The Best 10 Ideas of Making Social Media Video Ads

Find the ideas about creating social media video ads easily online.

Videos are now trending on every platform. And traditional advertising strategy has transformed into a more interesting format. Social media has proved to be a great advertising medium. Hence, the introduction and then spike in the use of social media video ads has led to the huge competition among big and small brands.

Are you looking for ways to scale up your social media video advertising? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have rounded up some of the best social media video ads that you can take inspiration from.

Part 1.Top 10 Referable Social Media Video Ads Format

Social media video ads are of unlimited types. Everyone has a unique way of using this versatile marketing strategy. However, here are some top-notch referable social media video ads formats you must try.

01 How-to Videos

With the popularity of video streaming, more and more people turn towards video guides looking for a solution or tutorial. The most searched videos comprise of How-tos. Here lies an excellent opportunity for you to build your brand or boost awareness by creating a guide to a specific activity. Social media video ads that provide users with a solution receive higher engagement. A step-by-step tutorial that features your product or services can serve to positively influence the viewers. However, social media video advertising doesn’t have to be strictly product-centric. You can create how-to videos for common customer queries unrelated to your brand.

How-to video

02 Value-Based Ad

The majority of social media users are scrolling aimlessly, looking for nothing in particular. In order to grip their attention, you can utilize social media video ads featuring an inspiring story. Any video that offers a bigger perspective and sells an idea goes a long way. People tend to remember and share such social media video ads. This widens reach by magnitudes without much effort. Alibaba goes for a similar social media video advertising tactic that motivates people and hence builds a positive brand image in the viewer’s eye.

Value based ad

03 Event Recap Or Promotion

To grab attention, you can draw viewers to your event by using social media video ads to recap a previous event. By highlighting a previous event, you can build anticipation among the viewers. Use social media video advertising to recap any event and make the viewers feel like a part of it. You can also entice viewers into attending the event by raising curiosity and using phrases like ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘Coming Soon.’ Create a sneak peek for the event and build suspense by showing upcoming event snippets.

Event recap video

04 Introduce New Product/Feature/Service

Sometimes, the best social media video ads are product-centric, but in a unique way. People are always interested in the arrival of a new product or service. You can use that to your advantage by creating social media video ads that introduce your product. Like this video, creatively highlight the new features being offered. Take help from graphics and animations to make your announcement clear. Point out how the product or service has improved and what it means for the users.

Introduce new product

05 Live Stream

Another interesting way to engage viewers is by doing live streaming. It is an exciting way to feature your products or any events relating to your brand. You can use the live stream to showcase your products or a Q/A session to answer customer queries. Live social media video ads can also be a great way to engage or communicate with customers and attract more users. A live stream proves the reliability and authenticity of any brand, making it more trustworthy.

Live stream video

06 Thanking employees

As they say, showing gratitude goes a long way. A company dedicated and grateful towards its employees is more favored by the people. To show how your brand respects the work of your employees in bringing the products or services to the customers, you can create videos thanking them. Social media video ads that portray a company’s good gestures for it’s workers are going to positively influence the viewers. By building a positive image, the brand sales and awareness will soar. Acknowledging and appreciating worker efforts will serve to increase engagement.

Employee thanking video

07 Case-Study

Case studies are highly impactful. Since they are based on actual, real-time data, they are truthfully stating the conditions and metrics. Case studies don’t have to be boring. You can easily craft short and interesting social media video ads that display the case studies in a creative manner. Viewers are sometimes intrigued, and other times amazed, by the statistics, which makes them more likely to remember, share, and acknowledge the brand.

 Case study video

08 Animation And Graphics

Social media video ads must be attractive enough to draw viewers at a glance. Using animations and graphics can help you make the ads visually appealing. With the various tools available online, you can easily make animated social media video ads. These ads are fun and interesting to look at and convey the brand message more effectively. The use of graphics will give your ads a dynamic vibe, adding to their effectiveness at catching attention.

Animation and graphics

09 Employee Review

Interview the company employees and post the reviews as social media video ads. The honest reviews given by the employees will serve to build the legitimacy of the company or brand. This will ultimately boost engagement. By getting an insider view through the employees, viewers will be more comfortable in trying out the products or services of that brand. Employee reviews will also add value to your social media video ads. People will be more inclined to watch those ads that contain an honest opinion rather than a made-up story.

Employee review video

10 Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes video can serve multiple purposes. Social media glamor is reliant on stuff that is interesting and exciting. Giving viewers an inside look at how your company operates or how the products come into being can be exciting to many. Showing the raw, unedited footage will humanize your brand and convey your brand culture with honesty. The lighthearted and humor-filled social media video ads are also loved by viewers. This will ensure viewer engagement.

Behind the scenes

Part 2. How Do I Advertise Video on Social Media

Now you know all the tips to create amazing social media video ads. But, if you are wondering how to post social video ads on different social media platforms, it is quite simple. Just like other content you post on your profiles, these ads can be uploaded in the same way. Open your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. Then click on the post video tab to upload and video. Click Post, and your video ad will be posted in a few seconds. Remember to add a catchy description and title for maximum effect.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video editor by Wondershare. This handy tool has been specifically designed to provide editing tools for both novice and professional editors. For quick video creation, VidAir offers a variety of stylish templates for different themes and occasions. The templates are also available in different aspect ratios that are just a tap away.

The text tab in VidAir has multiple different caption styles to allow users to add text in visually appealing ways. It also has a collection of stickers that can be placed anywhere in the video, and their size can also be adjusted. VidAir has a massive library of free music. It also allows users to upload their own songs. Moreover, the exported video is not compressed. The high-quality video without a watermark can be quickly exported without any hassle.

Here’s how you can create social media video ads with VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template

To start, open VidAir on your browser. From the Categories tab, select a template. There will be different aspect ratios; tap on one ratio and click on Use This Template to proceed.

Open VidAir

Step 2 Edit And Enhance Social Media Video Ads

On this page, you can customize the template. Add trendy captions from the Text tab. Or, add upbeat music from the audio tab. Apply filters to refine your video outlook.

Edit video

Step 3 Save And Export Social Media Video Ads

Finally, after you finish customizing your social media video ads, click on Export in the top right corner. Choose the resolution you want and the watermark option. Click on Export again to finish.

Export video

Explore unique marketing tactics to rise above the crowd of other brand videos. Take reference from our ultimate guide to create eye-catching social media video ads. Level-up your ads by keeping a few pro tips in your mind.