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Achieve the level of your favourite social media influencer by following our top-performing social media planning strategies that best suit the rules and needs of 2021.

“What’s there in social media planning?”

It may look overwhelming at the initial stages to get started with your social media marketing plans. The ultimate idea is to get you out there, as other influencers have already done by the rigid social media planning applications. So, let’s begin with the high-end social media planning tools without further ado!

Part 1. Top 5 Social Media Planning Calendar Tools

The best and primary way to execute your social media planning is to follow the social media planning calendar trend. Listed below are the top 5 social media plan calendar makers with their respective descriptions and interface screenshot.

01 Falcon

Falcon is generally for professionals having versatility in organization tools. It consists of two plans, namely the Essentials Plan and Full Suite.


02 Sendible

Sendible is one of the renowned social media planning tools designed with powerful organization and scheduling social media events and your interactions. Yet, the simple user interface of Sendible helps you effectively organize different posts, whether individually or in bulk.


03 Edgar

Edgar is a pretty next-level tool for the effective automation of social media posts and planning a social media campaign.

It allows quick social media publishing by automatically writing captions and publishing posts on your behalf. It can also extract certain sections from your articles or blog posts to further use them as social media captions.


04 ContentCal

The ContenCal social media marketing plan sample offers its users a visual social media planning calendar, customizable fully as per your wish and requirements. It also provides the facility of automatic analyzing and publishing of posts.


05 Trello

Trello is one of the favorite organizational tools for result-oriented social media planning. The users can further access assignment cards within the boards made for respective social media platforms and make a to-do list for each team member.


Part 2. Useful Tips for Social Media Planning

No matter what niche your personal brand belongs to or how you will be planning your content, given below is specific valuable tips on social media planning that are proved 100% effective.

Firstly, you need social media planning because of the following reasons:

See here:
  • ▶ To audit existing social media presence
  • ▶ To implement a list of organizational goals and objectives
  • ▶ To build a social media calendar
  • ▶ For competitive analysis
  • ▶ To outline social media content strategy
  • ▶ And, so on!

Now, get to the tips on how to execute successful social media marketing plans:

01 Set measurable objectives!

The goal-setting for social media presence is quite a broad topic and needs a deep understanding of how you can create measurable goals. Remember that the objectives and goals you set must help you drive positive sales conversions, establish brand authority, build reliable connections with customers, and raise brand awareness.

02 Create a simple social media content strategy

You can promote your brand via landing pages, blog posts, news announcements, website content, videos, images, customer testimonials, etc.

The truth is, you are already producing these kinds of content except posting them over social media channels.

03 Are you a storyteller?

Stories are rocking the social media world nowadays! The stories matter a lot than even number and quantities a brand used to show. It induces an emotional attachment for your social media brand presence.

04 Embrace mistakes

Have you made any mistakes on your social media account? If yes, try to embrace mistakes instead of running from them. You can make a separate post for an apology rather than deleting it, and your customers will understand the concern.

05 Check metrics

There are specific essential metrics contained within the social media strategic plan template that you need to look for while measuring the channel's growth.

The first one is followers' growth leading with other metrics, namely the conversions, referral traffic, and engagement on your overall social media posts.

Part 3. Easy Online Video Maker to Create Social Media Videos

“How do I make my social media content faster?”

Stay tuned to this section if you're looking for a well-structured answer to the question mentioned above. This is the power of video content you'll post on social media platforms!

We're talking about none other than the Wondershare software company. They have recently launched a new product, namely the Wondershare VidAir with all the compatibility, you'll need to create quick yet professional social media content. It has social media plan template free to create attractive videos.

Key Features
  • ✔ Ready-made video templates for various social media platforms
  • ✔ Online editing presence
  • ✔ Lots of stickers and text effects
  • ✔ Integrated royalty-free media sources
  • ✔ Direct sharing on different social platforms
  • You can try it directly from the Guide page.


After discussing our approach to social media planning strategies, it's up to you to be consistent in taking the right action. Consistency is the key, as it's already being said and practiced by successful influencers.

Also, make sure to have an eye on your competitors so that you can get a slight hint of what kind of strategies they are following.

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