10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Marketers

Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2021

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How can I implement a social media marketing strategy in 2021? Know all the facts, tips, and tools to master incredibly powerful social media marketing strategies.


Over 3.6 billion people are active on social media worldwide, expected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. So, that’s worth considering!

That is what our building block of social media marketing strategy defines in the article. So, stay connected until the end, as we’re going to reveal some excellent tactics already proven for social media billionaires. This article will discuss our top 10 tips on social media promotion strategy and the ideal tools you can use irrespective of your professionalism or just getting started phase.

Overall, social media follows an agile approach that every channel manager or digital marketers must keep updated. So, let’s start our exciting journey with the top 10 social media marketing strategies as follows.

Part 1. Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing

This part will see various strategies for leveraging social media usage since 2020, and the new trends in 2021.

01 Provide The Evergreen Value

Yes, you may have heard it a thousand times to offer value to the audience for organic growth. And that’s true as well. Nowadays, creators are using the valuable content of others to showcase their value. It’s true to some extent, but you can’t escape the whole scenario of helpful content creation. You can consider the valuable content of others to take the idea only and not for copying purposes.

valuable content

02 Set Goals

You cannot achieve anything without prior planning. After completing your niche market's complete analysis, you should dive into the energizing goal-setting phase, which comes in all sizes and shapes. A smart goal is always time-tested, measurable, relevant, and specific. And, divide your goals into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) after you finish setting significant goals.

For instance, one of the best social media marketing strategies for B2B businesses sounds like acquiring 50 SQLs from different social media channels in 2021.

03 Give Importance To Short-Form Content

Various social media channels like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are major platforms exclusively known for short-form content. Thus, you're required to give equal importance to this form of content as you're doing for others. God knows any of your content may go viral. However, there's one thing that you need to keep in mind while creating such bite-sized content. And, that secret sauce is the attention that you need to grab in the beginning phase.

short form content

04 Go Live/Try New Features

Creating IG Reels consistently along with following other social media advertising strategies can get you tremendous growth. Why? It's because of the launch of this recent feature resulting from which you get to experience the required consideration by the audience. However, every social media platform has such new features, specifically the Live feature, which is already or about to start.

05 Invest A Reasonable Time In Deciding Your Target Audience

Successful marketers never make assumptions as it can be damaging for them. In this factor, we're talking about studying the target audience, which gets already solved using various social media analytics tools in the market. Yet, you need to know where to look. There are different audiences on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. So, you need to focus on the media where your target audience is available.

Another exciting part of looking for is analysing your existing customer base's interaction and other stats on respective social media channels. It will help you get a clear understanding of your future social media marketing strategies and attract more engaging customers. It is the way you can use to target your customers with the customized products as well. Yet, the availability of different tools has also offered us phenomena like Analytics Dashboard or Social Media Dashboard.

target audience

06 Make Your Presence As Timely As Possible

Timeliness is one of the crucial elements for marketers. You should not only put valuable content but on a timely basis as well. What you can do is plan a schedule and post at specific times only. After analysing the right time to post on social media, you should also take ideal steps towards responsive communication with your customers. Make sure you're responding to the shout-outs and customer questions as soon as possible. For this purpose, you can consider hiring social media managers as well.

07 Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

More than 85% of businesses are already leveraging video marketing tools in their business operations. And, you have to do the same as well to stand noticed in the competition. The videos are undeniably the consequential elements to create deep connections with the audience. No matter what kind of social media platform you are using, video content must always be there specifically for the B2B social media marketing strategy.

08 Assess What’s Working For You!

As already mentioned, a marketer can't even assume the guaranteed growth of a specific social media strategy. You have to assess what's working for you and what's not! And it should be promptly after collecting the necessary analytics data. After discussing the entire post as a social media marketing strategist, you should have a clear picture of what is working for you the best. So, lead those top-performing content ideas in your future posts as well. Along with monitoring important metrics, social media is also a case of trial and error where you have to keep up with the changes needed to handle the challenging competition scenario.

09 Make It A Shopping Channel

Instead of getting started with E-Commerce websites, you can use various social media handles as your shopping channels. Yes, it is the best social media content strategy to use a platform for what people like the most. Take the only instance of Instagram to go with a unique selling digital art such as illustrations, paintings, etc. Then, there is a Facebook Marketplace worth considering. However, you can take your E-Commerce site correspondingly with your social media handles. Please include them in your sales funnels by providing the link to your E-Commerce website on these channels.

shopping channel

10 Follow A Theme

It looks super appealing when you are following a content theme. Let's discuss different content themes as effective social media strategies to follow in 2021. From captions to filters and beyond, most brands rely on similar content themes and touches time and again. For instance, you can style content surrounding user-generated content, photos, and memes along with a color-coded piece. Don't forget to put on stories and other content that shows more of your human side.

Part 2. How to Easily Make Videos for Social Media Online

Now, you've to stress the video marketing session we've mentioned above crucially. Video marketing is the need of the hour and is thus supported by the high-end tools made for the purpose. Among the different tools, we love the VidAir by Wondershare the most because of the ease of use and professional editing tools. Yes, the video editor is quite interactive when you look at the interface, inbuilt video editing templates, other social media sharing presets, etc. Plus, the bonus feature is the online presence which means you are avoiding the wastage of time go into software installation, etc.

All in all, it's an ideal video-making tool to grab momentum in this video marketing era. Even if you're following the approach of creating a marketing strategy using social media, it's the best tool ever in 2021. This recent launch by Wondershare further offers you all the new video editing tools you need to tackle the social media game.

Let's look at the ultimate steps to know how VidAir works as follows!

Steps To Create Video Via Wondershare Vidair

Step 1: Login Wondershare VidAir

Visit the official website https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and hit the Login tab to enter the editing phase. Here, you can directly log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple ID as well.

log in vidair

Step 2: Select Template or Start from Scratch

You have two options to either start from scratch or select a video template. For the easy way, you can go further with a ready-made video template. While choosing the template, you have options to share them over different social media handles as well. Moreover, you can select among different aspect ratios.

Then, click the Use this Template tab as shown below.

Use vidair Template

Step 3: Edit & Download

Now, it's time to editing the template as per your marketing needs. It will enter you within an editing interface with options for Text, Video, Photo, Audio, and Stickers. You can explore each tool and also search within the same to find your desired tools.

Finally, click the Export button given alongside the Saved tab above.

edit vidair Template

Due to the availability of different templates, you can easily do social media marketing for startups, social media marketing for jewelry brands, and social media strategy for hospitals via Wondershare VidAir.



So, this was all about the unique yet simple approaches to social media marketing strategy. We hope you've understood each social media content factor via our top 10 tips on the best social media marketing strategy. And, we've concluded with the best recommendation for a video editing tool in 2021, which is none other than Wondershare's fresh launch with fresh features, i.e., interactive VidAir.