Top 20 Thanksgiving Activities for Families

Make fun Thanksgiving activities during this holiday


The wait for the Thanksgiving feast can stretch long, especially for the impatient toddlers. To tackle their impatience, we have rounded up the top 10 Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers to keep them entertained while you whip up a huge feast.

And yes, we have listed boredom buster Thanksgiving activities for adults too. Keep your guests laughingly engaged and thank us later.


Part 1. Top 10 Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

01 Turkey Strut

The Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers are an excellent way to spread the holiday spirit among them. Everyone loves turkeys, especially during Thanksgiving. Give the kids a chance to dance their heart out.

What you need

  • Masking Tape
  • Music

How to play

Make turkey feet on the floor using the tape and play an upbeat song to make the kids dance on the beat like turkeys while managing to follow the turkey steps. This will improve their balance in a fun way and keep their spirits high too.

Turkey Strut

02 Corn Picking

Let the kids help you with the Thanksgiving feast preparations while playing some fun Thanksgiving activities. This is also a great way to keep the preschoolers focused in an entertaining way.

What you need

  • Corns
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • Bowl

How to play

Give every child corn and a tweezer. The kids are then supposed to pick the corn off and count all the corn kernels for some fun learning

Corn Picking

03 Turkey Feathers

Toddlers sure love colors, and what better to keep them entertainingly engaged than their own customized turkeys.

What you need

  • Small box
  • Color papers
  • Colorful feathers
  • Bobby pin

How to play

Paste a turkey face on the box and poke holes on the top. Let the kids then dress up the turkey by sticking the feathers of their choice into the holes.

Turkey Feathers

04 Turkey Food

Use fun Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers to keep them learning while they play. Feeding this paper bag turkey is a great way to improve their counting.

What you need

  • Paper bag
  • Color papers
  • Acorns/beads

How to play

Cut out the eyes, feathers, and beak of the turkey and paste it on the paper bag. Let the kids feed the turkey while they also count the number of acorns or beads.

Turkey Food

05 Shaped Turkeys

Another fun way for the preschoolers to memorize shapes while enjoying Thanksgiving is by making their very own different shaped turkeys.

What you need

  • Circle, square, and triangle-shaped felt paper.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Differently shaped paper turkeys.

How to play

Paste the turkey bodies on the walls and let the kids make a fully square turkey by pasting the shaped felt paper accordingly

Shaped Turkeys

06 Thanksgiving Feast

Get the kids involved in sorting out the Thanksgiving feast while strengthening their senses.

What you need

  • Big bowl/tub
  • Kernels
  • Toy fruits/veggies/pumpkins
  • Small bowls

How to play

Fill the tub with corn kernels and throw in all the toys. Let the kids sort out stuff separately and place them in different bowls. Ask them the names of the veggies or fruits.

Thanksgiving Feast

07 Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers can serve to teach gratefulness in a fun and memorable way. A tree to remind what the children are grateful for is perfect for remembering the Thanksgiving spirit.

What you need

  • Felt paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Marker

How to play

Create a felt paper tree with separate fall colored leaves. Ask the kids to write what they are grateful for and then paste that paper on every leaf.

Gratitude Tree

08 Egg Sorting

Make Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers a little unique by replacing the turkeys with chickens. Let the kids find chicken eggs and color sort them

What you need

  • Toy chickens
  • Easter eggs
  • Grass
  • Tray

How to play

Fill a tray with grass and throw in the chickens with their eggs. Let the kids find the eggs and then sort the colored eggs into separate bowls

Egg Sorting

09 Pumpkin Hunt

If the toddlers weren't able to go out pumpkin hunting this year, bring the pumpkin patch to them.

What you need

  • Corn kernels/grass
  • Pumpkins (faux/real)
  • Acorns, leaves, flowers
  • Tub

How to play

Fill a huge tub with either corn or grass and throw in all the other supplies. Kids can then engage in pumpkin hunting and finding them in the tub filled with acorns and leaves

Pumpkin Hunt

10 Feed Turkey

Kids love nothing more than colorful pom-poms and an adorable turkey.

What you need

  • Tissue roll
  • Color papers
  • Tong
  • Tub

How to play

In a tub filled with pom-poms, place a turkey made of tissue roll. Seal the bottom of the turkey. Kids can then use tongs to feed the turkey and fill it to the top

Feed Turkey

Part 2. Top 10 Thanksgiving Activities for Adults

01 Face the Pie

In our list of hilarious Thanksgiving activities for adults, face the pie stands first. Before getting to the actual pie, everyone must win this game first

What you need

  • Paper plates
  • Whipped cream
  • Gummy bears letters P, I, and E

How to play

Set 3 plates with each gummy bear letter and cover with cream. Place another set of 3 plates for the opponent team. One player from each team must eat through his pie to find the three letters making P.I.E

Face the Pie

02 Feather Float

Keep the holiday spirit high by keeping your feather high and floating in the air. Do you have what it takes? (I mean air)

What you need

  • Feathers

How to play

Every person has to keep his/her feather in the air by blowing on it. The one able to keep the feather afloat for the longest wins.

Feather Float

03 Corn to Copia

How good are you at playing catch? Use Thanksgiving activities for adults to test your sporty side

What you need

  • Fake cornucopia
  • Corns
  • Blindfold

How to play

Two players per team must stand at least 10 ft apart. One blinded player holds the cornucopia, and the other will throw corn (football style). The blindfolded member must catch the corns

Corn to Copia

04 Turkey Baster

Thanksgiving activities for families include games like the turkey baster, so the adults can mingle with the little ones and enjoy together.

What you need

  • Pom-poms
  • Turkey basters

How to play

Every player must squeeze the baster bulb to blow the pom-pom to the finish line.

Turkey Baster

05 Turkey Bowling

Test your bowling skills by trying out fun Thanksgiving activities like these customizes turkey pins game

What you need

  • Glue
  • Color paper
  • Bowling pins
  • Ball

How to play

Use the color papers to make turkey-themed pins. Make teams and knock the air out of the angry turkeys

Turkey Bowling

06 Pumpkin Shoot

Shooting games are hands down the perfect Thanksgiving activities for adults. Everyone will be crushing over this competitive game.

What you need

  • Orange balloons
  • Marker
  • Toy air gun

How to play

Write numbers on the balloons. Stick them to a wall or a table, and the person to shoot the balloons with the highest numbers when added wins.

Pumpkin Shoot

07 Racing Turkeys

Thanksgiving activities for families like racing turkeys are a fun way to bond with the younger ones while playing with them

What you need

  • Handmade ruler
  • Clothespin
  • Feathers
  • Dice

How to play

Dress the clothespin in feathers. Every player rolls the dice and moves the turkey clothespin forward. First to finish wins.

Racing Turkeys

08 Flying Turkeys

Knock the turkeys down before they fly away.

What you need

  • Paper cups
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Ball

How to play

Draw flying turkeys on paper and paste them on cups. Make a pyramid and take turns to knock them from a distance.

Flying Turkeys

09 Gratitude Game

Thanksgiving activities for families must include at least one game relating to the true spirit of this holiday. It's a fun and memorable game to play with the whole family

What you need

  • Colored straws
  • Printable gratitude sheet

How to play

The straw colors represent different types of things written on the printable. Everyone has to pick a straw and name something they are thankful for.

Gratitude Game

10 Shake Your Tail

Hilarious Thanksgiving activities for adults are always the best way to spread holiday cheer, even among the little ones.

What you need

  • Empty tissue box
  • Feathers
  • Belt/ string

How to play

Tie a feather filled tissue on the back of each player. They must then dance and shake to empty their box. The first one to shake it empty wins.

Shake Your Tail

Part 3. How to Make a Family Video to Record the Memorable Moment

Thanksgiving is a time of bonding and making memories. Playing Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers or some other Thanksgiving activities for families, you might want to make a video for future generations to revisit their parent's childhood. You could watch yourself after ten years while you're busy playing hilarious Thanksgiving activities for adults.

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vidair template

Step 3 Edit Your Video

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edit video

Thanksgiving isn't only about eating turkey and watching football all day. It's a time when loved ones gather to celebrate and be thankful. Make this holiday extra festive with Thanksgiving games for adults. Involve the kids through our list of engaging Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers.

Remember to make memories with these fun Thanksgiving activities and save it forever with VidAir.