low; businesses of big to small sizes can launch their advertising campaigns on Snapchat with the Snapchat pricing as little as $5 a day. Snapchat pricing depends on the number of factors based on the selected advertiser objective, budget, and duration of the video of campaigning, bid aim, and the bid amount. Each commercial ad and Snapchat story ads set its budget.

Most of the time, Snapchat ad cost depends on goal-based bidding. There have three bidding strategies, including auto-bidding, max bidding, and target cost. After launching the campaign, Snapchat delivers ads at the lowest possible price to the desired audience and objective.

Part 4. Recommended Online Snapchat Video Ads Maker

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Snapchat ad is one of the best options for businesses and brands to reveal their thoughts, ideas, identity, and objectives to the targeted audience. Due to its immense daily active users, I hope you have found that Snapchat advertising is worth trying today. And do try this affordable online Snapchat video ads maker, Wondershare VidAir!