20 Useful Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Know

Learn Marketing Tools That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage

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Take your social media game to the next level with our top 20 selections of social media marketing tools 2021. They include free social media marketing tools as well!

"How can you use social media marketing tools more efficiently?" Let’s reveal those magical tools in brief as follows!


Part 1. Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tools and Platforms for Marketers

Social media marketing has become one of the inevitable parts of B2B social media platforms. According to a blog post published in the super office, more than 84% of the company's crucial decision-makers use social media to support purchasing decisions. Even after the presence of inbuilt management tools in various social media handles, you still need top-performing social media promotion tools to overcome their limitations.

01 Wondershare VidAir

Wondershare VidAir is our primary choice if you're considering leveling up your social media game this year. It is one of the best social media marketing tools with a bucket of creative outlook features. All in all, it's a one-stop solution to all your creative marketing needs. With the auto-creation concept of VidAir, you don't have to think of inserting the best templates and further matching them with your marketing idea.

wondershare vidair

02 Biteable

Biteable is our next best choice when it comes to using social media as a marketing tool. The primary and editing interface of Biteable is also quite intuitive, especially for beginner creators.


03 Buffer

Buffer is one all-in-one social media marketing tool to handle all your management needs. It consists of three main tools: Publishing, Analytics, and Engagement to make your brand sound great on social media.


04 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is software to search for the best content insights, monitor overall performance, create high-tech content, and determine the top influencers in your marketing field.


05 Missinglettr

Here is the one if you want to grow your social media reach the faster way. This social media marketing software features include dripping campaigns, curate content, calendar coordination, analytics, and much more.


06 Hootsuite

Hootsuite also counts among the best social media marketing tools with its remarkable features of management and analytics.


07 Social Champ

Social Champ is another top pick for social media marketing automation tools. It also fits the requirements of various fields such as Influencers, Startups, SMBs, Agencies, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers.

Social Champ

08 ContentCal

It is the right place for experts looking for expert tools in content creation and management. ContentCal is one of the best social media marketing tools that offer its users every feature related to the creativity of content creations, its scheduling, management, and analysis.


09 Lumen5

Let's now have a look at another best video maker as social media marketing automation tools. This video editor is designed specifically for various social media platforms and helps create an impactful engagement across all of them.



IFTTT is an automated social media marketing software that helps connect services and apps. In short, IFTTT is a social media management tool similar to Asana, etc.


11 MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is the following best automated social media marketing software to meet your social media organization's needs actively.


12 SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a similar social media marketing tool that focuses on getting you insightful analytics, powerful publishing, and seamless collaboration. And, they have specific packages right on their primary interface to get started.


13 Mention

Mention is a one-stop solution to search viral content, reach your target audience, and manage social media. It will offer you exciting market insights by scrolling through millions and billions of web pages across the internet.


14 Zapier

Zapier is an automated social media marketing tool that helps integrate, automate, and innovate most of your daily social media tasks and other apps. The main goal of Zapier is to save the time of its users so that they can focus on other essential tasks.


15 Bitly

Apart from shortening the URL, Bitly also offers its solutions as the best social media marketing tool.


16 AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a tool to create and implement successful ad campaigns, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Google Ads.


17 Sprout Social

Sprout Social

18 Rebrandly

Rebrandly is another best choice for URL shortener whose focus is to build SEO-friendly, easily traceable, and manageable links.


19 Tailwind

Tailwind is known to be the top Instagram and Pinterest scheduler by acting as your intelligent marketing assistant.


20 Grin

Grin is specific social media marketing software for E-Commerce businesses. It’s an authentic program to boost your influencer marketing efforts to create direct and genuine relationships with influencers in different niches as per your E-Commerce industry.


Part 2. 3 Steps to Make Videos for Social Media with VidAir Online

After you finish knowing the different functions of social media marketing tools, it's high time to let you introduce our top pick's practical implication, i.e., Wondershare VidAir.

☑ Steps to make social media videos with Wondershare VidAir

✔ Step 1: Login Wondershare VidAir

Go to https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and click the Login button to proceed with your ID credentials. Create Sign Up if you haven’t any account on Wondershare yet.


✔ Step 2: Choose a social media marketing theme

Goes after selecting your social media video template depending upon the theme of marketing. Click Use this Template tab after confirming the aspect ratio.

marketing theme

✔ Step 3: Create & Export

Upload button to personalize the theme as per your marketing requirements. Click the Export tab to download your project after selecting the resolution.

Create & Export


Uur discussion on the top 20 useful social media marketing tools in 2021 comes to an end. It's time to level up this competitive social media play and be an excellent player among all. That's how a superb player grabs the attention of its audience very quickly than other players. So, stay outstanding!