Top 10 Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Get some inspiration from these cute Thanksgiving cakes


Speaking about Thanksgiving Day, this is the Annual National Holiday in Canada and the United States, and it is the time of celebrating the harvest. This crucial American holiday is rich with symbolism, legend, and Thanksgiving meals that include bread stuffing, turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie, potatoes, and various cake.

So, in addition to make a traditional meal in this day, unique and memorable decorated thanksgiving cakes are also indispensable. We have listed some unique thanksgiving cupcake ideas and cake ideas that you can use to help you in this. Let's have a look.

Part 1. Top 5 Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

01 Larry Turkey Cupcakes

Cupcakes are something that everyone would love to have. This Thanksgiving Day, impress your guest with this delicious and beautiful looking Turkey cupcake. This is a combination of caramel frosting, pumpkin cupcakes, ginger cookies, and more such elements and looks super cute. This can be an excellent option for a pre-holiday school party, Thanksgiving table spread, and more. Give it your name.

Larry Turkey

02 Lemon and Fig Cupcakes

If you are looking for the best thanksgiving flavored cupcakes, then try out this. This cupcake is filled with flavors. The bright lemon zest and the earthy-sweet figs make it very delicious. If you want, you can enhance its look and taste by going for the cheese frosting. Try it out now.

Lemon and Fig

03 Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

What would be a better option than a delicious pumpkin pie? How about making this Thanksgiving Day special with pumpkin pie cupcakes? Go for these super-moist and delicious treats that are like steamed pudding, garnished with cheese-thickened cream. Don't miss the crust. Bake it now.

Pumpkin Pie

04 Apple Pie Cupcakes

These are the classic cupcakes, and everyone loves the taste of apple pie cupcakes. Convert your apple pie into a flavorful dessert by giving the cupcakes apple pie filling. Complete your cupcake with creamy whipped topping. Just have a look at the image to get an idea.

Apple Pie

05 Marshmallow and Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Combine the flavor and softness of marshmallow and sweet potato and bake some thanksgiving flavored cupcakes. On the top of the cupcake, put some toasted ad halved marshmallows to take its flavor to a new height.

Marshmallow and Sweet Potato

So, these are five cupcake ideas that you can try at your home during this Thanksgiving Day to offer your guest flavorful sweet treats. Now, let's have a look at some thanksgiving cake ideas.

Part 2. Top 5 Decorated Thanksgiving Cakes

There is nothing bad about including your homemade Thanksgiving pie on the Thanksgiving menu. However, this time, let your Thanksgiving dessert get sweeter with some delicious and cute thanksgiving cakes. Here are the best five cake ideas that you can try.

01 Orange Chiffon Cake

This is a perfect combination between a sponge cake and an oil cake. This cake includes vegetable oil and baking powder. You need to separate the egg whites from the yolk and make the egg whites soft. You will get a perfect cake with flavor and a tender crumb. Your guest will like it.

Orange Chiffon

02 Turkey Cake

Do you know there is one time of year to prepare this super fun cake? And that day is Thanksgiving Day. This is relatively easy to make as you can use a ready-made cake mix for this. You can brush your white chocolates on parchment paper for the feathers and let them get chilled to make them hard.

Turkey Cake

03 Caramel Apple Drip Cake

Forget those traditional apple pie and this time prepare a spiced apple cake to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Use grated apple to attain the dense and moist texture. Give it a perfect look using caramel and walnuts for decoration. Enjoy your cake.

Caramel Apple Drip

04 Apple and Cranberry Cake

A simple batter and tart and sweet fruit on the bottom are the right combinations for this cake, and it will take only 15 to 20 minutes to get it done. Well, when it comes to serving, it will look like a pudding.

 Apple and Cranberry Cake

05 White Coconut Cake

To prepare this cake, mix a splash of fresh coconut extract with your regular vanilla cake batter. What's more? If you want, you can add the coconut extracts to the buttercream frosting. To make it flavorful, apply rum syrup on the cake's every layer before the frosting.

White Coconut

Now, you have enough ideas about thanksgiving decorated cupcakes and thanksgiving theme cake that you can use. If you want to let others know about your cake ideas, you need to make a beautiful cake video. So, here are the steps that you can follow.

Part 3. How to Make Your Cake Video

There is nothing wrong to showcase your cake making skills, but you need to create a good video for this, adding necessary elements into your video. This is where you can use Wondershare VidAir. Comes with ready to use Thanksgiving Day templates using with you can create your cake video within a few minutes.

The easy steps of making cake video is here

Step 1 Sign up or log in

To use this software, create your Wondershare ID and then login with your ID and password. You can create your account by clicking on the Sign-Up option, you can use your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter account to sign up.

create new account

Step 2 Choose the right templates

After logging in, you need to click on the create button located top of the site. Now you need to search for templates. You need to choose a cake, making templates for your video. Preview the templates and choose the right resolution for your video, i.e., Square, Vertical, or Wide.

select template

Step 3 Edit and upload your recording videos

After choosing the right templates and resolution, you can start making your video. You need to add audio, video, text, and photos based on your requirements in this step.

edit video


Thanksgiving Day is a day to enjoy and celebrate with friends and family members by preparing delicious, decorated thanksgiving cakes. Besides, make it memorable by creating a video of your cake making process. All you need to use VidAir and make the video creation process smooth and easy. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.