A Full Guide to Social Media Video Marketing

Why Use Video in Social Media Marketing

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Social Media use has heightened, with most users veering to consume more video content. Figure out why, as this guide will walk you through social media video marketing and some trends that make it so enticing.

In general, video marketing has proven to be one of the best moves for future marketing strategies that you can do in so many ways, like social media video content. Besides using videos on platforms such as YouTube, social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram have taken a shining to focus more on video with facets such as stories and IGTV, which are immensely growing in popularity.

Part 1. Social Media Video Marketing Trends

Section 1—— What Is A Social Media Video

Social Media Video marketing uses video content to create brand awareness by creating videos and sharing them across your social networks. Such videos could include ads, stories, cover, and profile videos. Posting such videos on social networks will help reach out to your audience, engage them with your business, and make them acknowledge it.

Section 2—— Why Use Video in Social Media Marketing

01 Grab and Get Attention

Video in social media marketing has a way to condense information, making it easily digestible to social media users, unlike texts. With features such as "Snippet Preview" on Google SERPs, it makes it easy for you to preview a video and select the one you were looking for or one with much information as per your needs. This way, a video can quickly grab someone's attention, especially if you were casually scrolling on social networks and land on some compelling content that may grab your attention in the first few seconds. This way, videos become a concise way to capture viewers' attention.

Grab and Get Attention.

02 Drive Conversions

It should be one of the primary objectives when it comes to social video marketing. When making marketing videos, make use of some of the tactics and techniques, such as the Call-To-Action, which will be a way to help viewers on your site get involved. This way could help drive traffic to your site, lead to purchasing a product or even share your video with other users to gain more brand awareness. When posting on any social medium, especially for business purposes, make sure to have a goal with your video.

Conversion Rates.

03 Message – Get Your Message Out There

While you are supposed to have a goal for the video to be posted on social media, you should also have a unique message. Creating video content for social media is similar to conversing with your viewers and subscribers. Hence, take this chance to tell them something that will leave them wanting more. Unlike conversations, which are a bit abstract, videos create a sense of one-on-one or face-to-face communication, thus engaging more. If you give them something compelling, your audience is less likely to get bored and inversely engage more.

Section 3—— Social Media Video Marketing Trends

01 Test

Social media video marketing isn't a trick to get followers or likes on social media, but more than that. It is a strategy to grow and expand brands and businesses. One of the most significant social media video marketing trends is the running of tests. Running the A/B test is a great way to use variations of a video, for example, an ad, to see how your viewers respond. It is highly advisable to use good video editing software, make high-quality videos, and export them in any format you wish.

A/B Tests.

02 Audience

Make a key consideration to your audience. That is, you should know your audience, their preferences, income, learn a bit about their social inclinations, and you could search for people who have provided their location. This way, when making videos, you will target specific consumers and even have the ideal customer in mind.

03 Platform

Social media marketing video content is mostly designed content-specific to a platform. That means, for different social media, other content will work. You cannot have the long YouTube video on platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook, where shorter and even sound-off videos get posted. Different audiences on social media have other priorities. Learn more about what types of videos work on various social platforms.

Social Platform.

Part 2. Easily Creating Video Content for Social Media

To create content for social media, you need to keep in mind the different trends discussed and some of the reasons for social media video marketing. Have a specific goal in mind, have compelling and unique content, and do more research, such as knowing what your competitors are doing. This way, you will be able to stand out. Having all these and more trends and reasons, you can begin making the video. You can use a feature-laden video editing platform such as Wondershare VidAir. It is free and makes editing and video creation very simple.

VidAir Video Editor.

01 Key Features

  • ● Editable Templates
  • ● Cloud Storage
  • ● Supports Different Devices and File Formats
  • ● Produce High-Quality Videos
  • ● Online, Free, And Easy to Use

02 Steps on How to Make a Video Using VidAir

  • Step 1 Login and Choose Template

  • Make your VidAir account. Then log in and move on to choose your desired template.
  • Step 2 Edit the video

  • Now you can start editing the video with the available options, including adding text, audio, photo, video, etc.
  • Step 3 Preview and Export

  • Once you have the final video, click on the Preview option to see the changes, save it, and finally Export from VidAir to save it on the location you want.

Part 3. Where Could You See The Fantastic Wonders of Social Media Video Marketing

Social media is now being helpful in marketing. With the emergence of videos, projected to have 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022, businesses and major brands have hopped onto this chance. Thus, it is highly advantageous to such video content on social media stats to start using videos for marketing on social media. The best thing about it is that you can do it quickly and even create more brand awareness, eventually expanding your business. You can start by using Wondershare VidAir to make your videos, export them in any format you wish, upload them to social media, and see the fantastic wonders of social media video marketing.

Wondershare VidAir